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									What Makes Sulfur an Effective Acne

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 What Makes Sulfur an Effective Acne
      The skin, which is the largest organ on the
human body, is constantly under attack. One of
those natural enemies is acne. Many people have
experienced this mild skin disorder during their
awkward teenage phase of life, but for some it
extends beyond adolescence and becomes a
serious physical issue. This disorder sometimes
affects persons mentalyl as it affects their self-
image. Many remedies are availabe for treating
acne, but the one has stood the test of time is
sulphur. Lets see what makes sulfur an effective
acne treatment.
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                Acne explained
      In its simplest form, acne happens when
the pores get blocked. The natural oil of the skin
is unable to make it to the surface and sits until
bacteria starts to grow. This blockage is known
medically as a microcomedone, can transform
into non-inflamed and inflamed blemishes on
the skin. Whiteheads and blackheads are non-
inflammatory acne, while papules and pustules
are the more serious inflammatory types.
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              Why sulfur works
       Originally called brimstone and having that familiar
foul odor sulfur has long been used to treat skin problems
like acne. In modern times it’s found its way into both
prescription and over-the-counter skin care medicines in
various soaps, cleansers and lotions. It works due to the
formation pattern of acne. When applied to the skin
sulfur dries the skin and causes it to peel. This means that
excess oil never gets to build up and even if it does,
peeling away the old layer of skin gives it free passage.
This behavior, when combined with whatever acne
remedy, works quickly based on the sulfhur

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                The downsides
      Like any medicine, using sulphur as an acne
cure, has a few side effects. Since it does dry and
peel the skin; the level of skin irritation may
increase once treatment has begun. In extreme
cases sulfur may actually cause the skin to change
color where applied. This might be normal as it
cleans away the skin’s top layer, but pigment
changes in the fringe unaffected areas indicate a
problem. Also sulfur’s old annoying smell might
become a problem. The odor might affect both the
user and those in contact with them.

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         Keeping it working for you
        Even with the minor side effects there are some simple instructions
to make sure sulfur works for you.

• Make sure to follow the instructions for the particular medication.
  Improper use can have the opposite and leave the skin even more
• Don’t apply sulfur to already damaged skin. In cases where skin is already
  suffering from moisture loss or broken its best to wait until healing has
  taken place.
• Avoid sulfur in soaps and abrasive applicators.
• Don’t mix sulfur with other such based products whether over-the-
  counter or prescription.

         Acne has long been a problem for men and women alike. While it
might seem like a matter of vanity to want clean skin, there’s little question
that it can range from a minor irritation to a full-blown medical problem.
What makes sulfur an effective acne treatment are its wonderful properties
and its proper use.
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