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Internet Marketing IQ - Understanding the Importance of Linking


Search engines determine a site's ranking, not only on content and structure analysis, but also to analyze the links around the site. Site ranking factor of crucial importance is to obtain as many high-quality external links, also known as incoming links.

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									Internet Marketing IQ - Understanding the Importance of Linking Campaigns

Written by Marketing by Quest
Tuesday, 29 April 2008 23:53 - Last Updated Monday, 25 May 2009 00:14

Link Chasing - Securing Incoming Links to Your Site
  You have a site, you want traffic so you can make money. It's not a secret; in order to get
traffic you need incoming links.  It doesn't matter how good your site is, without links you will not
generate traffic. Developing and managing "Linking Campaigns" for your portfolio of Affiliate
Marketing Sites is essential. A person who relies on "luck" is going to be sorely disappointed. 
Link management is work!

Two Primary Benefits of developing incoming links

1.  Generate Traffic from the links
2.  Build popularity and ranking, so you'll get free traffic from the search engines.

Of course you have alternatives; you can purchase traffic or promote your site with off line
advertising. The POWER of Internet Marketing lies in your ability to secure solid incoming links
without monetary expenditure. The "Free" traffic is gold! Focus on generating traffic from links;
not chasing Search Engine ranking.  You'll make a lot more money in the long run with that
 Get Ready to Chase Down Your Incoming Links

Link Chasing is the process of asking other webmasters for links. Your ability to link chase for
the highest quality links with the least amount of effort will separate you from the "also rans". 
You have to decide which of two possible methods you'll build your link chasing campaigns

1. Seeking very high quality traffic from respected established sites - good idea if you can do it.

2. Seeking links from anyone who will link to you. This can work if you are able to avoid the sites
penalized by the Search Engines for links that come from sources they don't like.

Your time is best spent focusing on quality links from respected sites. This is also the most
difficult because you have to have something of value to offer the site. What's in it for them?
Value is the "Key". Can you send the site traffic? Is your site complementary to theirs? What
can you offer them in exchange for a link to your site?

If you have little or nothing to offer then you'll need to spend some energy creating value in
order to establish what I call "Link Trading Clout". Be sure to read our article "Ideas on How
to Generate Traffic"                                                      . With these methods
you can create links to your own sites without the need to ask other webmasters. This is the
easiest way to build initial value.

Special Note: Click on "Weblinks" in our "Info Menu" here at Internet Marketing IQ if you would
like to trade links to us.  Simple instructions are available on exactly how to trade with us.  New

Internet Marketing IQ - Understanding the Importance of Linking Campaigns

Written by Marketing by Quest
Tuesday, 29 April 2008 23:53 - Last Updated Monday, 25 May 2009 00:14

websites welcome.

  Automated Linking Services Hosted on Other Peoples Sites are a BAD Idea
  There are many services you can join where links are "hosted" on another persons/companies
servers.  In my opinion this is a very BAD idea because you don't control your own destiny. Stop
paying and your links go away along with your work. Use a free service and there is always a
catch.  Plus over the years all the services I tested resulted in very little traffic. This includes the
very old concept of "Banner Exchanges". You're just spinning your wheels and wasting your
  Automate the Linking Process with Software
  Link chasing is simply too time consuming and often time wasting to manage without the
appropriate softare tools.  Rather than retype what I've already written about I'd suggest you
see my article on SEO Elite (Just Click on the "Software" tab). There may be other good tools,
but this is the one I suggest you investigate because it's PROVEN. With SEO Elite you control
your own destiny. Invest in yourself by investing in the best software tools to make your
marketing dreams happen!  Building a marketing empire requires these state of the art
marketing tools. There simply is not enough time in a day to do everything manually.
  Linking Continued - Natural Linking & Manual Linking Explained
  Natural Linking - The only way to get natural incoming links is to make a site that is so good
people will WANT to link to it. That is the definition of a Natural Link... a link that is placed to
your site from another site just because they like your content.  I'll skip the scraped links in this
category, as they are by definition "natural", but are not very useful as they come from really low
quality sites.  If you want more natural links make a great site then keep improving it.

Manual Linking - Grinding it out; asking for links one at a time manually is an approached
doomed for failure as you try to scale your linking campaign. Chasing links manually without the
proper link management tools is simply too time consuming.

Managing a dozen of so manual links is very doable. Managing 100's or 1,000's of links is not. If
you are requesting a link from a top Authority Site you should take the time to customize your
link trading request to that specific webmaster/site.

Can you imagine coding your own webpages in a program like wordpad?  How many of you are
proficient enough in HTML to even complete the most basic of pages?  Automation is the key!
Everyone wants to be rich, but getting rich online is the same as offline, it required innovation,
creativity, and the correct tools. Carpenters no longer build homes with hammers, they use
compressors and air tools.  What tool will you use?


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