McREL Technology Solutions MTS Lesson Plan Template (DOC download) by linxiaoqin


									Technology Integration Unit/Lesson Plan Template (modified from MTS Lesson Plan Template)

Name:Rose Hertz
Subject area:language arts
Grade level:5
Time frame:3 days
Lesson title:Literary Devices Presentation

Brief lesson/unit Summary/Description
Students will choose one of the literary devices we have studied to create a photo story presentation.

State Content Standard/Benchmark addressed

5.R.3.3 - Students can identify literary devices within text.

3.ICT.1 - Use digital technology, communication tools and/or networks appropriately to access, manage,
integrate, evaluate, and create information in order to function in a knowledge economy

3.ICT.2 - Use technology as a tool to research, organize, evaluate and communicate information, and the
possession of a fundamental understanding of the ethical/legal issues surrounding the access and use of

21 Century Skill(s)/Theme(s) addressed (see excel spreadsheet)

Strategies that can teach any student
           Discussion                        Metaphor & Simile               Storytelling
       X                              X                                  X
       X   Drawing                           Mnemonic Device             X   Technology
           Field Trip                        Movement                    X   Visual Aids
           Games                             Music                           Visualization
           Graphic Organizers         X      Project-Based Instruction       Work Study
           Humor                      X      Reciprocal Teaching         X   Writing
           Manipulative                      Role Play                       Other: ________________

Students will understand (lesson/unit objectives):
Student will be able to identify literary devices.
Student will be able to create examples of literary devices.
Students will be able to use internet to search for appropriate examples.
Students will be able to use a digital camera to take pictures.
Students will be able to create appropriate visual aids to explain their device.
Students will be able to use photo story to create a presentation.
Essential Questions to guide this unit/lesson and focus teaching and learning:
What literary devices does a poet use?

Technology & Web 2.0 resources needed (hardware and software, websites)
Digital camera
Photo story

Procedure (learning activities)/ lessons of unit
Students will choose a literary device we have studied. Students will create an informational presentation.
Presentation must include a definition of the literary device and at least three examples. Students may use
posters and digital pictures to present their message. They will narrate the presentation.

Assessment Method
                           Multimedia Project : Photostory

          Teacher Name: Mrs. Hertz

          Student Name:    ________________________________________

  CATEGORY            4                     3                     2                    1
 Requirements         Project includes a    Project includes a    Project includes a   Project does not
                      definition and        definition and two    definition and one   include a
                      three examples.       examples.             example.             definition or an

 Presentation         Well-rehearsed        Rehearsed with        Delivery not         Delivery not
                      with smooth           fairly smooth         smooth, but able     smooth and
                      delivery that holds   delivery that holds   to maintain          audience
                      audience              audience attention    interest of the      attention often
                      attention.            most of the time.     audience most of     lost.
                                                                  the time.

 Attractiveness       Makes excellent       Makes good use        Makes use of         Use of font, color,
                      use of font, color,   of font, color,       font, color,         graphics, effects
                      graphics, effects,    graphics, effects,    graphics, effects,   etc. but these
                      etc. to enhance       etc. to enhance to    etc. but             often distract from
                      the presentation.     presentation.         occasionally         the presentaion
                                                                  these detract from   content.
                                                                  the presentation
Notes: (this area may list accommodations, differentiation, as well as other key information that may not fit into
the categories above)

Peer Reviewer: _________________________

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