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					Cau Ngu Festival Hue
                                                It is pretty evident in the skiffs poled along by
                                                women, in the houseboats with their tiny rooftop
                                                shrines and in the delicacies of grand cuisine that
                                                Hue's rich cultural tradition is still alive and

                                                Hue's beautiful landscape is full of parks and
                                                gardens, palaces and pavilions and festivals and
events which undoubtedly makes it a grand tourist destination of the world.

Participating in the festival of Vietnam is perhaps the best way to experience the rich culture and
tradition of the country. These festivals are an expression of a truly distinctive cultural heritage.
Cau Ngu Festival, Hue is one such festival of the Man Thai Ward, Danang, which honors Sir
Fish, a whale God.

The traditional Cau Ngu Festival, Hue of lower Thai Duong Village in Huong Hai Commune of
Huong Dien District is planned annually on the 12th day of the 1st month in fond memory of the
village tutelary spirit Truong Quy Cong. His pseudonym is Truong Thieu, and he was once a
native of the North who came to the village to settle, train the locals how to fish, and trade junks.

Description of the Cau Ngu Festival- On the eve of the Cau Ngu Festival, Hue the entire village
makes offerings and rituously worship Truong Quy Cong.

This is accompanied by the "fish worshipping ceremony" where people pray for peace and for
abundant growth of fish. At an interval of three years, games representing sea fishing activities
are held which includes the "fish catching" game and "net-casting" game. It may be mentioned
here that the "net-casting" act is a form of amusement which is accompanied by rituals to honor
the merits of the village spirit.

After these games, people generally go to watch the rowing boats.
Other important festivals in Hue- Some of the other important festivals in Hue are as follows-

- Gia Lac Spring Fair, Hue
- Row Skiff Racing Festival, Hue
- Hon Chen Temple Festival, Hue
- Sinh Village Festival, Hue
- Truyen Lo Festival, Hue
- VinhQuy Bai Festival, Hue

Cau Ngu Festival, Hue which is organized from the eleventh to the twelfth of the first month of
the Vietnamese lunar calendar is thronged by tourists from different parts of the globe.

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