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      Makeup that is good for acne
            problem skin
Acne affects millions of people around the globe. It is
caused by a number of factors including diet, stress and
skin type. There are a number of acne medications
available that will treat or completely get rid of acne but
many of these take time (up to six weeks) to work. Until
then it is important not to use anything on your face that
may cause acne to flare up or that will clog pores.
Makeup is often used to cover up problem skin, this can
make acne much worse if the wrong type of makeup is
used. There are a few brands that indicate that they are
not oil-based and will not clog pores, as well as a few
makeup techniques that can be used to draw attention
away from acne.
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Do not use heavy foundations
Some foundations tend to have high
concentrations of mineral oil. This oil clogs pores
and has the tendency to make acne stand out
more than if you are not wearing makeup. Try to
find a foundation that says it is noncomedogenic
(non pore clogging). This will help to reduce the
acne caused from clogged pores.

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Use makeup that works with you to
      hide acne problems
                   Match foundation, makeup and skin
            tone as closely as possible and tone down
            acne. To do this, avoid makeup with yellow
            undertones as this acts as a highlight colour
            to the red acne that is being covered up. Try
            not to use red or purple either as these
            have the same effect. Revlon colour Stay
            Foundation has a non pore clogging formula
            that excludes the yellow, red and purple
            undertones that show up acne and has a
            wide range of colours to choose from
            making it easy for most persons to match
            their skin tone.
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    Try makeup that includes SPF
Sun exposure is known to
make acne breakouts worse.
When choosing a foundation
or other makeup, be sure it
has at least SPF 15 protection
so that existing acne has a
chance to heal even while
makeup is on.

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               Airbrush makeup
       Airbrush makeup is likely to be the
best for acne. It gives the illusion of
flawless skin by filing in acne scars and
using lighter and darker colours in areas
where it is needed to hide or diminish
current breakouts. Airbrush makeup is
expensive and will usually have to be
applied by a professional for the best
cover up because it is sprayed onto the
face rather than applied with a brush. But
it does have the benefit of not giving the
face a caked-on look and most
importantly, it does not clog pores.

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              Play up your eyes
      Acne breakouts tend to
concentrate on the cheeks and
forehead. A good makeup tip for
persons with acne problem skin is to
learn how to do dramatic eyes that
draw attention directly to them. No
one will even think to look at acne or
acne cover up when there is a focus
for their eyes. Brown smoky eyes are
recommended, black tends to be too
harsh for most persons.
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