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              Zeno MD Reviews
      Meet the new and effective solution for those
unexpected breakouts! Zeno MD is a hand held
device that is designed to treat mild to moderate
acne. It works by killing the acne causing bacteria
and then allowing the blemish to heal quickly. Zeno
MD provides an advanced heat treatment that is as
good as one you would get from a physician. The
heat is what kills the bacteria within the pimple,
reduces inflammation and then allows the healing
to take place. It is clinically proven and is very easy
to use.
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      The Zeno MD device includes a treatment tip
containing 150-count. This means that it can be
used 150 times before replacing the tip. It is a
battery operated device and it can also be used
with an adapter.
      To get rid of your pimples with Zeno MD, all
you have to do is place the clean tip exactly on the
pimple. You should hear a treatment pacer tone
every 30 seconds. A treatment complete tone will
alert you when the treatment is finished at which
point you should remove the device from the
pimple. Repeat the treatment after 4-12 hours and
do the same for other pimples.

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      Zeno MD comes with a
convenient carrying case and a
charger to plug in the wall. There
is also a complimentary mirror for
you to easily spot those pimples
and get rid of them easily. It is
gentle enough to be used on a
daily basis.

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        Customers prefer Zeno MD over harsh chemicals and
traditional pimple removing regimes. They appreciated how
well it works to remove pimples and keep them away without
any scarring. It has been hailed as a wonderful alternative to
costly prescriptions and procedures. They loved the chance
to stay at home and get great acne treatment without waiting
in lines or scheduling appointments for treatment. It has
been found excellent for use on cystic acne as well. Most
customers who have used Zeno MD said they would definitely
recommend the product to anyone. The treatment has been
hailed as fast, easy and effective. It was also used along with
other treatment without any problems. The product did
everything it claimed to do. They also liked the convenient
carrying case. It is worth the money for most users as they
were impressed by the results they had received. Overall,
customers are pleased with the performance of the product.
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     The mirror was regarded as cheap. Some
customers found out that it worked well on
small pimples but not so on big ones especially
those that are deep in the skin. Another user
thinks that it is good for only mild acne. Most
complaints had to do with the price of the item.

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      Zeno MD works effectively by using heat to
eliminate pimples. It works best on newly
formed pimples.

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To get the best results from Zeno MD, make sure
you catch the pimple as soon as it is
formed. The sooner you put the device on the
pimple, the better the treatment will be.

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