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  Is There Such a Thing As Hormonal
      Despite the continuous debate that surrounds
the acne phenomenon, hormonal acne does exist.
Unlike the other thought causes, this one is almost
unanimously agreed on. Both men and women can
experience hormonal acne, but it is more
prominent in women because of the numerous
hormone raging phases they go through. There is
puberty, then menses for a large part of their lives,
pregnancies, perimenopause that comes with its
own problems not to mention menopause that can
be a very turbulent time in the life of a woman.
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        Most hormonal disorders in women can be directly related to
hormonal acne. One of such hormonal disorders is the well known
polycystic ovarian syndrome. This disorder comes with changes on the
skin (acne) and in the hair. Hormonal acne can therefore be a symptom
of polycystic ovarian syndrome. To determine whether or not the acne
one has is hormonal or not, hormonal testing should be done. These
kinds of tests show hormonal levels in the body and can single out
peculiar variations from the normal.

         Hormonal tests detect androgen levels and in the androgen
family, testosterone is a major hormone to consider. It does not matter
how low the androgen levels are sometimes because they are always
enough to stimulate the sebaceous glands to secrete sebum. Sebum is
an oily substance and too much of it causes the pores on the skin to
clog up. When this happens it encourages the growth of bacteria at
the pores. Now the body’s immune system fights off foreign bodies
such as bacteria. This fending off is important but also has a down side.
It causes the swelling, the itching and irritation, the production of pus
from the swellings and eventually swelling.
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How Can Hormonal Acne Be Treated?
        When all the other standard acne remedies fail,
hormonal acne treatment can be used and it almost never
fails. You will have to see a physician whose area of focus is
hormonal treatment and not your regular dermatologist for
this. This type of treatment prevents any stimulating effects of
androgen on the sebaceous glands. It is very effective and in
some cases has succeeded in treating acne cysts which is a
more severe form of acne.
        There is usually a lot of free testosterone in the body
and hormonal acne treatment aims at lowering the levels of
free testosterone and keeping the sebaceous glands free from
it. A very effective form of medication the does this is oral
contraception. This may however affect your plans to have
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       Aldactone is another drug that helps in hormonal
acne treatment. It works on the same principle of
blocking testosterone. Accutane is used too but care is
very vital and close monitoring should be done by the
physician because birth defects can occur in case of
pregnancy during its use. Hormonal treatment of
hormonal acne is a much preferred option because it is
much easier to adhere to, has very high success rates and
restores the skin to the original tone.

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