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St. Helen Lector Schedule


									                            St. Helen Catholic Church                                       Iglesia Católica Santa Elena
                                 Lector Schedule                                              Horario de los Lectores
                                   October 2007                                                     octubre 2007
                                                                       Sunday               Sunday
         Date/             Saturday             Domingo                                                           Sunday              Domingo                Sunday
                                                                       9:30 am           9:30 Children
         Fecha             5:00 pm              7:30 am                                                          11:30 am             1:30 pm                5:00 pm
                                                                      (Church)               (Hall)
                         Judith Kemper       Jenny Morales            Julie Teft          Three lectors        Linda Clark          Andres Juarez        Peter Simmang
         Oct. 6-7
                          Will Kemper        Viviano Morales         Chris Logue                              Mary Beth Huba        Mara Malvaiz         Claire LaCombe
                          Joe Hesson          Rosa Macias           Leona Rybicki         Three lectors        Margaret Vogl       Juan Rodriguez          Kathy Kelly
     Oct. 13-14
                          Jim Taliano        Jessica Pavelka         Ron Tabor                                 Raymond Vogl       Aracely Rodriguez       Nancy Varljen
    LECTORS **           TRAINING   FOR THE MASSES                   In the HALL           At 1pm on           OCTOBER 20        That we move to the           HALL
    LECTORES          ENTRENAMIENTO PARA LAS MISAS                  En el SALÓN           A las 6:30 pm        20 de octubre      Que estamos en el           SALÓN
                         Kathy Gibeau         Val Uzcátegui        Margaret Vargo         SUSPENDED            Kathy Anthony        Sarah Johnson        Claire LaCombe
     Oct. 20-21
                         Kathy Strasser       Leo Uzcátegui        Keith Maresca                                Melissa Rinn        Rocío Cavasos         Joanne Mathis
                       Diana Argersinger       Angie Garcia        Brian Crawley          SUSPENDED            Sarah Miranda         Marilu Mayora       Peter Simmang
     Oct. 27-28
                       John Argersinger       Inocente Juan        Cheryl Crawley                               Linda Eckert          Elisa Avila        Manny Medeiros

                                    Please make sure to check the entire schedule for your name.
    (1) The choir now announces the opening song. The first lector will no longer announce the opening song at the end of the announcements.
    (2) If there is no deacon, the second lector should read the intercessions and should be up at the ambo when the presider starts the introductory prayer to the
    (3) Second lector should place the lectionary on the ambo shelf when finished to make room for the Book of Gospels.
    (4) Please sign in on the sheet in the Sacristy before Mass. If you are substituting for another lector, sign in by their name. Please do not sign in if you are
        substituting for a “no-show”.

    (5) If you are unable to serve at your scheduled time, it is your responsibility to arrange a replacement. Schedule requests can be made before the schedule is
        released by calling Nancy Varljen, 736-7604 or email: ; Herminia & Aniceto Carreño, 869-4280 or email:
    (6) For last minute emergencies, you can leave a voice mail for Debbie White at 863-3041 x225. Debbie is usually around for all Masses and can notify the
        Sacristan that a substitute is needed.

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