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Murad Acne Complex Review


									 Murad Acne Complex

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            Murad Acne Complex
       The Murad Acne Complex is a three-step
system that is guaranteed to clear skin in just
four weeks. You will begin to see the difference
in as little as three days. The system contains a
clarifying cleanser, an acne treatment gel and a
skin perfecting lotion. Each component of the
system complements each other to give you the
skin you’ve always wanted. It is formulated to
cleanse, treat and hydrate the skin and is gentle
to use every day. Here is how it works:
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             Clarifying Cleanser
      The first thing you do is cleanse the skin
with this cleanser that reduces 99.9% of bacteria
on the skin’s surface in a minute. It contains
salicylic acid to fight acne, and silver citrate for
antibacterial protection to stop the formation of

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Exfoliation of the Acne Treatment Gel
      This gel helps to prevent new blemishes
from forming while healing the existing ones. It
penetrates deep into the pores to eliminate skin
cell buildup.

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          Skin Perfecting Lotion
      This oil-free lotion calms and reduces
redness and irritation and does not clog pores. It
contains Queen of Meadow Extract and Retinol
which will reduce the production of oil and
tighten the pores.

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      Pimples disappear in a matter of days. Skin
tone become more even, after usage. The lotion
is soothing and hydrates the skin. It is easy to
use and there is no Benzoyl Peroxide included to
dry out the skin. The moisturizer is non-greasy.
The system works well for people with light
acne. Some people experience a nice glowing
skin. It has been found to reduce the size of
pores and soften the skin.
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        The product causes many users’ skin to break out
even worse than it was before they tried the product. A
lot of people experience the development of cysts and
large lumps on their faces. There cold be breakouts in
places that had no acne before. Some people experienced
breakouts even long after they stopped using the
product. The cleanser does not clean thoroughly
especially if you wear makeup. The gel is abrasive and it
irritates the skin when applied. There are burns and
itches experienced by many. Many people who used the
product thought it was not worth the money and they
would not recommend it to anyone as most of them had
an unsatisfactory experience.
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       When using the Murad acne complex, you
may experience an increase in pimples that
contain pus. This is a “purging” process that
your skin goes through to get rid of all that is
beneath the surface for it to become clear. As
soon as it stops breaking out, the clearing up
process will begin and with continued use you
will start to see the difference.

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      If your acne is light, Murad
Acne complex might work for you.
It is not effective for people who
have moderate to heavy acne. If
you are using it, just be patient. It
takes some time before you will
start seeing results. If you
experience dryness, lessen the
amount of times you use the gel.
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