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									          The Socal Group Inc
"Dream big dreams, for only big dreams
 have the power to move men's souls."
           - Marcus Aurelius
The SoCal Group.
      The SoCal Group is dedicated
•   Always going the extra mile to satisfy clients.
•   Setting industry standards.
•   Professional and friendly staff members
•   Experienced associates and representatives
•   Proven business models
•   Over 4 years of success in our industry
The SoCal Group.
     The Socal Group Celebrates
• The Southern California Group, Inc., an
  outsourced sales and marketing firm based in
  Orange County, recently celebrated its third
  year of business, capping an eventful year of
  growth and expansion.
The Socal Group Making a Difference

 This holiday season The SoCal Group will be
   gathering food for the hungry and needy.
 Please join our movement and help make a
   difference this holiday season for the less
 fortunate. Any donations are encouraged and
      will be greatly appreciated by many.
     Help us give back to the community this holiday season! We'll be collecting
      food items to fill up backpacks that will be given to local schools and local
    families in need this Winter. The team goal is to fill 1,000 backpacks so make
              sure to pick up a little extra at the grocery store this week!
•     We accept the following donations:
•     Canned Soup
•     Canned Veggies
•     Box of Instant Rice
•     Canned Beans
•     Macaroni and Cheese
•     Instant Mashed Potatoes
•     Canned Gravy
•     100% Fruit Juice
•     Cereal
•     Evaporated Milk
•     Canned Fruit
 Thank You for Watching
On behalf of The SoCal Group, Have a wonderful
                 Holiday season!

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