Tea Tree Oil and its Benefits

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					Tea Tree Oil Acne Treatment

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     Tea Tree Oil and its Benefits
      The term tea tree oil is a loose description
for the oil that comes from the Australian
Melaleuca Alternafolia tree. The tree was first
observed to grow in the Australian grasslands,
but since has been found in the Madagascar
plains as well as the South American sub
continent, in parts of Peru.

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      The oil comes from boiling the leaves and
stem of the plant and then fermenting the
liquid. The process is easy and the cost of tea
tree oils are cheap. The true benefits of tea tree
oil are observable when used to treat bacteria or
fungal related ailments and diseases.

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       The tree is a natural anti oxidant and so
will attack bacteria at the heart of their growth.
The oil also has terpinen-4 which is an anti-
microbial chemical attacking bacteria as well as
viruses. Because of this, tea tree oil has had
some success in treating acne, which is a
bacterial hormone balance that shows up on the
skin. It is seen especially on a person’s face.

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                 Treatment of Acne
          Tea tree oil acne treatment has had mixed reviews since
inception. Some say that the chemical is just not strong enough and
they don’t see a difference. Others say that it works like a charm. The
antimicrobial and anti fungal nature of the oil will attack the bacteria
beneath the skin by entering through the pores. However, in attacking
these bacteria the chemical only controls the growth. There are other
factors which will contribute to acne development. Dirty skin is one
such factors. Oily skin is another. Increased oily skin triggered by diet
as the amount of fats and oils consumed will actually be stored under
the skin. For this reason, tea tree oil is as good as the user applies it
and will work best when other factors causing the development of the
bacteria stop. To use the oil, you simply apply it to the affected areas.
It is a good idea not to wipe the area with a cloth after use, as this will
irritate the skin. The irritation can also come from using undiluted oil.
You can create a mixture of about 15% tea tree oil to 85% lotion and
the treatment will be easier.
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            Getting the Tea Tree Oil
         Tea tree oil is found in most pharmaceutical outlets. It is cheap
to buy and available without a prescription. Several new acne products
also contain pre-mixed tea tree oil as part of the active ingredients.
Among these brands of pre-mixed tea tree oil based acne treatments,
are The Body Shop’s Tea Tree Skin Cleanser, Dr. Bronner’s Castille Soap,
Dagget Ramsdell Tea Tree Oil Cleanser and Thoroughly Clean Tea Tree
Oil Cleanser. All of these products are available for less than $10 and
are bought at popular pharmacies. If you would like to generate your
own mixture, buy a bottle of tea tree oil separately and mix in a
solution of clean water and/or a gentle lotion or astringent. The
mixture can work wonders and you can appropriate the amount of tea
tree oil you need based on your own skin reactions. Most persons use
this method because it works even better.

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