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									 Ohio Valley Mesonet

    Thomas P. Johnstone

National Weather Service Office

       Wilmington, Ohio
        Mesonet Background

• A NETwork of weather observation sites in
  close enough proximity to monitor
  MESOscale conditions.

• Oklahoma Mesonet first major one in the

• Meso-West and Texas other large U.S.
         Ohio Valley Mesonet
• Started with addition of RAWS data to
  Awips…local use only

• Limited ODOT data ingested in 2002

• ODOT data expanded greatly in 2003…data
  shared with other NWS offices

• KDOT and AWOS data added in 2003

• Cincinnati Partnership late 2003-present.

• Most data publicly available
        Mesonet Benefits

• Improved short term weather forecasting/severe
  weather detection
• Real time weather information is invaluable for
  operational decision makers.
• Archived data useful for research/education
         Mesonet Challenges

• Data Quality

• Data Availability

• Data Standards

• Data Control

• Station names

• Major effort to create and maintain the metadata
  associated with the station list
 Ohio Valley Mesonet Sources
• Kentucky Department of Transportation
  (KDOT)…approximately 40 sensors
• Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT)…over
  150 sensors
• RAWS Fire Weather Stations…15 sensors
• Non Federal AWOS…16 sensors
• City of Cincinnati sites
• AWS sites…hundreds of stations
Kentucky DOT Weather
      Kentucky DOT Weather

• Available once an hour
• 5 minute resolution
• Temp, RH, Wind Speed/Direction utilized
• Solar Radiation, Daily Precip, Pavement
  and Subsurface Temperature also
• Data available graphically or via FTP
Kentucky DOT Weather
         Kentucky DOT Weather
• Data is converted to METAR format for local

•   KWTN 271155Z 28002KT 06/03 RMK I-75_in_Grant_County T00610028=
•   KWTN 271200Z 28002KT 06/03 RMK I-75_in_Grant_County T00620029=
•   KWTN 271205Z 28002KT 06/03 RMK I-75_in_Grant_County T00630030=
•   KWTN 271210Z 28002KT 06/03 RMK I-75_in_Grant_County T00640030=
•   KWTN 271215Z 27002KT 07/03 RMK I-75_in_Grant_County T00660030=
•   KWTN 271220Z 28002KT 07/03 RMK I-75_in_Grant_County T00670031=
•   KWTN 271225Z 27003KT 07/03 RMK I-75_in_Grant_County T00690029=
Kentucky DOT Weather
ODOT Weather Sensors
     ODOT Weather Sensors

• We download every 30 minutes
• Data updates every 5 minutes
• Temp(observed + Max/Min), Dewpoint,
  Wind, and visibility (converted to SM) are
• Pavement and precipitation data also avail
• Data also converted to METAR format
ODOT Weather Sensors
ODOT Weather Sensors
  RAWS Fire Weather Stations

• Remote Automated Weather Station
• Data updates hourly via Satellite. We
  download from web page
• Temp, Dewpoint, Wind, Precipitation and
  Fuel Moisture are reported
• Converted to METAR format
• High quality data!
RAWS Fire Weather Stations
 Non Federal AWOS Stations
• Report same data as NWS ASOS

• Data only available via dial-up

• Most locations allow modem access.
  Local Scripts take care of

• Local applications allow forecasters to
  manually enter data for other sites

• Not regularly accessed due to costs
Non Federal AWOS Stations
Non Federal AWOS Stations
          Cincinnati Mesonet
• Begun in October 2003

• City provided us a list of private and public sites
  with weather equipment

• NWS agreed to download/process the data…as
  well as come up with metadata

• Data will be shipped to Livermore Lab to be used
  as input to NARAC dispersion model

• Around 30 sites close to Cincinnati
               AWS Data
• Automated Weather Source

• Network of private weather sources

• We get the data via a link to the Forecast
  System Lab in Boulder

• High temporal resolution data, but lower
  quality than other sources

• Not converted to MTR format at ILN
Current Status
       Mesonet Case Study

• May 1, 2004

• Frontal boundary across Ohio with wave
  approaching from the SW

• Mesonet invaluable in detecting

• Better storm scale sampling can help with
  warn/no warn decisions
   Ohio Valley Mesonet Plans

• CSV format repository at Eastern Region

• Web database for public use

• Quality Control partnership?

• Ohio Dept.of Transportation

• Kentucky Dept. of Transportation

• Robin Gerhardt…NWS

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