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									Most Effective Acne Treatments

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  Most Effective Acne Treatments
       Popping or squeezing acne on the body is a useless
attempt to get rid of body acne. Dermatologists
recommend various acne treatments that can get rid of
those ugly zits and pimples on the face. However, if these
treatments are not applied properly, acne growth will
persist. It is further recommended that acne treatments
are gently massaged on affected area to avoid damage to
skin tissue. There are several acne treatment systems
currently in the market. However, if a patient desires
beautiful skin fast, then purchasing the scientifically
proven and effective acne treatments is the way to go.

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      This scientifically proven acne
treatment system attacks acne before
and after it appears. It is most
effective because of its triple action.
The Revita Clear kit is equipped with a
face wash, acne lotion and an acne
spot treatment which sets it apart
from other products on the market.

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                 Clear Therapy
      This acne treatment system is not like the
other greasy and fairly effective acne treatment.
Clear Therapy gets rid of the acne by travelling
deep into the skin to the root of the problem.
Customers are pleased with the results of this
acne treatment system which comprises of a
face cleansing wash, a lotion or moisturizer and
an acne spot treatment.

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     Acnezine is recommended by several
dermatologists, since it is an acne fighting
system that frees the affected area on the skin
of any acne growth; and protects the skin
against future break-out. This acne treatment
system comprises of an acne treatment cream
and antioxidant capsules.

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      This multi-product skin cleansing system
offers treatment for not only the face but also
the body. ClearPores get rid of acne growth
completely. For the Facial System, it is equipped
with Herbal Supplement, Facial Wash and Acne
Cream. The Body System also entails Herbal
Supplement and an Acne Cream. The only
difference is the Body Wash.

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      The active ingredient in Accutane is
isotretinoin which is a form of Vitamin A. This
active ingredient helps to reduce sebum
production and the rate at which sebum
hardens into comedones. Accutane can only be
purchased with a prescription.

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                   Differin Gel
      This topical prescription-only gel is very
popular and is proven to show results within
weeks. During the first stage of treatment, skin
care treatment will cause more acne growth.
However, this eventually will be removed if
application continues.

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   Stridex Acne Treatment
      Stridex has a host of acne and skin care
products. However, for results in good timing,
the Stridex Maximum Strength Pads have been
proven to be a very effective acne-fighting
product. The active ingredient in this product is
Salicylic acid. The ingredient is scientifically
proven to exfoliate the skin and cleanse pores
that have been clogged.

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     Nixoderm Acne Treatment
        This product is a veteran in the skin care business. Originally
from South America, Nixoderm gets rid of acne all together by fighting
the actual bacteria that caused the acne growth initially. This product
unfortunately is very difficult to source in the United States.

         Through recent research, it has been proven that acne growth
on face and body, causes a reduction in self esteem and confidence.
Therefore persons are willing to do anything to get rid of this ugly
bacterial growth on their skin. However, customers should be selective
in the acne treatment system that they choose to cure their acne
break-out or else the problem will continue. A visit to the family doctor
or local dermatologist could greatly assist in making a decision on the
right acne treatment for the skin type.

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