Complaints Procedure – Staff Version

The full Golden Gates Housing complaints procedure for customers is available as
leaflet number 5.

The following procedure contains all the content from the full complaints procedure
leaflet together with additional guidance on the internal processing of complaints.

Golden Gates Housing, are committed to providing high standards of service. You
can help us to make sure we are providing the right services in the right way by
letting us know your views. We need to know when you are not happy with the
services we provide. Please tell us if you have a problem and we can take steps to
put it right. Our complaints procedure below sets out what we do when things go

What is a complaint?

A complaint is an expression of dissatisfaction by anyone, about any aspect of the
service we or anybody acting on our behalf provide or have provided.

Examples of a complaint can include where you believe:

 we have failed to do something we should have done;
 we have failed to meet our service standards, for example, replying to a letter
  within 10 working days; or
 we have treated you unfairly or rudely.

What will not be treated as a complaint?

A complaint is not:

 a request for a service for example reporting a nuisance neighbour
 a request for information or an explanation of our or the council’s policy or
  practice e.g. why you cannot bid for a certain property type
 any service for which there is a right of review or appeal e.g. someone not being
  allowed onto the housing register.

Who can complain?

Anybody can make a complaint. You may give your name, but you do not
have to. We will record and investigate complaints where people do not give
their name.

How can I make a complaint?

You can make a complaint over the phone on 0800 25 26 27, via the Typetalk
service on 18001 0800 25 26 27, in person, on the GGH web site, in writing, by fax or
by e-mail or by asking a friend, a relative, local councillor, Member of Parliament or
any representative to contact us.

We will not normally ask you to put your complaint in writing to us before we will

All Golden Gates Housing staff will take complaints seriously and will treat the person
making the complaint politely.

Translation service

We are a member of Language Line, offering interpreting services over the phone. If
you need to use this service to make a complaint, please ring 0800 25 26 27 for more

How do you deal with complaints?

We can deal with many complaints over the phone or in person, and in most cases
we can resolve the matter immediately.

If we can’t resolve the matter in this way, we will take the details of your complaint
and pass it to the complaints officer in the appropriate department who will
thoroughly investigate your complaint.

In cases where the complaint is about the complaints officer, these will be passed to
the relevant GGH director.

We will send you a letter and a complaint procedure leaflet within five working days
of receiving your complaint. This letter will either respond in full to your complaint or
acknowledge that we have received it.

In normal circumstances we will deal with your complaint within 10 working days of
receiving it. Sometimes more complicated issues may take longer, but we will keep
you informed of progress.

When we have completed our investigation of your complaint we will write and advise
you of our findings.

Recording complaints

Complaints that have been resolved immediately when out of the office will be
recorded by staff on a complaints pad for monitoring purposes.

All other complaints received by letter, email, via the web site, in person at a GGH
office, by telephone or fax will be entered into the Comino system which will trigger
the complaints process map.

What if I am not satisfied with the outcome of my complaint after stage 1?

You can request that we carry out a second investigation. This will be done by a
GGH director.

They will review the initial investigation, and consider any new information they have
received. They will also tell you the outcome of their investigation within 10 working

What if I am not satisfied with the outcome of my complaints after stage 2?

You can request that we carry out a third investigation. This will be done by a panel
of board members who will hear details of the complaint and review the investigation
and outcome.

What if I still not satisfied?

The letter informing you of the second investigation will tell you what options are
available if you are still not happy. You may contact:
 your borough councillor
 your Member of Parliament or Member of the European Parliament
 the Local Government Ombudsman


In the case of any justified complaint, GGH should aim to put the complainant back
into the position he or she would have been but for the fault. Where this cannot be
achieved, providing a form of compensation may be the only available approach.
Below is the guidance which should be followed by officers when dealing with
justified complaints.

In the first instance, the complainant should expect to receive an apology where
appropriate and this may be all that is required.

In some cases, it may be appropriate to offer something as a gesture of goodwill
which is not directly related to the complaint.

Financial compensation should be payable on consideration of any quantifiable loss,
or loss of monetary benefit, or loss of value, loss of opportunity or resulting stress.

Financial compensation should be payable:

Where a contractor has failed to attend an appointment.
Amount: £20 payable.

Where there is quantifiable loss.
Amount: losses should be covered in full.

Where there is a loss of monetary benefit, for example, loss of earnings waiting for
an appointment and appointment was not kept.
Amount: Up to £50.

Where there is a lost opportunity, resulting stress or as a gesture of goodwill.
Amount: up to £50.

Payment of any compensation would not be off-set against any other debt including
rent arrears or recharges.

This is a summarised version of our compensation policy.

Monitoring, reporting and reviewing complaints

Every three months, the GGH Quality Panel, made up of our officers and tenants, will
review all the complaints we have received.

The panel will:
 review any patterns in complaints
 review our performance in dealing with complaints
 review the complaints procedure
 look at feedback from complaints feedback forms
 raise issues with individual complaints officers or collectively at the appropriate
   meeting, to improve services
 review claims made for compensation

We will send a complaints feedback form to everyone who makes a complaint. All the
forms that are returned will be entered into a prize draw.

We will report our complaints performance in News and Views, to the service
development and performance review committee, to SMT & EMT.


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