Chapter 28 Guided Reading

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					                                 A.P. World History
                              Guided Reading Chapter 26
                         “The New Power Balance, 1850 – 1900”
1. “iron and blood”              9. International                  14.   nationalism
2. Bessemer converter                Working Man’s                 15.   liberalism
3. “mauve decade”                    Association (the First        16.   “Russify”
4. Suez Canal (its                   International)                17.   “splendid isolation”
   importance)                   10. Universal male                18.   “tinderbox of Europe”
5. submarine telegraph               suffrage                      19.   pogroms
   cables                        11. Social Democratic             20.   “Jim Crow Laws”
6. business cycle                    Party of Germany              21.   Charter Oath
7. socialism                     12. Reichstag                     22.   zaibatsu
8. labor union                   13. “separate spheres”

Individuals / Peoples:
23. King Wilhelm I               30. Charles Darwin                    and what was she
24. Otto von Bismarck            31. Herbert Spencer                   against)
25. Alfred Nobel                 32. Tsar Alexander II             34. Yamagata Aritomo
26. Michael Faraday                  (his major                    35. Commodore
27. Thomas Edison                    accomplishment)                   Matthew C. Perry
28. Karl Marx                    33. Empress Dowager               36. Mutsuhito
29. Guiseppe Mazzini                 Cixi (who was she

Periods / Eras:
37. The Victorian Age                             38. The Meiji Restoration (and three
                                                      initial achievements)

Wars and Uprisings and Treaties:
39. Russo-Japanese War                            41. Boxer Rebellion
40. Revolution of 1905                            42. Treaty of Kanagawa

Works of Literature:
43. The Communist Manifest and Das                44. On the Origin of Species by Means of
    Kapital                                           Natural Selection

Questions to Outline:
1. Which countries surpassed Great Britain as the world’s most industrial nation?
2. What environmental effects did the new steel mills of Europe and North America create?
3. What advantages did Germany have in the new wave of industrial growth after 1850?
4. Rank in order what you think are the five most important technological innovations from
    1850 to 1800 and state why?
5. Cite five population or migration patterns of the latter half of the 19th century.
6. Develop a chart showing the positives and negatives of urbanization in the latter half of
    the 19th century – at least 10 items.
7. Summarize the basic beliefs of Karl Marx.
8. Using a Venn Diagram, compare the lives of working class women to middle class
    women in the West during the second half of the 19th century. Use pages 710 – 713.
9. What differences did the Victorian Age in England emphasize?
10. What were the great advantages that Prussia had before it eventually became part of a
    unified Germany?
11. Trace the steps that took place in the road to German unification.
12. Cite two of Otto von Bismarck’s major policies.
13. Cite two major weaknesses or problems that beset France and Great Britain during this
14. Who or what were victims of American expansion after the Civil War?
15. What three main policies did the Meiji leaders pursue?
16. What caused the collapse of the Tokugawa Shogunate?

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