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									                                                                                               Valid from
                                                                                               Sept 2008
Terms & Shipping Instructions - Försvarets materielverk
General:                  In addition to the special terms and conditions of the purchase
                          order and the General Terms added to the purchase order, the
                          present shipping instructions shall apply.
                          Any extra cost assumed by FMV as a consequence of seller's
                          deviation from the shipping instructions will be deducted from
                          the invoice amount.

                          Please contact our forwarder as below in order to arrange pick
                          up or to agree upon other suitable domestic transportation.

      AIR FREIGHT                                               SURFACE SHIPMENT

Paris                                                      Paris
DSV Air & Sea                                              DSV Road SA
Zone de Fret 3 8 rue des 2 Cèdres                          Agence de Gennevilliers
95703 ROISSY CDG Cedex, France                             C.E. no 116 Route de Bassin no 1
Tel:+33-1 48622116 Fax:+33-1 48626053                      92631 Gennevilliers Cedex, France
                                                           Tel:+33-1 41853400 Fax:+33-1 47941700

Lyon                                                       Roubaix
DSV Air & Sea                                              DSV Road SA
Aérogare des Agents de Frêt Porte                          Rue de Gamand
B Bureau OC 119                                            59813 Lesquin Cedex CRT, France
69125 Lyon St Exupéry, France                              Tel:+33-320 885555 Fax:+33-320 875832
Tel:+33-4 72225860 Fax:+33-4 72225863

Export license To be obtained by supplier

Marking                   All packages as well as shipping documents and invoices
                          must be marked with FMV purchase order number.

Insurance                 Insurance should not be arranged/effected by seller

Claim                     FMV reserves the right to file claim for defective or missing

Documents                 A priced invoice must be attached to the outside of the shipping
                          container, as well as a copy to our agent. The original invoice in
                          triplicate shall be sent to FMV together with proof of delivery,
                          and EUR certificate if applicable. Each invoice must cover
                          goods against one or part of one order only.
Address                                   Telephone                    Fax Number

Försvarets Materielverk                   +46 589 16000                +46 589 611 045
SE-732 26 Arboga


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