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									           Ingram Microphones



“Ours is the only organization I know that is dedicated to the individual. We
work together to bring out the best in each of us and then we apply our skills to
help others.”      –Ralph Smedley, Founder Toastmasters International

The mission of Ingram Microphones, a chapter of Toastmasters International is to
provide a mutually supportive and positive learning and developing environment in
which every member has the opportunity to develop communication and leadership
skills which, in turn, fosters self-confidence and personal growth.

Ingram Microphones is an open Ingram Micro Toastmaster Club that meets on
Thursdays from 12:00-1:00 PM in the Mira Loma Room, 1600 Building, 1st Floor.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact any of the officers listed below.

                   President      Tyronda Neal                714-382-3255

            VP of Education       Wenny Safanayong            714-382-2339
          VP of Membership        Amy Shih                    714-382-4959
     VP of Public Relations       Alexandra Gorrell           714-382-1816
                   Secretary      John White                  714-382-2414
                   Treasurer      Nathan Thorpe               714-382-2389
           Sergeant at Arms       Ed Park                     714-382-2042

   Area A1 Governor             Becky Smith               949-951-8430

   Division A Governor          Sawarnjit Singh           949-302-0128

All new members receive a Communication and Leadership Program Kit mailed
directly to them from the Toastmasters International Office. This kit includes five
manuals: (1) Gestures: Your Body Speaks, (2) Your Speaking Voice, (3) Effective
Speech Evaluation, (4) book A Toastmaster Wears Many Hats and (5) the
Communication and Leadership Program Workbook. The Workbook explains how
the Toastmasters program works and how to develop your skills one step at a time.
Members also receive the monthly Toastmasters Magazine.

The cost to participate in Ingram Microphones, a chapter of Toastmasters
International, is $80.00 per year, plus a one time, new member fee of $20.00. Dues
for new members are pro-rated by the month in accordance with the table below.
Thereafter, dues are collected semi-annually, in October and April.

Month the    Toastmasters      Ingram        Pro-rated      One-  Total for
   new       International   Microphones    New Member       time  New
member is        Dues           Dues                         New  Members
 joining                                                   Member
   OCT           $27.00           $13          $40.00      $20.00  $60.00
  NOV            $22.50           $11          $33.50      $20.00   $53.50
   DEC           $18.00            $9          $27.00      $20.00  $47.00
   JAN           $13.50            $7          $20.50      $20.00  $40.50
   FEB            $9.00            $5          $14.00      $20.00  $34.00
  MAR             $4.50            $3           $7.50      $20.00  $27.50
   APR           $27.00           $13          $40.00      $20.00  $60.00
  MAY            $22.50           $11          $33.50      $20.00   $53.50
  JUNE           $18.00            $9          $27.00      $20.00  $47.00
   JUL           $13.50            $7          $20.50      $20.00  $40.50
  AUG             $9.00            $5          $14.00      $20.00  $34.00
  SEPT            $4.50            $3           $7.50      $20.00  $27.50

For example, a person joining Ingram Microphones Toastmasters Club in November
would pay the above $32.50 plus an additional (one-time) $20.00 new member fee,
for a total of $52.50. That person would then pay the regular dues amount of $39.00
in April along with the rest of the Club.

In some instances, dues are refundable – prospective members should inquire with
their managers about being reimbursed for Club Dues. Ingram Micro recognizes this
as Training and in most cases authorizes the dues to be reimbursed back through
Petty Cash (see our Club Treasurer for more information).
New member applications are available upon request from any Officer.

                Toastmasters is a Goals Based Organization
Toastmasters is all about motivation and self improvement. It’s about setting goals for
yourself and achieving them. Toward that end, Toastmasters has developed a continuous
and ongoing award program based on member participation. The numbers of Competent
Toastmaster (CTM), Advanced Toastmaster Bronze (ATM-B), Advanced Toastmaster Silver
(ATM-S), and Advanced Toastmaster Gold (ATM-G), Competent Leader (CL), Advanced
Leader (AL), and Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM) awards issued to members are measures
of a Club’s success in helping its members learn not only speaking skills but also leadership

These are the Individual member goals set in order of achievement.

Communication Track:

Competent Toastmaster (CTM) -
 Completed the 10 speeches out of the Communication and Leadership Program manual

Advanced Toastmaster Bronze (ATM-B) -
 Achieved Competent Toastmaster award
 Completed two Advanced Communication and Leadership Program manuals

Advanced Toastmaster Silver (ATM-S) -
 Achieved Advanced Toastmaster Bronze award (or achieved Able Toastmaster award)
 Completed two additional advanced manuals (may not be those completed for any
   previous award)
 Conducted any two programs from The Better Speaker Series and/or The Successful
   Club Series (may not be those completed for any previous award)

Advanced Toastmaster Gold (ATM-G) -
 Achieved Advanced Toastmaster Silver award (or achieved Able Toastmaster Bronze
 Completed two additional advanced manuals (may not be those completed for any
   previous award)
 Conducted a Success/Leadership Program, Success/Communication Program or a Youth
   Leadership Program (may not be one completed for any previous award)
 Coached a new member with the first three speech projects

Leadership Track:

Competent Leader (CL) -
 Achieved Competent Toastmaster award
 Served at least six months as a Club officer (President, Vice President Education, Vice
  President Membership, Vice President Public Relations, Secretary, Treasurer, or
  Sergeant at Arms) AND
   While an officer participated in the preparation of a Club Success Plan
   While a Club officer, participated in a District sponsored Club officer training program
   Conducted any two programs from The Successful Club Series and/or The Leadership
    Excellence Series (may not be those completed for any previous award)

Advanced Leader (AL) -
 Achieved Competent Leader award
 Served a complete term as a District Officer (District Governor, Lieutenant Governor,
   Public Relations Officer, Secretary, Treasurer, Division Governor, Area Governor)
 Completed the High Performance Leadership program
 Served successfully as a Club Sponsor, Mentor, or Specialist

Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM) -
 Achieved Advanced Toastmaster Gold award
 Achieved Advanced Leader award
 Distinguished Toastmaster is the highest recognition a member may receive.

Not only that, but there is an award program based on Club participation too!

The Distinguished Club Program is an annual program, running from July 1 through June 30.
The program consists of 10 goals every Club should strive to achieve during this time using
the Club Success Plan as a guide.

Achieve 5 of 10 goals to be a Distinguished Club
Achieve 7 of 10 goals to be a Select Distinguished Club
Achieve 9 of 10 goals to be a President’s Distinguished Club

Here are the ten possible goals our club might set for itself:

   (2) Competent Toastmaster (CTM)
   (2) Additional CTMs
   (1) Advanced Toastmaster
   (1) Additional ATM
   (1) Competent Leader (CL), Advanced Leader (AL), or Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM)
   (1) Additional CLs, ALs, or DTMs
   (4) New members
   (4) Additional new members
   (4) Officers trained (both are required)
        o (4) June-August
        o (4) December-February
   (1) Submitted on time (both required)
        o October or April semi-annual Member list and Dues
        o Officer list
              The Structure of Toastmasters International
Club # 2592     Ingram Microphones is an Open club for Ingram Micro
                associates and non-associates.
Area 1          We’re part of Area 1 along with 5 other clubs: Toxic Toast, OC
                Civic Center, Smedley 1, and Tools 2 Lead.
Division A      Division A consists of Costa Mesa, Garden Grove, Orange,
                Santa Ana, and Tustin and includes Areas 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5.
District F,     District F covers Divisions A-G which comprise cities in Orange
Founder’s       and Los Angeles counties.
Region II    Region II includes Southern California; Districts F, 4, 1, 52, 12
             and 5.
World        PO Box 9052                      Phone: 949-858-8255
Headquarters Mission Viejo, CA
             92690 USA
Board of
Directors    &SubCategoryID=5

We’ve all joined Toastmasters to accomplish our individual learning objectives. We
strive to provide a comfortable and welcome environment.

We hope you will join us!

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