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									                                SKANO PTA Meeting Minutes
                             Wednesday, September 21, 2011 6:30 pm

Attendance: Darryl Partridge, Rich Thompson, Linda Jolly, Liz Dwyer, Joann Williams, Yvonne Cols,
Melissa Grattan, Liz Coleman, Jill Gould, Teresa Dell, Andrew McCarty, Lori Russo, Maryann Cortese,
Claudia Greco, Ellen Duffy, Jeanne Haug, Sandra Thornton, Laura Greene, Tami Farron, Kayla Rysewyk,
Stephanie Pidgeon, Kelly DiCocco, & Cara Salvi
 1) Quorum Present: Yes
 2) Minutes: Last meeting minutes approved with changes to spelling
 3) Reports:
    President’s Report – Darryl Partridge led our first meeting emphasizing communication is key. Parent
    Bulletin will go out once a month and is one way to communicate to the parents and teachers. Darryl
    asked the PTA teacher representative if the PTA could contact the classroom parent and have them
    communicate to the parents in the individual classes when the PTA needs help for an event or to promote
    a PTA fundraiser. Darryl also announced that Liz Coleman has stepped up to chair our membership
    Vote 1 - To appoint Rich Thompson to become our Vice President for the 2011-2012 school year. 1st
    motion was by Melissa Grattan, 2nd motion was by Sandra Thornton, all in favor, YES.
    Vote 2 - To approve the use of $300.00 to upgrade the bookbags for the 1000 book club. 1st motion was
    by Cara Salvi, 2nd motion was by Jeanne Haug, all in favor, YES.
    Secretary’s Report – Liz Dwyer let the PTA members know about the call for help forms and that she
    would be collecting those forms and then passing on the volunteer list to the chairpersons of each
    committee as they came up during the calendar year.
    Treasurer’s Report – Linda Jolly reported and submitted the approved 2011-2012 Skano PTA budget.
    She also reported that the audit for last year’s books was completed on August 16 and the balance in the
    checking account is 8,077.75 and all was found to be correct by the audit team. The outstanding council
    bill from a previous year was paid in full.
    Principal’s Report – Jill Gould shared that Skano had a great open house
    BOE’s Report – Andrew McCarty spoke about the new and exciting ideas for funding in the coming
    year. He walked through every school in the Shen district on opening day and the year is off to a great
    start. All the schools were in beautiful shape thanks to the janitorial staff.
    Council’s Report – Andrew McCarty talked about virtual field trips and how they could be used within
    the classroom. These virtual field trips could be partially funded by arts and education.
    Teacher’s Report – Lori Russo welcomed everyone back and shared that next Friday is Dolphin Reader
    kick-off at 6:30 pm.
    Partnership’s Report –Andrew McCarty thanked Jill Gould for becoming interim principal for Skano.
 4) Committee Reports
    Back to school family picnic – Sept 23 is the date for the back to school family night. This event will be
    a fundraiser and utilize Giffy’s Barbeque. Chicken dinners and pulled pork dinners will sell for $10.00
    and a kid’s meal will be available. We have about 10 volunteers for the event. It has been changed from
    a bake sale to just bringing in deserts and fun activities for the kids. If it rains we will hold indoors in the
    cafeteria. Tickets will go home with the oldest child of each family on Friday, the day of the event. We
    will also have approximately 20 more dinners available for walk-ins.
    Run for Skano – Laura Greene reported on the Fun Run. This is our big fundraiser for the fall. She and
    her team are working on getting all of the prizes donated. They held a meeting the night before with 10 in
    attendance and assigned various jobs to each volunteer. The team decided that each child should have a
    shirt at the event for registration of $25.00. The team is out looking for local sponsors to pay for the cost
    of the t-shirts. Lots of fun prizes will be given out to the children who collect the most money for Skano’s
    fun run and these dollars will then fund the many projects that are put on by PTA including the cultural
    events during the school year. Kick-off of the fundraiser will be the following Friday during morning
  program and will include Harmony the dolphin. Orders will go out on Friday, 11/30, and be due back in
  one week. Last year we had 122 runners and the goal is to double that. The children will run for 15
  minutes straight and the challenge is to see how many laps each student can complete in that timeframe.
  Each grade level has a different set of cones.
  Membership – Liz Coleman has entered 230 members so far.
  Banking – Jeanne Haug noted that CapCom will be doing our school banking. The switch will be easy
  from First Niagra and students can earn money through CapCom by having good report cards, reading,
  etc. PTA needs 2 more helpers for banking.
5) New Business
  School Bucks - Colonie Center - Cara Salvi shared how everyone can participate when shopping in
  Colonie Center. Bring your receipt to customer center in Colonie Center, up to 60 days from purchase,
  and Skano receives a point for every dollar spent. These points then compete for prizes for the school.
  The top prize is $8,000.
  Tools for Schools – Price Chopper: Everyone needs to re-register their Price Chopper card to earn Price
  Chopper rewards for Skano.
  Scrip Fundraising – A great way to use your everyday dollars to raise money for Skano. Gift cards that
  can be purchased through the PTA or online and a percentage will be returned to Skano PTA. Lots of
  stores like Best Buy, Exxon, GameStop, Kohl’s, Ace Hardware and WalMart to name a few. Get started
6) Announcements:
  Back to School Family Picnic—September 23, 6:30 pm
  School pictures – October 12
  Next PTA meeting – October 19, 6:30 pm
  Staff breakfast – October 20
  Halloween Spooktacular – Oct 29 Skano cafe
7) Adjournment: 7:30 pm

  Respectfully Submitted
  Liz Dwyer, Skano PTA Secretary
  Notes are pending approval at next PTA meeting

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