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									How to Treat Acne Naturally

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       How to Treat Acne Naturally
      Knowing how to treat acne naturally is not
always obvious. Anyone who has suffered an acne
condition has experienced some kind of
frustrations. This can be because most people rely
on over the counter remedies to treat their acne
condition. However, in order to treat acne
conditions effectively without running the risk of
other underlying causes emanating, it is highly
advisable that one makes use of the natural acne
treatment. In order to effectively treat acne
naturally, it is necessary to find the right natural
cure that works best for that particular person.
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Many natural cures have been prescribed to acne patients. The
procedures have been proven to work efficiently to bring about
the desired results. The various methods are highlighted below.

1. Always avoid foods that
contain high levels of sugars. This
is because the sugars contain
properties that enables or are
conducive for the growth of
acne. It is advisable though for a
person to eat a lot of food that
contain plenty of zinc and
vitamin C. these components
contain properties that improve
the health and the immune
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2. Getting plenty of sleep is very
important. It has an effective
way      of    preventing      the
recurrence of acne and to some
extent, it cures acne. In
addition, having plenty of sleep
enables the body to get the
required rest that is necessary
to rejuvenate the body.
Consequently,      it    provides
energy to the body areas where
it is most required.
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3. In the body, there are usually
plenty of chemicals and toxins,
which provide food to the making
of acne. This makes the skin
condition to worsen. The person
should increase the amount of
water intake in order to help in the
elimination of these toxins and
harmful chemicals. Starting from
water intake of at least six glasses
of water a day will be ideal.
4. Use lemon juice and rose water.
This is one of the most popular
methods of treating acne. Squeeze
out the lemon and add an equal
amount of rose water, then mixing
them properly. The mixture is
poured on the affected skin surface
and left for about half an hour. It is
then rinsed with the use of
lukewarm water. This is done once a
day for two weeks. This treatment
has also an additional effect on
lightening the acne scars.

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5. Using aspirin mixture. It should be
noted that aspirin contains a
component known as beta hydroxyl
acid, which is a very active
component in anti acne creams.
Adding water to the crushed aspirin
tablet and using it on the face like an
exfoliate will give the required
results. However, make sure that the
application is gently, there should be
no rubbing. It should be left for
about 15 minutes before rinsing it
off with water. The procedure should
be repeated once in a week to
ensure effectiveness. Addition of
honey is necessary; this will ensure a
smoother mixture.
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      It is advisable that one should eat a lot of
vegetables and fruits. However, avoid eating a lot of
starch and sugars. The vegetables contain anti-
oxidants, which helps in flushing away toxins from
the body. This contributes a lot in the killing of the
acne bacteria, which is a great way to combat and
treat acne naturally.

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to Treat Acne Naturally." I hope you've found this
information to be helpful. I wish you clearer skin
and better health! :-)
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