What is Used to Treat Hormonal Acne

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					What is Used to Treat Hormonal

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    What is Used to Treat Hormonal
      It’s horrible. It affects your self-esteem and it
cripples your social and professional life. It’s acne,
your skin’s biggest enemy. When acne treatments
fail, the frustration heightens. Sometimes the
treatment fails because the acne is the result of
hormonal problems and the treatment is not
targeting this source. What is used to treat
hormonal acne? There are a number of options for
remedying acne that has hormonal causes. They
include oral medication and topical treatments.
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 Medical professionals order tests to determine
the androgen and other hormone levels in acne
 sufferers. This helps to determine whether an
        imbalance is triggering the acne.

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                 Oral Remedies
When acne is triggered by hormonal imbalance,
  the best solution is oral remedies. These oral
 remedies are all aimed at restoring balance to
   the hormones and fixing the acne problem.
Some oral remedies are over-the-counter items
    while others are prescription medication.

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There are a number of vitamins that will help to
balance hormones and by extension heal acne.
  These include the B vitamins, vitamin E and
                  vitamin D.

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               Other treatments
Omega 3 Fish Oil is a supplement that helps to
create balance in the hormones. It has gained
popularity as a cure for hormone based acne
problems. Chaste Berry is a herbal remedy for
hormonal acne because it is reputed to work
wonders for regulating female hormones.

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                    Royal Jelly
        Royal Jelly is the substance fed to the
    queen bee in the hive. It is famed for its
hormone balancing properties and this makes it
 an ideal solution to hormonal acne problems.

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           The Oral Contraceptive
Because of its impact on the hormones, the oral
contraceptive is ideal for curing acne related to
hormonal imbalance. Women who have mild
acne can benefit from the use of the pill
especially if they also wish to avoid pregnancy.
The pill works by blocking testosterone.

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            Prescription Treatment
       For women, hormone-based treatment for acne is the
forte of specialists who deal with hormone issues. These
include, gynecologists and endocrinologist. Hormone based
treatment for acne works by inhibiting the androgens’ effect
on the pores. This is one of the most successful treatment
regimes for acne. These types of treatments are preventive
measures for acne.
       In addition to recommending the oral contraceptive,
specialists will prescribe medications that block testosterone
and inhibit its impact on the skin’s health. One such
medication is Spironolactone. Originally designed to control
blood pressure, this medication blocks two hormones, the one
that raises blood pressure, aldosterone and the one that
triggers acne, testosterone.
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 This is a prescription oral medication designed
  to treat hormone based acne problems. It is
    essentially a potent version of vitamin A.
Accutane use must be supervised by a physician
     because the side effects can be severe.

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              Topical Treatments
      Topical treatments are reactive measures
aimed at treating acne that has already
emerged. Topical treatments are best used in
conjunction with the oral remedies to cure
hormonal acne.
      You should no longer wonder what is used
to treat hormonal acne. Now, you need to select
the treatment option that best suits your
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