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Bergman's Museum of Natural History


The museum is located in one of the great mountains of Southern California valley, near a quiet road, is a natural history museum is also known as merit.

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									          Bergman's Museum of Natural History
The museum is located in one of the great mountains of Southern California valley, near
a quiet road, is a natural history museum is also known as merit. One feature alone
makes it worth considering. This is the spirit of man, Harry Bergman, who owns and
manages. The museum is located in a particular position. In fact, you can find
something that gives you an advantage. Here is the passage by the isolation of the hills
and valleys quiet with little human presence, and suddenly comes to a modern building
with stucco in a prescribed format so that in astonishment. Contributions to his surprise,
a strange figure on the roof of the building that looks like something out of Alice in

                                                                 This      is    a        great
                                                                 caricature of a dinosaur
                                                                 in the balance on one
                                                                 foot on a soccer ball. A
                                                                 sign above the door of
                                                                 the Museum of Natural
                                                                 History             Museum
                                                                 announces       Bergman,
                                                                 followed by freedom of
                                                                 expression          as      a
                                                                 surprise.      No    matter
                                                                 what they may have
negative experiences in the past has been to try to get something for nothing, have no
fear here. The sign means what it says. Trading on the site are a gift shop and a bar.
The store is a fascinating art of Mexico and Guatemala with a snack-bar offers a nice
and cheap food.

This museum is also open in separate hands warmly. At its end there is a large
fireplace, comfortable chairs and a printed invitation to sit and relax. Is likely to meet
with the owner. Harry Bergman, one of those big comfy chairs to sit and look out the
window at the hills and meadows, spring water, emigrated 70 years. Talk to him and
love to visit, especially if you are interested in understanding the screen, is an enriching

Many of the exhibits come from the local museum. Bergman began charging, while still
a child at a ranch near what is now the museum. It all started, he said, when he saw a
case of the quail for lunch. He came in a green arrow, I think it was made from a bottle
of Spanish wine in the first place. You now have a collection of more than 10,000
shipments arrow shows brought from the glaciers of the Arctic to tropical regions of
Guatemala. Bergman can say that the origin of each arrow in his collection and Indian
tribes that made them. The decision has been made more than 30,000 years of human
prehistory Folsom.

At the meeting, Harry travels through the trailer. According to him, a trailer still have
their supporters in the north, northwest of the city of Golden Circle dead. Mexico is also
a hot spot in the hearts of collectors. It has more than 27 trips to Mexico, exploration of
all states and territories with the exception of a small region between Yucatan and
British Honduras.

Large and imposing stature belies her rosy complexion and bright eyes of his 86 years.
Bergman comes from wild populations. His grandfather, Jacob Bergman, known as the
Dutch, led one of the old Butterfield stage and later owned and operated station
Aguanga stage.

In 1896, Harry Bergman's father took over the station and around the ranch. Although
Harry never work for the station, or ranch house he bought with his wife, Alice, a
neighboring farm in 1922 and began raising Hereford cattle. Harry and Alice recently
sold 1,500 acres of ranch maintenance, but 26 acres on which his house and museum.
Bergman told his wife: "She is my explorations, without your help, I could not leave."
And we are proud of what we have accomplished together.

Among the products of particular interest is the collection of precious and semiprecious
stones. Harry cut and polished for viewing. In other cabinets are the mussels. Among
them, Harry said: "They come from far and near water, but it would be a man, I'm totally
crazy scientific classification, visible only to her beauty.". A collection of butterflies and
moths is so vast, beautiful, and apparently not classified. When it comes to firearms and
knives, speaks with authority, however, Harry.

A firearm has come to Harpers Ferry, and was probably used in the raid of John Brown.
A knife, a beautiful creation of obsidian-30-inch long amethyst, is a rarity that Bergman
identifies as a beheading knife soon in India. Baskets, pottery, stuffed animals and fish,
and mastodon fossils, dinosaurs and buffalo horns preglacial (under the Arctic ice) are
included in the collection.

To reach the museum of the U. S. Highway 395 between San Diego and Riverside, east
of 71 is about a half mile south of Temecula. In Aguanga, Anza turn. The museum is
located 18 miles east of Temecula. 74, the "Palms Pines" desert highway, go to Hemet
and Idyllwild, Palm, and west Anza led by 71. The museum is located in the countryside
between the towns of Anza and Aguanga.

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