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									                       Follow your Body’s Bliss

                                           & Yoga
                      Retreat on Wolfe Island

What is   Nia?
Nia is everything from a fun class experience to a philosophy, lifestyle and
profession. Combining 9 movement forms from the Martial Arts, Dance Arts and
Healing Arts, Nia takes you on a journey with great music to awaken your power,
grace and movement wisdom.

Experience Nia’s stretching, toning, and cardiovascular benefits while deepening
your mind/body connection.

Explore moving The Body’s Way, and Your Body’s Way. Discover what it means to
be a sensation scientist.

Body Bliss recipe for the weekend:

        Awaken using the 5 Stages of Healing through movement

             Dance in 3 dynamic Nia classes, S-t-r-e-t-c-h in 2 blissful yoga classes

     Play in a form & freedom Nia workshop

       Engage in Expressive& Creative Arts

                 Wind down with inspiring, interactive evening sessions

          Relax & Rejuvenate: Morning walks in beautiful surroundings, Hang out
fireside, Detox in an infrared sauna, Nourish with healthy vegetarian meals
Your Body Bliss hosts:

              Roberta Mohler
              Nia Black Belt Instructor, White Belt
              Trainer, Yoga Instructor

                Andrea Timar
                Yoga Instructor
                Nia White Belt Graduate

                        Date: Nov 18-20, 2011
            Location: Shanti Retreat,,
     on beautiful Wolfe Island, the largest of the Thousand Islands,
                        near Kingston, Ontario.

                 Body bliss rate: $325.00 + HST
        To register, contact:
             Book soon, as body bliss spaces fill up quickly!

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