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									                      Sigma Theta Tau International – PSI Chapter
                          Research Grant Eligibility Criteria

To encourage nurses to contribute to the advancement of nursing through research.

Research Funding:
Funding is available for nurse researchers and practicing nurses who want to advance the science
of nursing and evidence-based practice. Both nursing research and practice inquiry research
projects are eligible for funding. Nursing research is the systematic investigation of health or
clinical practice issues by nurses. Practice inquiry focuses on critically appraising and translating
evidence into practice.

Allocation of funds is based on the quality of the proposed research, the future promise of the
applicant, and the applicant's research budget. Applications from novice researchers who have
received no other national research funds are encouraged and will receive preference for funding,
other aspects being equal.
Funds for this grant do not cover expenses incurred prior to the funding date.
Grants available: It is anticipated that 2 – 3 awards will be funded.
Application Due: May 15, 2009
Amount: Up to $1500 to $3000 depending on the proposal
Funding Date: June 30, 2009 ($500 will be withheld pending submission of the final project
Eligibility Criteria:
    Member of Sigma Theta Tau International – PSI Chapter
    Registered nurse with current license
    Submit a completed research application package and signed research agreement
    Ready to implement research project when funding is received
    Nurse research applicants must have a master’s or doctoral degree, or be enrolled in a
       master’s or doctoral program
    Practice inquiry applicants must:
               a. be a practicing registered nurse with at least a bachelor’s degree in nursing (those
               with a bachelor’s degree only must confirm involvement of a master’s or doctoral
               prepared nurse in the development of the research design and ongoing project
               advisement), or
               b. have a master’s or doctoral degree, or be enrolled in a master’s or doctoral
                      Sigma Theta Tau International – PSI Chapter
                         Research Grant Application Process

General Instructions for Applicants
1. All applications must be submitted via PSI Chapter’s on-line submission portal. In addition, all
   submitted information must be in English.
2. Failure to follow the guidelines for preparation of grant proposal negates future funding.
     a. Follow instructions and word limits carefully
     b. References are required to be formatted in accordance with the Publication Manual of the
        American Psychological Association (APA).
3. When more than one investigator is listed, the first individual named will be the person with
   whom Sigma Theta Tau International – PSI Chapter will communicate and the investigator who
   will assume responsibility for conducting the research.
4. Final narrative and financial reports are due 90 days following the end of the one-year
   funding period. Dissertations are not accepted as final reports. Complete instructions for the
   final report appear in Part VII. Once the final report is received, the remaining $500 will be sent
   to the applicant.
5. If a grant is awarded as the result of this application, the applicant becomes a grantee and
   assumes any and all legal and financial accountability for the awarded funds and for the
   performance of the grant-support activities. Deliberate withholding, falsification, non-
   documentation of references, or misrepresentation of information in the application could result
   in administrative actions including, but not limited to, the withdrawal of an application.

Guidelines for Preparation of Grant Proposal

PART I - ABSTRACT (200 word limit)
Include an abstract of your proposed research. Outline objectives and methods. Specify the
subject population and describe the research design, measures, and procedure to clearly reflect
their importance in the study. The abstract should not exceed 200 words

PART II - PROPOSAL & SUPPORT (2000 word limit)
The body of the proposal must be submitted in either .doc or .pdf format. Check both spelling,
grammar and utilize the word count function. Any significant index images need to be placed in
the Appendix and referenced in the proposal. References are not included in the 2000 word limit.

Body of Proposal:

1. Statement of the Problem: (1 to 2 paragraphs)
   Identify the problem you are addressing and its implications for individuals, families,
   communities, and society in terms of cost (e.g., cost of lost time, over-the-counter medications,
   delivery of care). Identify your key concepts; state concisely the importance of the research in
   terms of the contribution to nursing and potential for leading to further research methodology or
   theory development.
2. Specific Aims/Hypothesis:
   State concisely what the aim(s) of the study are (i.e., concepts, design and population) and/or
   what hypothesis/es to be tested (i.e., as null or clinical).
3. Literature Review:
   Provide a summary of the background of your proposal. If you include a theoretical/conceptual
   framework, summarize the framework or rationale as appropriate, addressing the relationship
   among the specific aims, the literature, key concepts, variables, and measures.
4. Method:
   Discuss the methodological approach, the research design, and the procedure to be used to
   accomplish the specific aims. Describe new methodology.
   a. Research Design: Describe the specific design proposed for the research.
   b. Subjects and Setting: Describe the target population and characteristics of the subjects.
      Include the number of subjects, the rationale for sample size, the sampling frame, the
      sampling procedure (e.g. recruitment, eligibility criteria), and the setting for data collection.
   c. Measures: State the concept that the measure will represent. Report the specific
      characteristics of the measurement instrument (e.g., questionnaire, interview guide,
      instruments) including their validity. State what the summary measure will be (e.g., mean
      score). The measures (e.g., questionnaire) should be included in an appendix.
   d. Procedure: Describe the procedure to be used for the proposed data collection. Specify the
      kinds of data you expect to obtain. Give details of intervention, if one is involved. Discuss in
      detail any procedure, situation, and/or material in your proposed research that may be
      hazardous to subjects. Indicate precautions to be exercised. Include an orientation plan for
      data collectors, if appropriate.
   e. Plan for Data Management/Analysis: Describe the means by which the data will be merged,
      analyzed, and/or interpreted.
5. Human Subjects
   Proof of IRB approval is not required for your proposal to be reviewed. If you are awarded a
   grant, proof of IRB approval must be shown before the funds can be released by Sigma Theta
   Tau International-PSI Chapter. This includes a copy of the Institutional Review Board (IRB)
   approval and a copy of the approved human subject consent form. If IRB approval is pending at
   the time of submission, please indicate the date you anticipate your application will be
   reviewed. IRB approval must be received within 6 months or the award with be withdrawn.
   Send a copy of IRB approval and the approved human subject consent form to STTI-Psi
   Chapter, c/o Mindy Schaffner Pacific Lutheran University, School of Nursing, 12180 Park Ave.
   S., Ramstad Hall, Tacoma, Washington 98447. Copies may also be scanned and submitted in
   pdf format by e-mail to

6. Time Frame: Provide a 12-month schedule that specifies the timing of the main steps of the
   investigation. Justify that the project can be completed within the time frame.
   1. Facilities/Resources: Describe the facilities and other physical resources available for this
      study (e.g., laboratories, clinical resources, office space, etc.)
   2. Collaborative Arrangements: If the proposed research requires collaboration with other
      institutions, describe the nature of collaboration and provide evidence to the reviewers that
      the administrators at those institutions are willing to cooperate.
   3. Consultative Support: Include a description of availability of adequate consultation to assure
      refinement and completion of the project. This section is required for research proposals
      from nurses with bachelor’s of nursing degrees.

      PART III - PROFESSIONAL REFERENCES (Not included in the 2,000 word limit)
   Identify three (3) references including name, phone number and email address. At least one of
   the references must be someone knowledgeable about this research proposal (e.g. chief
   nursing officer, department chair, agency authority, consulting masters or doctoral prepared
   nurse researcher). Other references should be people familiar with your current work.

PART IV - BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCHES (not included in the 2,000 word limit)
A biographical sketch must be completed for each investigator (see below)
                                       STTI-PSI Chapter
                                     BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCH
                                      DO NOT EXCEED FOUR PAGES.

NAME and CREDENTIALS:                              TITLE OF POSITION :


TELEPHONE                                          EMAIL ADDRESS

   YES           NO           CHAPTER __________

EDUCATION/TRAINING (Begin with baccalaureate or other initial professional education, such as nursing, and include postdoctoral training.)
                 INSTITUTION AND LOCATION                                                     YEAR(s)                 FIELD OF STUDY
                                                                        (if applicable)

Doctoral students ONLY:
    DEGREE SOUGHT: _________________                         EXPECTED COMPLETION DATE: (YYYY-MM-DD); ____________
    UNIVERSITY/COLLEGE/SCHOOL: _________________________
    DEPARTMENT: _________________                          MAJORS: ________________                     MINORS: _________________
    NAME OF RESEARCH ADVISOR/CHAIRPERSON: _______________________________________________
Professional Experience
        Start with the most recent experience
        Publications or papers presented at state, regional or national/international meetings.
Research experience
        Describing levels of participation in and purpose of research (i.e. Principal Investigator, Project
         Director, Research Analyst/Assistant, Data Collector, etc.)
PART V - BUDGET (not included in 2,000 word limit)
Sigma Theta Tau International – PSI Chapter does not fund indirect costs nor costs
related to completing an education program (e.g. tuition). Please include your budget
amounts for the following items:

       Personnel (Requests for Investigator salaries may be included. Include hourly
        rate for personnel in justification section.)
       Secretarial staff
       Typing costs (Must be those directly related to the research. Typing of
        dissertations or a manuscript will not be funded.)
       Research Assistants
       Consultants (Limit to $100 per hour)
       Supplies
       Equipment
       Computer costs (software only)
       Travel Expenses (data collection only)
       Other

Justification: Provide a justification for all expenditures listed.

Other Financial Support: If you have applied for other sources of support, how will the
   conduct of this study be affected, if the other funding is not obtained?

PART VI - APPENDICES (not included in 2,000 word limit)
Where applicable, please attach the following documents to your project proposal:

   1.   Human subject consent form
   2.   Copies of paper/pencil instrument(s)
   3.   Interview format or other instruments
   4.   References cited in the text using the current APA format

Any of the following formats may be used:

   1.   PDF - Adobe's Portable Document Format
   2.   GIF, JPG, PNG – Image files commonly used on the web
   3.   DOC - Microsoft Word
   4.   RTF - Rich text file (most word processors export this format)

) Sigma Theta Tau International – PSI Chapter, Research Grant Application Process   6 (7)
   5. HTML - Hyper Text Markup Language, Web pages
 If you run into any problems, please email your questions or comments to Mindy
     Schaffner, PhD at
           PART VII. Sigma Theta Tau International – PSI Chapter
                 Guidelines for Preparing the Small Grant Final Report

FINAL REPORT: The final report must be submitted within 90 days of the end of the
funding period. The report may be submitted as an executive summary or abstract, a
manuscript, a research abstract, a publication, or journal article related to the funded
project. Dissertations are not accepted as final reports. The final report must include the
    1. Summary of project aims
    2. Theoretical/conceptual framework
    3. Methods, procedures and sampling
    4. Summary of findings
    5. Recommendations
    6. Financial summary
    7. Check for any unused funds

Email the final report to Mindy Schaffner, PhD at

) Sigma Theta Tau International – PSI Chapter, Research Grant Application Process    7 (7)

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