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									                           LESSON 8.15 Manifest Destiny
Learning targets
(clear, understandable versions of standards in     SUMMARY OVERVIEW
student friendly language)                          History Alive! lesson plan
   Learn why Americans thought they had            This chapter focuses on Manifest Destiny
    the right, or Manifest Destiny, to spread       and westward expansion of the United
    their country and culture west.                 States and how and why this expansion
                                                    occurred. In the chapter there are four main
   Learn the ways in which the United              areas of study and understanding:
    States acquired land from 1803-1853.            Recommended changes to HA! lesson
   Learn how other groups of people,               The following are time-saving activity
    besides Americans, were affected by             suggestions:
    Manifest Destiny.                                Include Young People’s History reading
                                                       for only first half of Ch. 8
   Learn why many Americans wanted to               Use United Streaming to highlight
    move west into newly acquired                      Learning Targets
    American territories.                            Use Graphic Organizer map activity in
                                                       ISN that identifies specific land
   Learn why Oregon was a popular                     acquisitions during Manifest Destiny.
    destination for settlers during Manifest           Divide class into sections to complete
    Destiny.                                           and present.
                                                    Flexible grouping pattern of the lesson
  Learn how and why the US acquired                 Teacher guided reading and musical
   Alaska and Hawaii.                                  and visual analysis
Language objectives                                  Think-Pair-Share
(identified cognitive functions correlated to the    Whole class discussion
learning targets, such as sequence,
compare/contrast, cause/effect, infer, and argue,    Group work and presentation
as well as the signal words to be deliberately       Some independent work in ISN
taught/used in discussion and writing; sentence     15.1- Introduction
frames in support section)                           Read aloud 15.1 and discuss
POST ON WALL                                           Transparency 15 (p.197)
Orally and in writing, use sequencing terms          Introduce Placard 15
to describe the timeline of US land                  Show Schoolhouse Rock video “Elbow
acquisition during the period of Manifest              Room” (3:00)
Destiny.                                             Cornell Notes
History Alive! Preview activity                      Key vocabulary: Manifest Destiny
(builds background; links to student experience)    15.2-The Louisiana Purchase
Look at United States flag and ask students          Use Graphic Organizer
how many stars are on flag and what they             Read text with special focus on theme of
represent. Then ask them how many the                  “common man” and “people’s President”
flag started with. Finally, tell them that in        Complete ISN Reading Notes Situation
this chapter they will learn how the US                1
gained all those new stars on its flag.
                                                     Cornell Notes
Pre-assessment activities/documents
(serves as self-assessment for students; informs
                                                     Key vocabulary: Louisiana Purchase
instruction for teachers; charts or documents       15.3-Florida
may be used as a place to gather                     Read text with “Turn & Talk” protocol
concepts/information throughout lesson through         and note role Andrew Jackson played in
debriefing; may include visuals, lesson
questions, lesson vocabulary, language                FL
objectives, and/or learning targets)                Complete ISN Reading Notes Situation
SWYAK- Show What You Already Know                     2
                                                    Cornell Notes
Lesson questions                                    Key vocabulary: diplomacy
(drive instruction; may create links to previous   15.4-Texas
learning; may be included in pre-assessment)
                                                    Read text both Read Aloud and
 What were the reasons that the US
     thought it was their right to expand into
                                                    Complete ISN Reading Notes Situation
     western N. America?
    What are the main ways the US                  Key vocabulary: The Alamo, annexation
     acquired land during the period of            15.5-Oregon Country
     Manifest Destiny?                              Read text independently then complete
                                                      a Think, Pair, Share. Emphasize why
    How and from whom did the US acquire             settlers wanted to move to the Oregon
     the Louisiana Territory?                         Territory
                                                    Show United Streaming video Gone
    How were other cultural groups affected          West: The Growth of a Nation (26:25)
     negatively by the United States                Cornell Notes
     westward expansion?                            Complete ISN Reading Notes Situation
    Why was Oregon a popular destination           Key vocabulary: Lewis & Clark, Oregon
     for settlers moving west?                        Trail, missionaries,
                                                   15.6-War with Mexico
    How did the acquisitions of Alaska and         Use Young People’s History Ch. 8 pp.
     Hawaii help the United States                    115-128 as a primary text source
     economically?                                  Read HA! Text p. 208 on Treaty of
                                                      Guadalupe Hidalgo
Additional background building                      Complete ISN Reading Notes Situation
(streaming video segments, DVD, map review,           5
read aloud of a related piece of fiction, etc.)     Key vocabulary: Mexican War, treaty,
  Young People’s History Chapter 8 pp.                cession
115- 128                                           **Reference p. 400-401 for Alaska &
    Schoolhouse Rock: ”Elbow Room” access          28.2-America Stretches its Wings
    via internet                                    Read aloud 28.2
                                                    Connect the idea of imperialism with
    United Streaming video segment: “Native           Alaska (minerals and later oil) and
    America: Expansion” (14:31)                       Hawaii (naval bases and sugar
    United Streaming video: Gone West:              Write argumentative letter to editor
    The Growth of a Nation (26:25)                    about why/why not US should annex
  United Streaming video: How the USA
                                                    Cornell Notes
  grew from 13 Colonies to 50 States.
                                                    Key vocabulary: imperialism
                                                   15.7-Chapter Summary & Review
Key content vocabulary (italicized words
                                                    United Steaming video: How the USA
are assessed)
    Manifest Destiny                              Grew from 13 Colonies to 50 States
    Louisiana Purchase                            (22:00)
    Lewis & Clark                                Read aloud 14.8 Chapter summary
    Westward migration                           Use Graphic Organizer to make cut-out
    Diplomacy                                     of US land acquisitions and complete
    Treaty                                        puzzle paste activity
    Annexation                                   Again analyze Transparency 15 and the
    Oregon Trail                                  complete ISN Processing 15
    Missionaries                                 End unit with another viewing of
    Cession                                       Schoolhouse Rock’s “Elbow Room.”

                                READING SUPPORTS
          Lesson-specific instructional supports http://groups.teachtci.com/
                   * see Enrichment Plan for Compacting/Extensions
     Suggested strategies for        Focus pages/paragraphs        Thinking/Process-
  introduction Interactive Read-     for guided reading group      Related Words (for
               Aloud                                                example Bloom’s
Read Aloud by Teacher               Key paragraphs from the      Compare
Turn & Talk                         chapter:                     Contrast
Think, Pair, Share                  p. 197 ¶ 2 & 7               Identify
Independent reading                 p. 199 ¶ 4 & 5               Argument
                                    p. 200 ¶ 7                   Refute/rebut
                                    p. 201 ¶ 1
                                    p. 203 ¶ 9 & 10
                                    p. 204 ¶ 4
                                    p. 205 ¶ 1, 2, 3
                                    p. 208 ¶ 2
                                    p. 400 ¶ 6
                                 WRITING SUPPORT
          Lesson-specific instructional supports http://groups.teachtci.com/
                   * see Enrichment Plan for Compacting/Extensions
                                    Sentence frames for parts
                                           of the lesson

                                DISCUSSION SUPPORT
           Lesson-specific instructional supports http://groups.teachtci.com/
                  *see Enrichment Plan for Compacting Extensions

                FORMATIVE ASSESSMENTS (for student and teacher use)
     “Check for understanding”   Checkpoints in Student         Questions for
       points during activities   Interactive Notebook       exit and entrance

    Check for understanding of       Check Processing 15 in the   Use lesson questions
     Manifest Destiny after 15.1.     ISN. Students should have    to guide entrance and
    Check for understanding after    an understanding of why      exit slips
     15.6 of the four ways of land    Manifest Destiny gave the
     acquisition, purchase, treaty,   US a reason to expand
     annexation, war                  westward.
   Check for understanding after
    28.2 on why the US acquired
    Alaska and Hawaii
   Check for understanding at the
    end of the unit to also
    emphasize that numerous
    cultural groups were negatively
    impacted by Manifest Destiny.
     Processing Assignment                 Games              Other
     (also serves as a formative
                               Use territorial acquisition
                               cut-outs (see Placard 15) to
                               have groups timed to finish
                               putting land puzzle together

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