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					Simmons First                            Conway Region                       Simmons First Bank                       Simmons First Bank
National Bank                            Advisory Board of Directors         of El Dorado, N. A.                      of Hot Springs
Board of Directors                       Steve W. “Bo” Conner                Board of Directors                       Board of Directors
Robert E. Dreher, Jr.                    Engelkes, Conner & Company          Aubra Anthony, Jr.                       David L. Bartlett
Partner                                                                      President & Chief Executive Officer       Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Dreher & Sons                            Bill Johnson                        Anthony Forest Products Company          Simmons First Bank of Hot Springs
                                         Community Chairman
Met L. Jones, II                         Conway Region                       Steven Cossé                             Stuart A. Fleischner, D. D. S.
General Manager                          Simmons First National Bank         Executive Vice President &               Co-owner
Dickey Machine Works                                                         General Counsel                          Hot Springs National Park
                                         Charles Nabholz                     Murphy Oil Corporation                   Dental Group
John Lytle, M.D.                         Chairman
Orthopedic Surgeon                       The Nabholz Group                   John F. Dews                             Louis F. Kleinman
South Arkansas Orthopedic Center                                             Chairman & Chief                         Chairman
                                         Phillip Pascoe                      Executive Officer                         Falk Supply Company
J. Thomas May                            Investments                         Simmons First Bank of El Dorado, N. A.
Chairman & Chief Executive Officer                                                                                     James B. Newman
Simmons First National Bank              S. T. “Ros” Smith                   Scott M. Fife                            President
                                         Retired Automobile Dealer           President                                Douglass-Newman Insurance Company
Beverly Morrow                                                               Simmons First Bank of El Dorado, N. A.
Vice President                           Phillip Stone, M. D.                                                         Sam P. Stathakis, Jr.
TLM Management                           President                           Phil Herring                             President
                                         Conway Emergency Physicians Group   President                                Merritt Wholesale Distributors
Charles Nabholz                                                              Herring Furniture Company
President                                Ritchie Howell                                                               Sara Stough
The Nabholz Group                        Community President                 Sarah P. Kinard                          CPA, Manager
                                         Conway Region                       Private Investor                         Stough Dermatology Clinic
A.W. Nelson, Jr.                         Simmons First National Bank
President                                                                    James Hutton Nobles                      Gene Thomason
A.W. Nelson, Jr. Architect, P.A.         Steven C. Wade                      Independent Oil Producer                 Retired President
                                         Community President                                                          Simmons First Bank of Russellville
Mary Pringos                             Little Rock Region                  Kenneth P. Oliver, Jr.
Executive Vice President                                                     President
M.K. Distributors, Inc.
                                         Simmons First National Bank
                                                                             El Dorado Glass & Mirror Company         Advisory Directors
H. Glenn Rambin                          Western Region                      Floyd M. Thomas, Jr.                     John D. Selig
President                                                                    Partner
Simmons First National Bank              Advisory Board of Directors         Compton, Prewett, Thomas & Hickey,
                                                                             P. A., Attorneys                         Ronnie Twyford
Clifton Roaf, D.D.S.                     Larry Bates                                                                  Executive Vice President
Dentist                                  Community Chairman                  H. Glenn Rambin                          Simmons First Bank of Hot Springs
                                         Simmons First National Bank         President
Clarence Roberts, III
Retired President                        Michael F. Flynn
                                                                             Simmons First National Bank              Simmons First Bank
Roberts Brothers Tire Service, Inc.      Community President
                                         Simmons First National Bank
                                                                             Jack Reynolds                            of Jonesboro
Adam B. Robinson, Jr.                                                        El Dorado & Wesson Railroad Company      Board of Directors
President                                Joe S. Hiatt
Ralph Robinson & Son, Inc.               Retired Banker/Rancher              Larkin M. Wilson, III, D. D. S.          Dennis Abell
                                                                             Dentist                                  Executive Vice President
Harry L. Ryburn, D.D.S.                  Margie Hiatt                                                                 Insurance Network
                                         Retired Banker
Mark Shelton, III                                                            Advisory Directors                       David L. Bartlett
President                                Sherman Hiatt                                                                President & Chief Operating Officer
M.A. Shelton Farming Company, Inc.       Mayor                               James D. Cook                            Simmons First National Corporation
                                         City of Charleston                  Retired Chairman
Phyllis S. Thomas                                                            Simmons First Bank of El Dorado, N. A.   Barry Ledbetter
CEO & Corporate Secretary/Treasurer      Clay Hiatt                                                                   President & Chief Executive Officer
Smithwick, Inc.                          Investments                         Benny Cox                                Simmons First Bank of Jonesboro
H. Ford Trotter, III                     Joe Larkin                          Evers, Cox & Gober, PLLC                 Ben Owens, Jr., M.D.
General Manager                          Pharmacist/Owner                                                             Partner
Trotter Ford, Lincoln, Mercury, Toyota   Medi-Sav Pharmacy                   Jerry Watkins                            Clopton Clinic
                                                                             Retired Attorney
                                                                             Murphy Oil Corporation                   David Pyle, M.D.
Advisory Director                                                                                                     Vice President, Medical Affairs
                                                                                                                      St. Bernards Regional Healthcare
Lara F. Hutt, III
President                                                                                                             Jim Scurlock
Hutt Building Material Company, Inc.                                                                                  President
                                                                                                                      Scurlock Industries of Jonesboro, Inc.

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