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Reef Fest attendees enjoy Key Largo by ghkgkyyt


									                                                                                                                  March 2009 Vol. 8 No. 9
                                                                                                              July 2010 Vol. 9 No. 11

 Reef Fest attendees enjoy Key Largo

                                                                                 Reef Fest participants, committee members and chamber board mem-
                                                                                 bers enjoy the hospitality of Rib Daddy's Chop House and Seafood
                                                                                 Grille. Counterclockwise from front left: Mark Anderson, Carlsbad,
                                                                                 Calif.; chamber board member Dawn DeBrule, Upper Keys Marine Con-
                                                                                 struction; Margaret Marino, Yonkers, N.Y.; Raymond Marino, Yonkers,
                                                                                 N.Y.; Reef Fest Committee Chairman Rick Hill, Key Largo Fisheries; Terry
                                                                                 Wells, Alexandria, Va.; David DeBrule, Upper Keys Marine Construction;
                                                                                 Doris Anderson, Carlsbad, Calif.; and Debra Goldstein, Alexandria, Va.
Key Largo Reef Fest participants check out one of the displays in opening
night festivities at the History of Diving Museum in Islamorada. In the front
are Peggy and Raymond Marino of Yonkers, N.Y.

 Debra Goldstein shows off the photos she and Terry Wells took
 to win the Reef Fest 6-pack photo competition. Also shown: Bob
 Care, contest judge; and Reef Fest Chairman Rick Hill, Key            Reef Fest divers talk about their local experience on the In the Water radio show
 Largo Fisheries. A top-of-the-line regulator, donated by Scu-         hosted by Mark Mills of Clear Channel at the Encore. Shown (left to right) Ray-
 baPro, for her efforts.                                               mond Marino, Peggy Marino, Terry Wells and Debra Goldstein.
                                    Chairman’s Corner
                                                                                By Amy Pierson, TIB Bank

Chamber believes lobbying ordinance is unlawful
O     n behalf of the
Board of Directors, I
                                                    hired or used a true lobbyist to gain
                                                    favor with the commission or other
                                                    county staff.
                                                                                                sure for your business.
                                                                                                  The first phase is to develop a con-
                                                                                                cept design done by Split Rock Stu-
would like to an-                                                     •••                       dios, which designed the Eco Discov-
nounce that on May                                     The Visitor Center and Grants com-       ery Center in Key West.
18, the chamber and                                 mittees, led by Nola Acker and Jim            Commencing with the second
Hershoff, Lupino &                                  Saunders, are moving forward with           phase, we will be seeking grants to
Yagel, LLP, filed suit                              the first phase of preparing the cham-      fund the costs and will be soliciting
in Circuit Court to                                 ber’s Visitor Center for being the trail-   our members to assist in raising the
declare illegal the     Amy Pierson                 head of the All-American Road.              required 20% matching funds through
                             Photo: Luis Melendi,
county’s lobbying           Melendi Photography        In October 2009, Overseas Highway        chamber fundraisers, corporate spon-
ordinance.                                          was declared an All-American Road,          sors and donation of services.
   While the chamber applauds and                   the highest recognition in the National       If you want to be involved in the
fully supports the commission's at-                 Scenic Byways System.                       Visitor Center or the Grants commit-
tempt to require influence-peddlers to                 There are only 31 in the entire coun-    tees, call Nola Acker at First State
step into the sun, the chamber op-                  try; we are the only one in the state.      Bank and Jim Saunders at Bayview
poses this ordinance because it feels it               The Florida Keys Scenic Highway          Homes.
unlawfully restricts access to govern-              corridor runs from MM 110-0.                  Thanks for your support and have a
ment by small businesses and non-                      One of the primary benefits of being     happy 4th of July.
profit organizations who have never                 designated the trailhead is more expo-                                  Amy

                           Members in Motion
                     Thanks to Jimmy Johnson’s Big Chill for hosting our June Members in Motion

                                                 Tom Tharp

                                                    Photos by
                                                   Video Dave
                                                                   From left: Gretchen Holland, Coral Reef Title; Della Wheaton, Wheaton
                                                                   Service Center; Ken Mausolf, Action Marine and Dive; Bonnie Macks, Pilot
                                                                   House; and chamber board Chairman Amy Pierson, TIB Bank.

Food crew, from left: Dominic Congemi, execu-
tive chef; Michael, son of owner Larry Calvano
and future restaurateur; and Larry Calvano.

Chamber employees Lucy McGraw and Judith
Booker, and friend Lila Ziegler

                                                        From left: Tanya Lewicki, Gallagher Marine Group; chamber board member Dawn De-
                                                        Brule and David DeBrule, Upper Keys Marine Construction; and Philip Altemus. Galla-
                                                        gher Marine Group.

Connie Fitzgerald and Neil Fitzgerald, Youth
Co-op/South Florida Workforce
                                                              JULY 2010
       Sun                    Mon                       Tue                      Wed                    Thu                       Fri                      Sat
                                                                                                                   1                           2                         3

                                                                                                                           Country music July 4th weekend, Pon-
                                                                                                                           Tunes. Through July 4

4th of July. Chamber
    office closed.  4    Chamber offices
                                            5                         6                      7                     8                           9                     10

Reporter’s 4th of July
 Parade; fireworks,
 Blackwater Sound

                 11      Reserve for       12   DAC V meets,     13       General        14                      15       Leadership        16                       17
                         chamber luncheon by    10 a.m. Holiday Inn       membership lunch-                               Monroe County re-
                         5 p.m. 451-1414.                                 eon, 11:30 a.m.,                                cruitment social, 5:30-
                                                                          Pilot House. Pro-                               6:30 p.m., Marker 88
                                                                          gram: Comprehen-
                                                                          sive plan update
                                                                          process. $20 with
                                                                          reservations, $25 at
                                                                          the door

                 18                        19                    20       BOCC meets,    21       Members in     22                         23      Drumming Circle  24
                                                                          9 a.m. Harvey           Motion, Clear Chan-                               for Peace, Coconut
                                                                          Government Cen-         nel radio, MM 93.3.                               Cove, sunset
                                                                          ter, Key West.          5:30-7:30 p.m. $10
                                                                                                  members, $15 non-

                 25                        26                    27       Chamber        28                      29                         30                       31
                                                                          board meets,
                                                                          11:30 a.m., Her-
                                                                          shoff Lupino &

                                                                                       Lobster mini season               Key Largo Food & Wine Festival, through Aug. 8

                                                                                                                               Weekly meetings
                                                                                                             • Kiwanis Club, Wednesday, 7:00 p.m. at the Pilot House
                                                              Check our website,                             • Rotary Club of Key Largo, Wednesday, 7:30 a.m., Coco-
                                               ,                            nuts
                                                                                                             • Upper Keys Rotary Club, Tuesday, noon, Craig’s Restau-
                                                    for details on these and other events                    rant
                                                                                                             • Upper Keys Sons & Daughters of Italy, bingo at Key
                                                                                                             Largo Civic Club every Friday

Reef Fest is over!
                                                  Whirlwind week ends with divers promising to return
   We were disappointed in the turn-                                               went into it.
out, but thrilled with the enthusiasm        President’s Report                       Ultimately, we had 6 people partici-
and passions displayed by the divers                                               pate in Reef Fest.
who did participate in the Upper Keys                             Jackie Harder       We were able to give our divers ex-
Artificial Reef Foundation’s (UKARF)                                               ceptional service, more than they
Key Largo Reef Fest.                      tion of that number — except from        could have gotten had we had the ex-
   UKARF had multiple goals — ex-         those people who had already re-         pected 300 divers.
pose divers to our natural and artifi-    served, wanting to know if we were          The seminars were fantastic, the div-
cial reefs, put “heads in beds” and       cancelling the event.                    ing was phenomenal and the cocktail
raise enough money to pay off the bal-       Regardless of the oil spill, we had a parties were a lot of fun.
ance of the debt on the Spiegel Grove,    contract with the TDC and the show          Many thanks to Chairman Rick Hill,
which now stands at $47,340.              had to go on.                            who attended every Reef Fest event,
   After spending about $32,000 in           In the two weeks prior to the event, and to the board members who were
event funding approved by Key             we worked feverishly to include di-      able to attend as their schedules al-
Largo’s District Advisory Committee       vers who were already in the Keys.       lowed.
to the Tourist Development Council —         We hired an extra employee to make       The participants were very im-
and reaching upward of 1 million di-      calls, send e-mails and visit dive       pressed with board member atten-
vers worldwide — we fielded about 50      shops, asking for them to sign up cus- dance at the events. It made them feel
calls from divers inquiring about the     tomers who showed up during the          important and it gave them the chance
festival.                                 week of Reef Fest.                       to learn more about Key Largo than
   That all changed when the oil well        The chamber staff spent hundreds of they would have had otherwise.
blew up in the Gulf of Mexico.            hours, working on behalf of the             They say they’ll be back — which
   Number of callers dropped to a frac-   UKARF event — and that doesn’t           was the final and most important goal
                                          count all the volunteer time that also   of the festival.

      Islamorada • MM 83
      Key Largo • MM 100
      Oldest title company

Visitor Center traffic
continues to increase
so far in 2010
   Foot traffic in the chamber’s Visi-
tor Center increased by 34% in May
compared to May 2009.
   More than 7,560 visitors came into
the center in May, compared to 5,640
in May 2009.
   There was an expected decrease
from April 2010 (of 13%), as the win-
ter season tapered off.
   Fully 30% who signed the guest
register said they were here just for
the day.
   Florida led domestic visitors with
22.7%. The Northeast region came in
at No. 2 with 9.8%.
   Germany contributed the most
foreign visitors (9.5%) with “Other
Europe” totaling 8.1%.
   Nearly 46% said they had no ad-
vance hotel reservations; 51.2% said
they were going to Key West; and 25
said they were staying in Key Largo.

Board kicks off a membership drive for chamber
   The Board of Directors author-
ized a membership drive, which
                                                    Board Report                        allow people to do land-based activi-
                                                                                        ties should the weather prohibit get-
is now under way, at its May                                                            ting out on the water;
meeting.                                                                                   • Adding landscaping to the median
   Chamber members are being                                                            in front of the chamber to beautify the
asked to recommend a legitimate                                                         DOT electronic messaging board;
business (one with a valid occu-                                                           • Setting up raffles to raise money
pational permit) to win at least                                                        for Visitor Center improvements;
$225 in gift certificates and a                                                            • Results of the economic prosperity
half-page, full-color ad for four                                                       survey the chamber sent out to com-
months in the chamber’s                                                                 munity “movers and shakers”;
monthly newsletter, The Legend.                                                            • An update on Key Largo Reef Fest
   Fill out a special postcard and                                                      and the last-minute efforts to improve
return it via mail or in person to the      ship luncheon and at the chamber of- attendance in the face of the negative
chamber, staff or board members.            fices.                                      publicity regarding the gulf oil spill;
   On it contains the contact informa-         The winning names will be drawn at          • Chamber action on the county’s
tion of your prospect, as well as your      the Aug. 26 Members in Motion at            lobbying ordinance;
name.                                       Senor Frijoles.                                • Creating a mid-year survey for
   If your prospect’s card is pulled in a      Other discussions included:              chamber members and surveying non-
drawing, he or she will win a year’s           • Creating a chamber application for members to find out why they aren’t
membership with the chamber.                mobile technology users;                    members;
   Prospect cards are available at Mem-        • Increasing the number of busi-            • Advertising for Members in Mo-
bers in Motion, at the general member-      nesses that offer tours, tastings, etc., to tions and testimonials.

                                     2010 Board of Directors
Chairman Amy Pierson                         Kristen George                             Jim Saunders, chairman-elect
TIB Bank                                     Key Largo Resorts                          Bayview Homes
P.O. Box 2808                                99701 Overseas Highway                     102901 Overseas Highway
Key Largo, FL 33037                          Key Largo, FL 33037                        Key Largo, FL 33037
PH: 453-7719 FAX: 451-2157                   PH: 451-2121 FAX: 451-5592                 PH: 453-4521 FAX: 453-4522
CELL: 305/394-0614                           EM:         EM:
                                             Rick Hill                                  Robert Stoky
Nola Acker                                   Key Largo Fisheries                        Florida Keys Restaurant Management
First State Bank                             P.O. Box 273                               103900 Overseas Highway
97670 Overseas Highway                       Key Largo, FL 33037                        Key Largo, FL 33037
Key Largo, FL 33037                          PH: 522-3237 FAX: 451-3215                 PH: 451-1592 FAX: 453-9661
PH: 852-2070 FAX: 852-5922                   EM:                       CELL: 522-1300
Cell: 305/395-0760                                                                      EM:
EM:                       Rob Mitchell
                                             Keys Diver Snorkel Tours                   Dianne Terrasi
Christi Allen                                99696 Overseas Highway, Unit #1            Miles Media dba SEE Magazine
Pilates in Paradise                          Key Largo, FL 33037                        120 Riviera Drive
99611 Overseas Highway, #112                 PH: 451-1177 FAX: 451-6384                 Tavernier, FL 33070
Key Largo, FL 33037                          EM:               PH: 394-4329 FAX: 941/907 0300
PH: 453-0801                                                                            EM:
Cell: Cell: 305-942-0808                     Cheryl Powers
EM:               Sea Tow Key Largo                          Russell Yagel
                                             P.O. Box 370684                            Hershoff Lupino & Yagel
Dawn DeBrule                                 Key Largo, FL 33037                        90130 Old Highway
Upper Keys Marine Construction               PH: 451-3330 (business)                    Tavernier, FL 33070
P.O. Box 2790                                CELL: 502/645-3578                         PH: 852-8440 FAX: 852-8848
Key Largo, FL 33037                          FAX: 451-3378                              EM:
PH: 853-2644 FAX: 852-2645                   EM:
New members
join the chamber
of commerce
EcoWeek Events
Contact: Ruth Schrader-Grace
99611 Overseas Highway, Suite 333
Key Largo, FL 33037
Sponsor: Christi Allen

The Miami Acting Company
Contact: Debra Ginsberg
30 Thatch Palm Way
Key Largo, FL 33037
Sponsor: Burgess Warren

Freedland Russo
Contact: Anthony Russo, Jr.
2843 Executive Park Drive
Weston, FL 33331
1 888 254-7066
Sponsor: Robert Di Giorgio

         Support your
   fellow chamber members

      For a complete list, go to:

Key Largo Chamber of Commerce
    Largo Overseas Highway
Key106000 Chamber of Commerce
   106000 Overseas Highway
      Key Largo, FL 33037
      Key Largo, FL 33037
                           Mission statement of the Key Largo Chamber of Commerce
                           Mission statement of the Key Largo Chamber of Commerce
  Through the collective power of our membership, build a vibrant business and social our
 Through the collective power of our membership, build a vibrant business and social environment forenvi-
                                    ronment for our community.

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