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                                                                                                         ISSUE 7
                                                                                                         TUE MAR 2 - THU MAR 4 2010

On the street every Tuesday & Friday during the festivals

By David Knight

A “truly fucking
day was the
catalyst for Sam
Simmons’ most
personal and
indeed best
show to date –
Fail. Simmons’                             really stupid game show component          day happened and within a month I
latest work is                             ‘cause I know people dig that stuff
                                           and it’s such a nice thing to float back
                                                                                      completely wrote this show. It took
                                                                                      me off where I was going, which was
so personal that                           to and from in the show. I was a bit
                                           freaked out about the other stuff.”
                                                                                      probably a more joyous and accessible
                                                                                      romp. But this is what it is and it’s
the Melbourne                                 This includes material about suicidal   going to turn into a really top show,
                                           thoughts, something you don’t expect       which is great. I love it. I look forward
comic had major                            from the absurdist comedian who is         to it every night.

doubts before                              usually brilliant at just being weird          “I don’t actually go into great depths        RD
                                                                                                                                   DAWKorr ying that
                                           and silly. The Triple J personality        as to how bad that day was. It’s some
premiering it in                           and creator and performer of ABC2’s
                                           Murray Foote character had a show
                                                                                      really, really full-on personal stuff with
                                                                                      family health and stuff like that. It        “It is w eem to
Adelaide.                                  kicking around called Fail but the         was all on this day. It’s pretty strange     people s towards ley
                                           events of the horrible day changed the     how much this show has evolved
                                                                                                                                   gravitate astrology
                                                                                                                                    lines an , when real
                                           show dramatically.                         [The Adelaide Fix saw Fail early in its
   “I’d never read the material to one        “I was trying to write this show        season]. You’d be surprised - it’s even
                                                                                                                                    and s  o on         ch
other soul let alone perform it,” admits   called Fail, which was more going to       more personal now. And they [the
                                                                                                                                               is so mu
Simmons. “I seriously thought I was        be me meandering around little Fail        audience] really go with it especially         science iting.”
screwed. The one thing I really knew       musings and doing a slide show and         when I declare my suicidal thought,
                                                                                                                                     more ex e on page 12.
would get me through this was the          singing about the slides. Then that
                                                                                                                                      Read m  or
                                                                                                        Continued on page 8
                                      EDITOR’S NOTE                                                                         CONTENTS

                                                                                                                            ADFRINGE LIFE IS
                                      I have to admit that I haven’t seen as many                                           LIKE…
                                      Fringe and Festival events as I would have liked                                      PAGE 6
                                      this year due to pure exhaustion. But this lazy                                       Guy Masterson’s column
                                                                                                                            about his Fringe experience
                                      tide will turn around this week as shows I must
   General Manager                    and will check in the next few days include
   Luke Stegemann                     Zeitgeist, Jamie Kilstein, En Route, Heroin(e)
                                      For Breakfast as well chilling out at the Artists’
   Editor                             Bar with a few refreshing ales (which I hear are
   David Knight         very reasonably priced down at Elder Park). I
                                      got to get my theatre and comedy on this week
   Group Design Director
   Emma Wagstaff                      before the weekend, which will be heaven for        this music lover as WOMADelaide and Future
   Graphic Designers                  Music Festival head to town for the biggest
                                                                                                                            THE BAMBOOS
   Spiros Giannos                     four-day weekend of music in Adelaide’s                                               PAGE 14
   Ed Schillace                       musical calendar. Since I’m being honest here’s                                       Australia’s premier deep         another confession – I used to dislike WOMAD                                          funk outfit get ready for
   Contributors                       immensely. This electronic and indie music fan                                        WOMAD.
   Scott McLennan, Robert Dunstan,    used to think that it was just a hippie fest but
   Belinda Pappalardo, Peter Drew,
   Guy Masterson, Hannah Gadsby,      that all started to change once I got hooked on
   Catherine Blanch                   soul and funk music, which slowly brought me
   Photographers                      around to other musical genres being pimped
   Benon Koebsch                      at WOMAD. Now, it is easily my favourite
   Aaron Schintler
                                      music festival. Nothing compares to walking
   Advertising Enquiries              around the Botanic Park grounds on a beautiful
   Advertising Manager
   Paul Kitching                      evening with fantastic music at every corner.                                         CONTROLLED        But my love of WOMAD also coincided with                                              FALLING PROJECT
   08 7129 1030
                                      another event – I turned 30 at around the same                                        PAGE 15
                                                                                                                            An original circus meets
   Advertising Executives             time as I realised the festival was numero uno.                                       theatre production thrills
   Charlotte Chambers, Matthew
   Pengilly, Tara McElhinney and      Coincidence? Everyone under 25 doesn’t seem                                           Adelaide audiences.
   Tamrah Petruzzelli.                to think it is. David Knight
   Project Manager
                                      THE FIX
   Tiffany Venning

   Production Manager
   Karen Cini

   Karen Cini

   Published by                                                                                                             DUB COLOSSUS
   Rip It Up Publishing Pty Ltd                                                                                             PAGE 19
   Level 8, 33 Franklin Street                                                                                              Ethiopian sounds are fused
   Adelaide SA 5000                                                                                                         with Jamaican dub reggae for
   Disclaimer                                                                                                               this WOMAD-bound act.
   Opinions published in this paper
   are not necessarily those of the
   editor, nor the publisher. All
   material subject to copyright.

                                       WIN TIX TO FESTIVAL DRUMMING
                                       Matsuri Taiko delivers an exhilarating performance filled with traditional and
                                                                                                                            PIMP MY SHETLAND
  make sure                            contemporary Japanese drumming. Expect a mixture of powerful beating and
                                                                                                                            PAGE 28
  you check out
                                       gentle palpitations from percussion instruments of all shapes and sizes, including
                                       drums that have been hand-made by members of Matsuri Taiko. For your chance          Hannah Gadsby’s funny and                       to win a double pass to the Wed Mar 3 performance of Festival Drumming at
                                                                                                                            poignant column continues
  &                       Nexus Cabaret at 7pm, log onto <> and follow the links. Competition
                                       closes on Wed Mar 3.                                                                 the LOLs.

                                                   MORE FIX     WIN
                                                                                   FROM                                                             THE GRIND
                                                                                   CHEKHOV                                                          SHOW
 ADFRINGE                                                                          WITH LOVE
                                                                                                                                                    Take a late night journey
 LIFE IS                                                                           At times farcical, sometimes                                     through the looking glass into

 LIKE…                                                                             cynical and always
                                                                                   emotionally rich, From
                                                                                                                                                    the dark, sensuous retreat of
                                                                                                                                                    The Grind Show. Host Sen
                                                                                                                                                    Bednikov will hold sway over
  WITH GUY                                                                         Chekhov With Love is
                                                                                   Adelaide Russian Theatre’s                                       a musical mash-up of gypsy,
 MASTERSON                                                                         vibrant, voracious romp
                                                                                   through our preoccupation
                                                                                                                                                    klezmer, tango, samba and
                                                                                                                                                    bossa nova, with each night
                                                                                                                                                    of The Grind Show promising
 Nine am Sunday morning, lying on my
 scratcher (dog bed) sipping strong coffee
                                                   AN                              with ourselves and the idea
                                                                                   of love. For your chance to     GHANA IN                         a different line-up. For your
 while ploughing through emails and                AWKWARD                         win a double pass to the Tue    GROOVE                           chance to win tickets to the
 trawling websites for reviews of our shows.       SEDUCTION                       Mar 9 performance of From                                        Sat Mar 6 performance of The
                                                                                                                                                    Grind Show at Nexus Cabaret
 Sometimes I get sent links, but other times,                                      Chekhov With Love at Nexus      For the first time ever,
 it is fun to Google and see what titbits have                                     Cabaret at 8pm, log onto        Dada Nii has combined            at 11pm, log onto <ripitup.
                                                   The Wayward Beauties
 been said - good and bad. I particularly like                                     <> and follow     his Australian Damushi > and follow the links.
                                                   are proud to present their
 uncovering the obscure Fringe bloggers                                            the links. Competition closes   Ensemble with his                Competition closes on Fri
                                                   maiden cabaret show, An
 - like Festival Freak - who are silently out                                      on Fri Mar 5.                   ensemble of traditional          Mar 5.
                                                   Awkward Seduction. On
 there summarising the festival, secretly          offer is a night of dirty                                       Ghanaian musicians to
 critiquing hundreds of shows. Unaffiliated         songs, stories and dance                                        create a show that will
 with a mainstream media outlet, they are not      characterised by fumbling                                       leave you inspired, uplifted
 encumbered by word limits or party lines.         charm and a daring new                                          and shaking your groove
 They simply write what they want to... some       attitude to burlesque. For                                      thing. For your chance to
 of it generous, some of it damning, but clearly   your chance to win one of                                       win a double pass to the
 honest. I admire them. They are out there at      two double passes to the                                        Wed Mar 10 performance
 their own cost - paying for all their shows -     Thu Mar 4 performance of                                        of Ghana In Groove at
 which, given the number of shows they seem        An Awkward Seduction at                                         Nexus Cabaret at 7pm,
 to be covering, is no mean sum - getting very     Nexus Cabaret at 9pm, log                                       log onto <
 little sleep (presumably) and are doing their     on to <> and                                      au> and follow the links.
 bit to add some credibility to their Fringe.      follow the links. Competition                                   Competition closes on Tue
 And, I guess, rather than being merely            closes on Wed Mar 3.                                            Mar 9.
 passive consumers, the bloggers are taking

                                                     GRAB BAG:
 more of an active part. <>
 which is run by the Fringe organisers and
 is now in its sixth year, encourages more

                                                     DJ TR!P
 ordinary Fringe dwellers to put their two-
 penneth in and their voice is loud. Mercifully,
 to this point, all our work has been treated
 favourably by all these bloggers and we are
                                                     Each issue one of the acts performing a
 grateful for it!
                                                     part of the free Grab Bag shows at The
     I sense the growing sense of personal
                                                     Famous Spiegeltent answer The Adelaide
 ownership of the Fringe. I am forever hearing
                                                     Fix’s questions. This issue DJ TR!P sits in The
 “How is your Fringe going?”. “My Fringe is
                                                     Adelaide Fix hot seat.
 going great thank you!”                             Since you are performing in             you choose and why? For extreme          Macbeth, Ladykillers’ Based On
     Fringe can become an intensely personal         The Famous Spiegeltent, will            cheese and weirdness factor I            A True Story and Back To Back
 thing as Fringe dwellers avidly devour their        you change your show at all to          endorse Señor Coconut, Richard           Theatre’s Food Court.
 particular diet of distraction and, while           suit the unique environment             Cheese and Weird Al Yankovic. They       After your Grab Bag performance
 they natter uninhibitedly about shows they          that is the Spiegeltent? Each time      are the undisputed kings of the cover    what exciting artistic endeavours
 love, they have no qualms voicing their             I perform a DJ set it is improvised     song. Perfect for any cabaret event or   are happening for you? Scores for
 disapproval when disappointed! Well, now            and always influenced by the venue,      Bar Mitzvah.                             Windmill’s production of Ted Prior’s
 they are registering their voices in the            audience and time of the night. With    What has been your most                  Grug, Restless Dance Theatre’s
 ephemera of the World Wide Web only to be           The Famous Speigeltent’s history,       memorable performance as part            Beauty and Closer Production’s
 randomly discovered by saddo producers like         energy and calibre, the mix will be     of an arts or music festival? It         documentary Life In Movement about
 me desperately gathering all the positivity         eccentric, comedic and booty heavy.     would have to be performing at the       Tanja Liedtke and her life as dancer
 around my flock so that we can survive for           Explain some of the material you        opening night of the Mona Foma           and choreographer. Also as part
 another day...                                      will be performing? Imagine a hot       Festival 09 curated by Brian Ritchie     of the The New Pollutants we are
                                                     and sweaty mash up affair between 50    of Violent Femmes in Hobart. After       performing a live re-score to Fritz
 Guy Masterson is                                    of the most eclectic pieces of music
                                                     and a pimped out kitchen sink. Or
                                                                                             finishing my DJ set the audience
                                                                                             physically blocked and pushed me
                                                                                                                                      Lang’s iconic silent film Metropolis at
                                                                                                                                      the Sydney Opera House in May and
 presenting The Centre For                           Imagine Frank Sinatra and Darth         back on stage for five encores. Those     lots of DJ work during the fever of
 International Theatre at                            Vader collaborating on a duet backed    Tasmanians know how to shake ass         festival time. Check: <
 Higher Ground, an exciting                          by Willy Wonka’s Oompa Loompa
                                                     crew. Your ears are my punching bag.
                                                                                             better than any devil.
                                                                                             Will you be checking other
                                                                                                                                      finddjtrip> for gig details.

 programme of eight                                  If you could choose your own            shows as part of the Festival            DJ TR!P performs at The
 internationally acclaimed                           Grab Bag artists to perform             while you’re in Adelaide? I am           Famous Spiegeltent in
                                                                                                                                      Elder Park on Wed Mar 3 at
 productions under one roof.                         for you and loved ones at The
                                                     Famous Spiegeltent, who would
                                                                                             keen to see The Border Project and
                                                                                             the Sydney Theatre Company’s Vs          11.30pm.

Open to 10pm
27 February – 11 March
Biennial exhibition | Restaurant | Bookshop
We’re staying up late so you can make the most of the Adelaide
Festival’s Northern Lights spectacular. Grab an ice cream on North
Terrace, explore the 2010 Adelaide Biennial of Australian Art by night,
take a Twilight Tour of the exhibition at 6pm, relax with drinks, bar
snacks or supper in the Restaurant, and visit our brilliant Bookshop.
Come and see your Art Gallery in a different light.
                                                                          SonoAdv – UPLATE000x

Free admission.
                              SAM SIMMONS
                              Continued from page 1

                                  like they really go bombastically

                              now and they fucking cheer - they
                              whoop. I’ve learnt how to sell. You’d
                              have seen a really fragile run of the

 EACH WAY                     show where for the first time ever I’m
                              putting something personal out there
                              ‘cause I’m normally banging on about
                              pugs on skateboards.”
 Like to have a punt but          Something I’ve noticed when
 only when there’s a good     Simmons performs is that he always
 chance of collecting?        seems to check if the microphone
                              is on due to not enough laughter
 You can be a winner          emanating from the audience or he’ll
 (and perhaps a grinner       apologise for being too weird. While
 if you choose one of the     he says he doesn’t take insults from
                              the audience to heart, Simmons
 hundreds of comedy           admits a lot of people still don’t get
 gigs at the Fringe) by       him.
 putting your two-cents-      “I don’t actually
 worth online after your      go into great
 next Fringe show and         depths as to how
 picking up a cool $1000      bad that day
 prize from BankSA. To        was. It’s some
 maximise your odds           really, really
 of winning, there are        full-on personal
 three ways you can get       stuff with family
 yourself in the running      health and stuff
 for the cash. First – vote   like that.”
 for your favourite show.
 Everyone who lodges a            “I will get some randoms to the
 vote has a chance at the     show and god bless ‘em for coming
                              and trying something different but
 $1000. Second – write        sometimes it can go a bit skeewiff
 your own Fringe blog         but that’s my challenge. It’s not for me
 on <>.         to broaden my show but to win them
                              over because at the end of the day funny
 If yours happens to be       is funny. Sometimes people do freak
 selected as the best blog    out and it’s not in their comfort zone.     cities because when you’re in the             answers Simmons. “All subtlety
 about town, you get the      I get frustrated ‘cause I want to win
                              them. I really do want to win them and
                                                                          Garden it’s just a different mentality,
                                                                          it’s almost like war. It can be so fiery
                                                                                                                        is lost because there’s no space
                                                                                                                        for it. Unless it’s a Monday or a
 dosh. Third – channel        sometimes that happens. But the longer      and anarchic and just full of idiots that I   Tuesday night, oh not Tuesday
 your inner arts critic,      this season is going the better I am at     have to tailor the show, not to keep them     ‘cause its cheap tickets. But Monday,
 rate the shows you’ve        learning those skills especially how to
                              sell this show. I could come out and do
                                                                          happy but... there’s beautiful movement
                                                                          art and whimsical theatre going on in
                                                                                                                        Wednesday or Sunday nights are the
                                                                                                                        best times for the show ‘cause it’s not
 seen and post your own       a really broad show but I don’t want to,    the Garden, as well. I don’t know how         as rowdy. And you can put a bit more
 reviews on <talkfringe.      I really want to push things a little bit   they cope ‘cause they just get drunks in      timing in there. I saw a show that
 com>. Not only will you      further.”
                                  After the Adelaide run of Fail,
                                                                          going, ‘Oh, this is for poofs!’”
                                                                               Is this atmosphere the best place
                                                                                                                        was great - Smart Casual. I really like
                                                                                                                        their show but ‘cause it was so late
 be sharing the love with     Simmons will take his show to               to test a show because it can be so           and in a canvas tent and they’re really
 other Fringe-goers but       Melbourne and then Edinburgh.               crazy?                                        slow and soft it just gets completely
 yes, you might just win          “I’ll completely retune it for both          “Yeah, except for subtlety,”             swallowed up.”

 $1000. Hurry. Time is
 running out and it would                                                                                                  Sam Simmons
 be a shame to win all                                                                                                     presents Fail at
 that money and not have                                                                                                   Theater Bosco
 any Fringe shows left to                                                                                                  until Sat Mar 13
 spend it on.                                                                                                              at 9pm. Head to
 Visit <>                                                                                                    au> to read Sam
 for a chance win $1000                                                                                                    Simmons’ blog
 from BankSA.                                                                                                              Sam’s World.
                           TUE MAR 2                                                                           WED MAR 3

                            VS MACBETH                                                                         LE GRAND
                            ODEON                                                                              MACABRE
                            THEATRE                                                                            FESTIVAL
                            The Bard’s famous tragedy                                                          7PM (FESTIVAL TALK 6.15PM)
                            gets a radical makeover in this                                                    György Ligeti’s anti-opera masterpiece
                            production from Adelaide’s The                                                     has never been performed in Australia
                            Border Project and the Sydney                                                      before this season and on this night
                            Theatre Company.                                                                   composer Richard Chew talks about
                                                                                                               the music of Ligeti at 6.15pm.

                                                                       THU MAR 4
                                                                       FRINGE BAR
                                                                       (RYMIIL PARK)
                                                                       Adelaide Fringe and Helpmann
                                                                       Academy’s program for emerging
                                                                       artists is on for three nights at the
                                                                       Fringe Bar from Wed Mar 3 to Fri
                                                                       Mar 5.

                                                                       FRI MAR 5
                                                                       RUNDLE MALL
                                                                       11AM – 9PM
                                                                       For four days jugglers, strong
                                                                       women, contortionists, roving
                                                                       artists and acrobats will overrun
                                                                       the streets of Adelaide.

                           SAT MAR 6                                                                           SUN MAR 7
                           WAYNE                                                                               DEAD CAT
                           SHORTER                                                                             BOUNCE
                           QUARTET                                                                             NOVA EAST
      THE ADELAIDE         THEATRE                                                                             END

                           8PM                                                                                 If you dig The Mighty Boosh
                           For one night the musician called the                                               then the Australian debut
                           “most important living composer in jazz”                                            of Ireland’s comedy rock
                           by The New York Times, Wayne Shorter,                                               supergroup should be a musical
                           will appear in Adelaide with his quartet.                                           comedy trip up your alley.

                                                                       MON MAR 8

                                                                       11AM – 11.30PM
                                                                       The final day of WOMAD’s
                                                                       four-day program features the
                                                                       only performance by headliners
                                                                       Ravi Shankar and Tim Finn.

                                       FRINGE S
                                     BE ERNEFIT

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In Adelaide for
                                                                                                                                          TUE MAR 2
                                                                                                                                          Irvine Welsh:West
                                                                                                                                          Tent 9.30am
                                                                                                                                          The Future Of Quality
                                                                                                                                          Journalism: East Tent
Writers’ Week in                                                                                                                          Philip Hoare:West
conjuction with the                                                                                                                       Tent 5.15pm
Royal Institution Of                                                                                                                      Evening With Visiting
                                                                                                                                          Writers: Town Hall
Australia, Richard                                                                                                                        with Richard Dawkins,
Dawkins is deeply                                                                                                                         Jim Crace, Sarah
concerned at                                                                                                                              Dunant and Audrey
                                                                                                                                          Niffenegger. Cost: $28
the way modern                                                                                                                            and $15 concession.
science, as way of                                                                                                                        8pm
understanding the
world, has come                                                                                                                           WED MAR 3
increasingly under                                                                                                                        Geoff Dyer:West Tent
attack in an age of                                                                                                                       9.30am
fundamentalisms.                                                                                                                          Launch of 2010
                                                                                                                                          Indigenous Literacy
By Luke Stegemann                                                                                                                         Project: East Tent
    The breadth and depth of human                                                                                                        12pm
scientific knowledge now so far outstrips
                                                                                                                                          Criminal Intent:West
that of religious explanations that there
is a defensive attitude on the part of
                                                                                                                                          Tent with Kathryn
religious believers of all creeds, a desire                                                                                               Fox, Philip Kerr, Kel
to turn away from the helter-skelter pace                                                                                                 Robertson and Peter
of change and discovery, back to safer                                                                                                    Temple 1.45pm
truths and more comfortable knowledge.
    “Maybe there is indeed an anxiety
as people perceive so much of science
as difficult, and there’s so much of it          become subsumed under generalising            way science is taught. I must admit I
                                                                                                                                          THU MAR 4
to know, and so rather than even try to         principles. Evolutionary biology ought        wasn’t turned on by science when I          Writers As Readers:
understand, they just push the whole            not to be threatening for that reason         was at school, though biology was an        East Tent with Adam
thing away and say ‘Right, I’m going            – it may well be threatening for other        exception. But really any sort of science   Nicholson, Emily
to stick with my values and beliefs.’ I
think we see a different version of this
                                                reasons, but not because of all the
                                                detailed facts. The facts are subsumed
                                                                                              – chemistry, physics, geology – ought
                                                                                              to be absolutely spell-binding. And to
                                                                                                                                          Perkins, Kel Robertson
in intellectuals who are highly educated        under the principles.”                        understand the scientific worldview, you
                                                                                                                                          and Charlotte Wood
in other subjects, who again feel that              Modern science and its methods            don’t need to be a practicing scientist,    10.30am
science is too difficult, and so they            are increasingly under attack from new        any more than you need to be able to
                                                                                                                                          Barry Maitland:West
resent science.”                                ageism, faith schools, and intellectual       play an instrument in order to appreciate
    As the recently retired Professor for       relativism – all in all, there are a lot of   music, and be thrilled by it.”
                                                                                                                                          Tent 3.15pm
the Public Understanding Of Science             forces that would militate against the                                                    Ian Townsend: East
at Oxford University, it remains of             worldview Dawkins proposes.
                                                                                               Richard Dawkins is in                      Tent 4.15pm
great importance to Dawkins that the                “It is worrying that people seem to
general public knows not just the utility       gravitate towards ley lines, and astrology     Adelaide as part of
of science in shaping their everyday            and so on, when real science is so much        Writers’ Week, which
quality of life, but feels the scope and        more exciting. Just to contrast astrology      runs until Fri Mar 6                       FRI MAR 5
awe of what it reveals to us. Yet along         and astronomy – there is something             at Pioneer’s Women’s
with the suggestion that there are those        wondrous when you look up at the stars,        Memorial Gardens.                          Kamila Shamsie:West
who resent science for its claims to            the poetry of the stars is something           Dawkins appears at                         Tent 9.30am
explain our physical universe, there is         that you should be getting from real           the Adelaide Town                          Manju Kapur: East
also an element of fear before this wave        astronomy, which is so much more               Hall on Tue Mar 2 at                       Tent 12.45pm
of knowledge.                                   wonderful. And yet, maybe science is           8pm as part of Evening
    “It’s not totally obvious that increasing   somehow letting people down, and so            With Visiting Writers.                     Bleak House: East Tent
knowledge makes life harder. Peter              they are ripe for the picking by new age       A fuller interview with                    with Philip Kerr, Carol
Medawar writes in a fascinating essay
that far from needing to know more and
                                                    Is this a matter of better education
                                                                                               Richard Dawkins will                       Lefevre, Irvine Welsh
more as science develops, we actually
                                                                                               be published in next                       and Markus Zusak
                                                in schools, or of the media being more
need to know less and less, because             science literate? “Probably both. Maybe
                                                                                               month’s Adelaide Review.                   1.45pm
whole multitudes of miscellaneous facts         there is something wrong with the
                                                               American-born Diesel,
                                                                                                            Favourite song to get the party
                                                               known for such songs as                      started?

                                                               Cryin’ Shame, Love Junk,                     Rock Steady by Aretha Franklin.
                                                               Come to Me, Tip Of My                        What pop culture figure deserves to
                                                                                                            have a song written about them?
                                                               Tongue and Never Miss                        Gumby, as I’ve been told I resemble him.
                                                               Your Water, is heading to                    What performer do you want to see
                                                               town for a couple of rare                    before they die? I would love to see BB
                                                               solo shows.                                  King at least before he puts Lucille away.
                                                                                                            What film would you like to create a
                                                               Everyone does T-shirts, but what             whole new soundtrack for? Midnight
                                                               would be the most appropriate                Cowboy.
                                                               merchandise for your show?                   If money was no object, how would
                                                               Tambourines and maracas. I’m                 you upgrade your live show?
                                                               playing solo and could do with the           3D screen images.
                                                               accompaniment!                               What’s been your worst stage
                                                               What superstitions and rituals do you        fashion faux pas? Anything synthetic!
                                                               have before show time? I have a lucky        Strange place you’d love to hold a
                                                               key chain that I made in school and gave     gig?
                                                               to my mother which ended up with me          A roller skating rink if you could still
                                                               after she passed. I give that a squeeze if   find one.
                                                               I’m feeling like I need a bit of             What cover tune would you refuse
                                                               mum’s vibe.                                  to play even if a hefty cheque was
                                                               What would you donate to the Rock            dangled in front of you? Hey, if I can
                                                               And Roll Hall Of Fame? Do they pick          do a blues version of Barry Manilow’s
                                                               up like St Vinnies?                          I Write The Songs for a Triple M radio
                                                               What sound makes you happy?                  musical challenge, then I can do
                                                               Many voices singing together - it’s          anything. Cheque please.
                                                               medicinal I’m sure.                          What song will you have performed
                                                               What do you think about on stage             at your funeral? Surprise me…
                                                               when your mind wanders off the               Final thoughts and last requests?
                                                               songs you’re performing? Did I switch        Please don’t wake me for meals
                                                               the iron off?                                on this flight!
                                                               Tell us something about yourself that
                                                               few people know. I love roller skating.
                                                               What act would you love to heckle?              Diesel plays The
                                                               The two old guys in the balcony on The
                                                                                                               Spiegeltent on Fri Mar
                                                               Muppet Show.
                                                               Adelaide location best avoided during
                                                                                                               12 and Sat Mar 13.
                                                               Fringe? Any lobby at check out time.

 Circus Oz and Adelaide Festival present

“...this show has to be seen to be
believed. A Festival standout for the
whole family.” – The Independent Weekly
Expect barely contained chaos, exquisite aerial mastery and
serious new stunt-jumping acrobatics for people of all ages.

Under the air-conditioned Big Top
Torrens Parade Ground, Adelaide

131 246 or BASS outlets
   There’s nothing
   quite like a bit of     THE
   good funk music,
   and if you listen
   to Aussie act The
   Bamboos, you’ll
   get a taste of some
   very good funk!         By Luke Balzan
   For many years,
   the band has been          “We’ve been really busy making a
                           new record, which is coming out in
                                                                        that versatility on their new album.
                                                                           “It really is open,” Lance admits,
                                                                                                                    stage, and in one hour it’s over, but
                                                                                                                    it’ll actually be nice to be there for a
   peddling their          March,” Lance begins. “We’ve spent           “and especially when you start moving       couple of days and relax a bit. Do that
   wares across the        a solid six months in the studio, and        into the soul world, cause all those        first show and then come back and do
   country to much         going through the whole process
                           of putting an album together, so it’s
                                                                        great soul songs, those Motown and
                                                                        Stax songs are just really great pop
                                                                                                                    another one. I think it’s a cool way to
                                                                                                                    do it! We’ll be playing a bunch of new
   acclaim, and are        been pretty intense. I’m really looking      songs at the end of the day. They have      stuff off the new record, and it always
   all set to turn up      forward to seeing how people enjoy           that classic sound of the way they were     freshens up the band to be able to go
   the funky grooves       the album. I spent a good two or three
                           months writing all the new material
                                                                        recorded and the horn arrangements
                                                                        and the strings, but at the end of the
                                                                                                                    out and play new songs after playing
                                                                                                                    the same songs all the time. And
   for WOMADelaide         obviously before we recorded it, and         day, they’re basically pop songs of the     there are some other people on the
   audiences at this       I’ve just been wanting to do some stuff      day. I think now with The Bamboos,          bill that I am really looking forward
   year’s festival.        that takes the band out of being just a
                           clichéd funk sound, I guess. Not that
                                                                        like on the new album for instance,
                                                                        there’s a song, like a sitar-funk kind of
                                                                                                                    to seeing, like Gilles Petersen and
                                                                                                                    Nickodemus, and there’s a great band
   With a new album        that sound is a cliché necessarily, but      Bollywood influence song, and that still     from Melbourne, actually, playing, the
   just about ready        I was really aiming with this album to       features in the sphere. It’s very open      Public Opinion Afrobeat Orchestra,
   for release, I had      sort of define a real sound for the band
                           and in a compositional sense as well,
                                                                        and this time we’ve just tried to pull
                                                                        in a whole load of other influences we
                                                                                                                    they’re a massive Afrobeat, I think
                                                                                                                    16-piece band, and Iím looking forward
   a chat to founding      that made people think that this is not      havenít really tapped before.”              to seeing them as well. There really is,
   member Lance            a necessarily a deep funk album or              Making their WOMAD debut, The            as clichéd as it sounds, something for
   Ferguson to see         whatever label you want to put on it, it’s
                           just a Bamboos record, so I think that’s
                                                                        Bamboos are really pumped to be
                                                                        playing at the massive festival.
                                                                                                                    everyone in there! I’m really excited!”

   what’s been going       been something that’s quite important           “It’s a festival Iíve always really
   in The Bamboos          to try and do this time.”                    wanted to do, so I’m really excited,”       The Bamboos play
   territory of recent        The whole funk genre is quite
                           versatile, so it’s been a task for Lance
                                                                        Lance explains. “We’re getting to
                                                                        play two sets; sometimes you rock
                                                                                                                    WOMADelaide on Sat
   times.                  and the rest of The Bamboos to exploit       into a festival, and you get hurried on     Mar 6 and Mon Mar 8.

  After winning the              Tell us about Charlie
Best Cabaret and Best        Martini (a stripper) and
                             Alastair Estaire (a boxer) who
Newcomer Awards at           inhabit the one body.
the Melbourne Comedy             “I’m only ever one of the
                             characters at a time,” he
Fringe 2009, Tommy           begins. “I started writing with           By Catherine Blanch
Bradson brings his           only Charlie in mind, but I
hit show, When The           couldn’t say everything that I
                             wanted to say through her, so I needed to       whatever situation faces them at a time.”      at the end is to remind people of what is
Sex Is Gone, to the          invent someone else. The story is told by a         So does the person wake up one day         important to them because it’s so easy to
unsuspecting punters         hermaphrodite; both male and female and
                             not being able to choose one way or the
                                                                             feeling like a man and the next day, a
                                                                                                                            forget what really matters.”
                                                                                                                                How much of these characters are you?
of the Garden Of             other and therefore they have had to draw           “Exactly,” he agrees. “I’ve always been        “A little too much than I care to say. To
Unearthly Delights.This      a very distinct line between the two things,    interested in the illusive appeal of the       be honest,” he chuckles, “I’m just looking
                             and to try and do it with success.              androgenous and animals in the world           for an excuse to wear high heels and get
is Tommy’s Adelaide              “Charlie is a woman of the past, an age-    who are both male and female – like snails,    away with it! I get to be lazy, and shave my
Fringe debut and, in         old classic underground lady who has seen       who can kind of have sex with themselves.      legs and look pretty damn good! I give out
                             so many things and yet has come out of it       There’s a song in the show called I Can’t      free candy and contraceptives at the show,
fact, his first time in      none-the-wiser,” Tommy explains. “Alastair      Fuck Myself So Don’t Tell Me To.”              which is a good enough reason in itself to
Adelaide. In another         is a bit of a lad with a vicious tongue. He’s       Did you write all the songs?               come along.”
first Tommy speaks as        very cheeky and savage – they both are
                             really. The way that I’m trying to present
                                                                                 “I wrote the lyrics then worked with
                                                                             my accompanist and composer Jacqueline
himself, not as one of       them is as the same person, just two halves     Morton, who plays Boris, to create the         Tommy Bradson performs
                                                                                                                            When The Sex Is Gone at The
the characters, over the     of the same person. I allude to the fact that
                             the person can retreat into either character
                                                                             songs. Blowjob For Breakfast is the big
                                                                             anthem at the end of the show where I try      Spare Room from 9.15pm
phone from Melbourne.        depending on which one can best deal with       to change the world a little bit. My mission   until Sat Mar 13.

                                                                                   “This is Fringe at its wild and spunky
              & DESIGN MARKET
                                                                                   best... *****” - The Advertiser

                                     est. mmvi I i

                           SUNDAY 7th march
                           sunday 21ST march
                            sunday 18th april

                            10:00AM - 4:00PM

                            DESIGNER SAMPLES
                            YOUNG DESIGNERS
                            CLEARANCE STOCK
                                                                                  Nexus Multicultural Arts 2010 Fringe Program
                           PRE LOVED FASHION                                                        West Side Stories
          GILLES STREET PRIMARY SCHOOL                                          16 acts, 51 performances, 1 stage - don’t miss it!!
          No 91 GILLES STREET, ADELAIDE                                                 For more info, visit

                                                                                                                                        By Luke Stegemann

What distinguishes one circus act from another?                                           stands out for its high octane originality.    We’re all there, hands on.”
Given the enormous array of shows available at                                                “We’re really trying to bridge the gap         The show in its current form, though

the Garden, what would make a punter choose                                               between circus and theatre, which is really
                                                                                          hard to do, trying to encompass dance,
                                                                                                                                         always different from one performance
                                                                                                                                         to the next, has been going for nearly
one over another? Quality, daring, originality?                                           give the show narrative and whereas            three years.
What about a mad professor (who also plays live                                           circus can be very ‘you come on, do your           “It’s always developing, we’re always

drums), a narrative unfolding in a laboratory of                                          trick and get off’ we’re trying to take the
                                                                                          audience on a journey, we invite them into
                                                                                                                                         keeping it fresh, we’re always developing
                                                                                                                                         new characters or training new skills to
odd machinery, not to mention the offer of feats                                          our laboratory so to speak, to experience      keep it exciting for us.”
of spectacular falling, balance and acrobatic                                             experiments, and to educate them as well           Created entirely by the cast, along

impossibilities? When circus meets theatre, it                                            on how tough this stuff is. You can see the
                                                                                          sweat dripping and the arms straining, you
                                                                                                                                         with director Robin Laurie, this show is a
                                                                                                                                         non-stop thriller. Come and see how the
all adds up to the wonderful Controlled Falling                                           can see people going six or seven metres       mad professor uses the three acrobats
Project, developed by ThisSideUp acrobatics,                                              in the air and landing on 10cm poles.”         as subjects in his experimentation in

already thrilling packed houses in Adelaide as                                                James Brown specialises in
                                                                                          the Roue-Cyr, or steel hoop, while
                                                                                                                                         controlled falling. Gasps are assured.
                                                                                                                                         Catch them now, as Controlled Falling
they have done across Europe and the UK over                                              other spectacular additions to the             Project will be heading overseas again in
the last two years.                                                                       show include the giant see-saw, or             May to participate in London’s Southbank
                                                                                          Teeterboard, and the Russian bar (an           Festival. And while you’re down in the
                                                                                          apparatus like a long, bouncy plank, not       Garden and up for breathtaking delights,
   ThisSideUp acrobatics is three young     it: people were telling them they were        often seen in Australia).                      why not call in and check out Circus Vs
lads – James Brown, Casey Douglas           crazy to try given the apparent lack of           “We try and keep the same three            Sideshow, a hardcore yet fun encounter
and Christian Schooneveldt-Reid,            variety in the skills they had. All three     performers,” explains Brown, “mainly           where acrobatic skill meets brute
from Brisbane, Canberra and Western         are quite similar in build, and they were     because what we do is so highly                strength and weirdness in a down-to-the-
Australia – who met while learning circus   told it couldn’t be done. You need a young    trained. It’s really hard to step out, or      wire playoff.
skills in Melbourne.                        lovely, they were told, who you can fling      for someone else to just step in. We only      .
   “All three of us did gymnastics when     around. You need a fat man, a dwarf,          had one time in France where we had to             Controlled Falling
we were young,” explains Brown. “We all     a monkey, whatever… They ignored              cancel a show due to Christian having              Project continues at
graduated in different years and we saw     all such advice, happily, and instead         food poisoning, but other than that
there was a bit of an empty market, so we   relied on the ingenuity of their feats, the   we’re all really careful, look after each
                                                                                                                                             Ring Box (Garden Of
decided to create a company.”               quality of their daring and the synergy of    other, there’s lots of spotting, and we
                                                                                                                                             Unearthly Delights)
   In fact, they were warned against        understanding to create a circus act that     can usually pick a problem a mile away.            until Sat Mar 13.
                                                                                Having a surname that indicates a high IQ
QUICK FIXES:                                                                    would be pretty sweet, but with it must come

                                                                                the inevitable shit puns from lame sub-editors
                                                                                looking for a headline. Before local songwriter
                                                                                Emily Smart heads to Queensland for a show
& THE CLEVER GIRLS                                                              or two, she’s in the Garden with her less punny
                                                                                accomplice, Canadian singer Ann Vriend.
                                                                                Ever yone does T-shirts, but what             curl into a ball and roll away... I can also
                                                                                would be the most appropriate                 shoot lasers out of my eyes.
                                                                                merchandise for your show?                    Biggest thrill of your musical career
                                                                                Pez Dispensers with raptor heads.             to date? Performing with my childhood
                                                                                Most inappropriate comment                    idol Peter Combe.
                                                                                made by/to you? Unknown audience              In the histor y of music, who is the
                                                                                member: ‘You sound like Taylor Swift,         most overrated star? Nickelback... I
                                                                                only better’.                                 just don’t get the appeal?
                                                                                If you could dispose of a musical             What film would you like to create a
                                                                                rival, who would it be and what               whole new soundtrack for?
                                                                                would you do? Mariah Carey, by                Avatar. I really enjoyed the movie, but
                                                                                strapping her to a chair and forcing her      the soundtrack sucked!
                                                                                to watch Glitter on repeat.                   If money was no object, how would
                                                                                What would you donate to the Rock             you upgrade your live show? Robot
                                                                                And Roll Hall Of Fame? A list of song         versions of myself and my band, which
                                                                                suggestions given to us after a gig by a      play our music, but then they hit a high
                                                                                mad old lady who wore tinsel. The list        note and explode. Then we come out and
                                                                                consists mainly of Christmas songs and        also explode... we’ve invested in cloning.
                                                                                some Bible quotes. The gig was in June.       Also, genetically engineered singing
                                                                                What sound makes you happy?                   cats, as backing vocalists.
                                                                                Glockenspiel!                                 What’s been your worst stage
                                                                                Trait most likely to get you arrested?        fashion faux pas? I Love Jesus shirts
                                                                                Alcoholism - drunk and disorderly.            that we bought on tour in Sydney during
                                                                                What do you think about on stage              world youth day when the Pope was in
                                                                                when your mind wanders off the                town.
                                                                                songs you’re performing? Which                Strange place you’d love to hold a
                                                                                one of my band members I am gonna             gig? Zoo or ice rink.
Emily Smart & The Clever Girls and Ann                                          dedicate my song I Hate You to tonight?       Final thoughts and last requests?
Vriend play The Spiegeltent on Wed Mar 3.                                       Tell us something about yourself              If it looks like a duck and walks like a
                                                                                that few people know. If threatened, I        duck, then it’s probably Miley Cyrus.

                                                     3 of a Kind in association with Lisa Richards present

                                                                                                 ‘FLAWLESS’ ‘ELECTRIFYING’
                                                                                                    - THE SUNDAY TIMES                           - FEST

                                                                                                    ‘BRILLIANT’ ‘GENIUS’
                                                                                                                 - HAIRLINE                   - THREE WEEKS

                                                                                                     - THE DUBLINER           - THREE WEEKS               - HAIRLINE

                                                                                                  9.30PM - 23 FEBRUARY – 13YS]
                                                                                                                [8.30PM SUNDAYS, NOT MONDA
                                                                                                    NOVA EASTEND CINEMAS, 251 RUNDLE ST
                                                                                                      BOOKINGS: WWW.ADELAIDEFRINGE.COM.AU
                                                                                                              OR 1300 FRINGE [374 643]
                   NEW CD ‘LIVE AT THE SUGAR CLUB’
                        NOW AVAILABLE AT:

  Comedians are all needy pricks at the heart of it; just like
  The Stone Roses, they all wanna be adored. The Adelaide Fix
  decided to take it this craving to its obvious conclusion by
  asking your favourite comics this: If you were to start a cult, what
  would your followers have to do?
                                            DEANNE SMITH                                                                    DAVE CALLAN
                                            “Have sex with me and give me                                                   “Drink Fanta through their nostrils
                                            money. Isn’t that what cults are for?”                                          and pee it out their ears.”

DES BISHOP                                                                           LOU SANZ
“Realise how stupid it is to follow me                                               “Worship me. I’m a traditionalist at
because I will eventually get bored.”                                                heart.”

                                            AXIS OF AWESOME
                                            “Watch the entire series of Two And
                                            A Half Men on DVD without taking
                                            a break. That way we’d know they
                                                                                     DAMIAN CALLINAN                        ANDREW O’NEILL
JAMIE KILSTEIN                              could handle pain.”
                                                                                     “Just follow me … no other agenda,
                                                                                                                            “Quit their jobs, find ways of living
                                                                                                                            rent-free and start doing stuff that
“Protest against Christian weddings                                                  just generally stay close by.”
                                                                                                                            is actually fulfilling rather than just
until gay people could marry and
                                                                                                                            chasing a wage.”
protest all child births until pro-lifers                                            EDDIE IFFT
stopped trying to outlaw abortion.”                                                  “Leave me the fuck alone.”

                                            “Start a 24-hour gay karaoke bar
                                            which only plays Meat Loaf.”                                                    JOSH THOMAS
                                                                                                                            “Compliment me. Say things like, ‘Gosh
                                                                                     IMAAN                                  that is a nice cardigan’ or ‘I think your
                                                                                     “Walk on their knees.”
                                                                                                                            dog John is the best dog in the world’.
                                                                                                                            Or ‘You have a mighty penis’.”

“Respect the law, maintain a
healthy diet and know every line
(including transition scenes) from Les

                 There is something truly enchanting about the
                 music from East Africa.While the sounds from
                 this part of Africa tend to be somewhat under-
                 represented compared to the West or North, this
                 yearís WOMADelaide festival is doing its part
                 to reverse this trend by bringing two amazing
                 Ethiopian acts: Ethiopiques and Mahmoud
                 Ahmed, and the very exciting Dub Colossus.

                     The latter group is the brainchild of UK     moment, and itís come out very well, as
                 muso Nick Page, formerly of Transglobal          things sometimes do. I wish I had a master
                 Underground and Temple Of Sound, who             plan, but I’m not that smart.”
                 discovered the fantastic sounds of Ethiopia          Nick agrees that the music of
                 and wanted to join them with those of            Ethiopia and East Africa has been under-
                 Jamaican dub reggae, to produce a sound          represented in the west, in part due to
                 that is simply amazing. I had a chat to Nick     oppressive regimes that have stifled
                 to get the lowdown on Dub Colossus and           the creative flow. However, with Dub
                 why you too should be excited about their        Colossus, hopefully this will soon change.

                 coming WOMAD appearance.                             “The thing is, Ethiopian music has
                     “It all came about because I went across     not been presented in an international
                 to Ethiopia in 2006, having got excited by       way,” Nick explains. “It’s not really ever
                 a series of records called the Ethiopiques,”     had an international face on it, and that’s
                 Nick begins. “I started listening to them        what we’re trying to do. We don’t want to
                 in 2005, I think, and then, it’s a long story,   present a museum piece; the Ethiopiques
                 but I ended up being invited to go and stay      is being toured, and Mahmoud Ahmed is
                 in Ethiopia by a guy called Dan Harper,          a great artist, but they represent an era,
                 staying with his wife and child, and he had      and weíre trying to make something that’s
                 a home studio and he introduced me to            a vital collaboration and fusion now, and
                 a lot of musicians, who introduced us to         where it goes I don’t know. But what’s

                 a lot more people. And basically, I had a        it’s doing is opening up the Ethiopians
                 rough idea to try some stuff out, and I took     involved, and it’s showing them there’s a
                 some rough ideas with me on my laptop,           way of presenting what they do outside of
                 and recorded very fast in about five days         the way it’s done normally at home, and
                 in Dan’s home studio, and that was the           it’s a whole different world.”
By Luke Balzan   basis for the album, simple as that. I just      Dub Colossus play
                 got as much recorded as I could it wasn’t        WOMADelaide on Sat Mar 6
                 premeditated, it was kind of spur of the         and Mon Mar 8.

                                                                                34 Holden Street Hindmarsh
                                                                                NEXT TO SOCCER STADIUM
                    HOLDENSTREETTHEATRES.COM                                    (Free Parking)

                                                    FOR BREAKFAST
                                                    By Philip Stokes. Holden Street
                                                    Theatres & Horizon Arts Ltd in Assoc.
                                                    with Richard Jordan Productions Ltd
                                                    & Ralph Dartford Associates.
                                                    (UK) THEATRE
                                                    Sex, drugs and Marilyn Monroe.
                                                    Heroin puts the great back into
                                                    Britain. FUNNY AND IRREVERENT.
                                                    FEB 15–MAR 14 TIX FROM $15

TONY ROBERTS                                 of his scheduled week of shows, making

- SHUFFLE ME                                 Wednesday’s gig the “preview, opening
                                             night and mid-season slump” all in one,
STRAIGHT                                     in his words. His set was worth the wait,
ADELAIDE CASINO,WED FEB 24                   however: armed with his guitar, ginger
                                             beard and self-deprecating quick wit, he
If any of you have been down Rundle Mall     delivered an hour’s worth of narrative
recently then chances are that you have      linking original songs and covers with
seen Tony Roberts before. He has been        comic twists, the weakest of which still
there for a few months busking and doing     drew a grin, while the strongest brought
his magic/contortionist act. That doesn’t    the house down. Inspired by Zack’s
sound like an appealing Fringe show – why    dream girlfriend unexpectedly breaking
pay for something when you can see it for    up with him a year ago, the show is
free? Shuffle Me Straight however was        loosely structured around disinterring all
well worth seeing, it was in an intimate     his failed relationships, but he navigates
environment and there was a lot of crowd     the line between comedy and group
interaction. And while card tricks and       therapy with aplomb.                               THE BURLESQUE                              Moira Finucane’s 100 red balloons and
crude jokes aren’t the flashiest things to                                                       HOUR… SALON                                spiked red bikini, Yumi Umiumare and
                                                                                                                                           her lovely Japanese dance piece, circus
see, Roberts does it well. I don’t know
about you but when I see a magician I
                                             Final Word: Endearing
                                             Owen Heitmann
                                                                                                OF LIVE LADIES                             siren Azaria Universe and the elegant
                                                                                                THE SPIEGELTENT,WED FEB 24                 Maude Davey – so much bizarre action
spend all my time trying to figure out how
                                             EDDIE IFFT
                                                                                                                                           with all intentions to shock and amaze.
he does it: there were some early tricks
                                                                                                The magnificent surrounds of The            Some people love it, some didn’t. Some
that seemed simple, but some of the later,
                                             – THINGS I                                         Spiegeltent were the perfect setting       got it, some didn’t. The interval to clean
more complex tricks are baffling to see.
It’s impressive that he can do them so       SHOULDN’T HAVE                                     for The Burlesque Hour. There were         up the spilled milk wiped away all
seamlessly.                                  SAID                                               some great pieces of work from dancer
                                                                                                Kitten KO and high swinging trapeze
                                                                                                                                           momentum, and although fascinating,
                                                                                                                                           missed the mark with much of the
                                             MERCURY CINEMA,
                                                                                                artist Jess Love, who was bound all over   audience.
Final Word: Surprising.                      MON FEB 22                                         with rubber bands. From lovely ball
Michael Wickham
                                                                                                gowns to thrash metal music booming        Final Word: Perplexing.
SHUFFLE ME STRAIGHT                          It’s amazing what some appearances on              from the speakers in a frenzied dance,     Catherine Blanch
CONTINUES AT THE LOFT UNTIL                  Australian TV will do for a comic’s local
SAT MAR 13.                                  standing; Eddie Ifft had a chock-full
                                             Mercury Cinema on a Monday night
ZACK ADAMS:                                  there to see him doing what he does             heavily on audience interaction - and as
                                                                                                                                           WAS IT A CAT I
LOVE SONGS FOR                               best, saying wrong shit! This show was          is stated at the beginning of the show
                                                                                                                                           SAW? THAT NERDY
                                             fantastic - he plays the brash American so      ‘if you do get summoned to the stage
                                             well, while saying things his conservative      do go up there and take part because          SHOW ABOUT
TUXEDO CAT, WED FEB 24                       countrymen would cringe at the thought          otherwise you will look like a cock’.         WORDS
                                             of. Plenty of people say something wrong                                                      CUSHDY, FRI FEB 19
Thanks to an unfortunately timed case        for the sake of it, but it takes a true comic   Final Word: Ingenious.
of tonsillitis, Perth musical comedian       streak to do so and consistently break          Kate Mickan                                   Walking into a show that appeared at
Zack Adams had to cancel the first half       up a room spanning a broad spectrum of          THE BOY WITH TAPE ON HIS                      last year’s Fringe Festival you get the
                                             ages. From inspiring us to “fuck with the       FACE CONTINUES AT THEATER                     feeling that you are about to watch
                                             Amish” through to teaching the crowd            BOSCO UNTIL SAT MAR 13.                       something brilliant – why else would
                                             the perils of a seven-second radio delay                                                      the show be back? So maybe my hopes
                                             and letting your dog eat a condom, this is
                                             one of this year’s must-see shows.
                                                                                             DAVE CALLAN                                   were too high for Luke Whitby and
                                                                                             RHINO ROOM, THU FEB 18                        his show Was It A Cat I Saw? Maybe I
                                                                                                                                           just didn’t expect to hear the ‘c bomb’
                                             Final Word: Turtle.                                                                           dropped within the first five minutes
                                             Shane Scott                                     Looking like the love child of Billy
                                                                                             Connolly and Chewbacca, you wouldn’t          of what you expect to be a witty and
                                             THINGS I SHOULDN’T HAVE                                                                       intellectual show. Whichever it was,
                                                                                             expect Dave Callan to be much of
                                             SAID CONTINUES AT MERCURY                                                                     looking around the audience, it was
                                                                                             a ladies’ man but after having done
                                             UNTIL SAT MAR 13.                                                                             clear that they had come expecting
                                                                                             extensive research he now knows more
                                                                                                                                           a librarian’s delight of words rather
                                             THE BOY WITH                                    about females than the fairer sex does. In
                                                                                             the lead up to his show Dave interviewed      than the borderline offensive hour-
                                             TAPE ON HIS FACE                                100 women on 100 different topics, from       long performance that they politely
                                                                                                                                           sat through. To be fair, comedy is
                                             THEATER BOSCO, WED FEB 17                       what is the best body shape to what’s the
                                                                                             lamest excuse you’ve made not to go out.      something of a new profession for
                                                                                             Sure Dave didn’t really have to do any        Ashby and he clearly has a love of
                                             The Boy With Tape On His Face was
                                                                                             hard work for this show, he just stood        words. Once he makes up his mind
                                             the Avatar of last year’s Fringe Festival;
                                                                                             out the front and read some of the more       whether his target audience are
                                             you couldn’t go anywhere without
                                                                                             humorous results off a clipboard and          scholars or those looking for a cheap
                                             hearing about how brilliant it was. While
                                                                                             projected some results on a screen, but       laugh, Ashby’s routine will improve in
                                             watching someone with duct tape on
                                                                                             then again, we women are used to doing        leaps and bounds.
                                             their face for an entire hour doesn’t
                                             sound like the best way to spend a              all the hard work while men take all the
                                                                                             credit. To Dave’s credit he did present it    Final Word: Awkward.
                                             night out, the show reignites the wild
                                                                                             in a way that had us laughing at ourselves    Kate Mickan
                                             imaginations we all had as children but
                                             seem to lose the older we get. If you sit in    and each other.                               WAS IT A CAT I SAW?
                                             comedy shows avoiding the performers                                                          CONTINUES AT CUSHDY UNTIL
                                             eyes so that you won’t get picked on then       Final Word: Informative.                      SUN MAR 14.
                                             this isn’t the show for you as it relies        Kate Mickan
PASSENGERS                                          yet funny and whimsical. Carey Marx is a
                                                    cheeky comedian who delivers jokes like a
                                                    well-oiled machine and enjoys sending up the   THE ADELAIDE FIX
Tom and Melony are both in show
business; he’s a writer, she’s an aspiring
actress, which at the start of their drive
                                                    UK. Monopoly will never ever be the same!
                                                    Parsnip The Bear rescued Carey when he
                                                    was too close to the bone. Definitely not for
                                                    the faint-hearted.
makes for interesting conversation. However,
as their journey continues through bumper
                                                    Final Word: Hilarious.
to bumper traffic it appears that their careers
                                                    Terry Izatt & Karen Bailey
are causing more of a rift between the couple
                                                    BEST OF THE EDINBURGH FEST
than first thought. Passengers keeps you
trapped in the car of a married couple on
                                                    CONTINUES AT THE GOV UNTIL SUN
their way to meet friends for dinner. Director      MAR 14.
Michael Bond has used simple but creative
camera angles that help take you on the
same journey as the couple, and make you            SLIM LIMITS AND
truly feel like an invisible passenger in their     BILLY ARE GOD’S
car. Listening to their constant bickering
and conversations that seem to endlessly go
                                                    THE STABLES,WED FEB 24
round in circles, at times it made me want to
scream and jump out the car.
                                                    Slim and his sidekick, Billy, model
                                                    themselves on late night TV evangelists.
Final Word: Trapped.
                                                    This act requires feeding off an audience.
Sarah Mena
                                                    One had to imagine how much better
                                                    this show would be with a crowd. Slim,
BEST OF THE                                         Billy and their musical accompanist are
EDINBURGH FEST                                      beautifully attired as they feel the stench
                                                                                                   DOS OR DUO                              is an early evening show that you can
THE GOV WED FEB 24                                  of sin in the room, relate stories of their
                                                                                                   RING BOX, WED FEB 24
                                                                                                                                           be comfortable taking kids along to
                                                    conversion, and attempt to ‘heal’ the                                                  and be sure that you’ll go away feeling
This awesome threesome became a                     audience. Everyone gets into the moment                                                warm and fuzzy. Now perhaps you can
                                                                                                   Both Dos and Duo will simply charm
foursome on the night. Jason Cook is a              to collectively heal the most afflicted soul                                            help me: my daughter thought them
                                                                                                   their way into your heart. The show
slick guy who likens himself to a lesbian           in the room in a great final scene. Get a                                               so cute and I couldn’t say no to her,
                                                                                                   features a flying pig, an almost
skateboarder on coke. He is fast and furious,       bunch of friends together, get along, and                                              we’ve bought them home with us – can
                                                                                                   real pirate, some cool vertical rope
and a most impressive ad-libber. Metal head         sign up for the Cowboy Church. You’ll                                                  anyone help with ‘how to care for two
                                                                                                   tricks, general acrobatics and some
Andrew O’Neill is an original, articulate           have a ball.                                                                           young talented acrobat actors?’
                                                                                                   silly but cute faces and antics, and,
anti-racist, who turns everyday clichés on
                                                                                                   for some reason that is beyond all
their head. Welshman Elis James has an              Final Word: Wicked!                                                                    Final Word: Adorable.
                                                                                                   understanding, a ping pong ball. This
unusual storytelling style, at times awkward,       Michael Coghlan                                                                        Clayton & Lauren Werner


                                                                “One of the finest performers
     Friday 5th - Sunday 7th March,                             at this year’s festival. Fast
     The Arts Theatre,                                          paced and clever. A sure-fire
     53 Angas Street, Adelaide                                  THE SUNDAY AGE, MELBOURNE

     9.45pm                                                     “funny, erudite and
                                                                effortlessly delivered”

     Bookings: 1300 FRINGE (374643) or
                                                                                     ows                                                               3 shonly!
INTIMA – AFTER                                       A NORAH JONES
                                                     THE PROMETHEAN, WED FEB 24
                                                                                                        THE ADELAIDE FIX
If you want a guaranteed good time at this
Fringe, you can’t go past Intima’s After
                                                     More specifically a tribute to the first
                                                     Norah Jones album Come Away With
The Beep. Examining the relationship                 Me, this is not a dramatised tribute but
break-up of 30-somethings through modern             an affectionate rendition of that album
communications such as voicemail and                 (plus one track from the second) by
texting, writers Craig Christie and Mark             a quartet of top class Adelaide jazz
Jones have given the performers charming             musicians: Georgie Aue (voice/piano),
and witty musical dialogue which they                Locky Ridge (guitar), John Aue (double
are clearly enjoying as much as their                bass) and Jamie Jones (drums). A little
laugh-out-loud audiences. In the very cosy           tentative when speaking to the audience,
Writers’ Centre, the performer/audience              Georgie lets the music do the talking.
divide is literally within arms length.              There are snippets of information given,
Faultless singing was well supported by              but Georgie is most comfortable letting
Emma Knights on keyboards. Outstanding               loose on songs such as the Hoagy
performances included Ruth Buttery as                Carmichael classic The Nearness Of You.
an enchanting Samantha and James Reed                A thoroughly enjoyable way to spend an
as the cheeky larrikin Jason. This is a              hour. If you’re a fan of the album you’re
crowd pleaser for lovers of intimate musical         in for a real treat. If not, this show might
theatre and is not to be missed. Beep                just change your mind.
beep’m beep beep yeah!
                                                     Final word: Recommended.
Final Word: Hoot!                                    Adrian Miller
Carl Cranstone                                       A NORAH JONES TRIBUTE
SA WRITERS’ CENTRE UNTIL SAT                         UNTIL WED MAR 10.
MAR 6.
THE WOOHOO                                           FALLING PROJECT
REVIEW                                               RING BOX, WED FEB 24
                                                     Three talented acrobats and... a scientist?
Midnight in the Garden on a Wednesday                This is not your usual circus show! The
night and anyone with plans for dancing              energy, control, precision that the three
would have been well served by heading               acrobats demonstrate is nothing short
down to The Spiegeltent. On stage a band             of amazing. They come together in a
of six colourful Gypsies playing violin,             blur of constant movement: up, down,
saxophone, trumpet, guitar, bass and drums           left, right, inside out and backwards. The
kept the music coming at a furious pace. On          name actually says it all: they fall, from up       PIP COMIC                                 the participants are under, the show
the floor the chairs had been cleared away           high and down low, fast, slow, and even in
                                                                                                         ILLUSIONIST:                              quickly improves. Starting with some
                                                                                                                                                   minor sensory suggestions it turns
and from the first song until the last nearly
all of the audience were doing their best
                                                     reverse. Each plays a unique and cheeky
                                                     character the audience falls in love with.          HYPNOLARIOUS                              into a full stage show. PiP masterfully
to shake down the tent. The only time the            The degree of difficulty of many stunts is           CAOS CAFÉ, WED FEB 24                     plants suggestions and sets subjects
dancing stopped was during a brief drum              made more obvious with the occasional                                                         into action. At points he juggles
solo. Not a lot of variety in the all-instrumental   heartbreaking ‘miss’. The whole family is           Young hypnotist PiP controls the          multiple people each on strange
music – if they played a song a second time          sure to be captivated by this exciting, action-     stage like the veteran of two shows       missions. Their undertakings are
                                                                                                         daily on a six-month cruise ship stint.   amusing, although perhaps hilarious
                                                                                                         His crowd interaction is cheesy, but      is a stretch. If you have any curiosity
                                                                                                         odds are you’re here for the hypnosis,    about hypnotism - either seeing it or
                                                                                                         not the host’s banter. The show           experiencing it – this is the Fringe
                                                                                                         begins slowly as willing audience         show for you.
                                                                                                         members line up on stage to be
                                                                                                         put into a hypnotic trance (being         Final Word: Different.
                                                                                                         hypnotised takes about 20 minutes).       Brad McNaughton
                                                                                                         At times you wish the host could have     HYPNOLARIOUS CONTINUES
                                                                                                         pulled down a curtain and said ‘Here’s    AT THE CAOS CAFÉ UNTIL
                                                                                                         some we prepared earlier!’ Once           SUN MAR 14

                                                                                                                                                   mobile phone confiscated. (Memo to
                                                                                                       TAKING THE PISS                             the professionals: no need for sexual
                                                                                                       WORLDSEND HOTEL,                            innuendo or ridicule to interact with
                                                                                                       WED FEB 24                                  the audience!) His observations about
                                                                                                                                                   Amish being offered as an option for
                                                                                                       Down at the amateur end of stand-up         religion on Facebook were also very
                                                                                                       comedy, with mainly student cast and        funny. Overall an entertaining hour
                                                                                                       audience, six Adelaide comedians            and an important part of the Fringe.
no one noticed – but no matter. This show            packed show. Not for the faint-hearted, my
                                                                                                       take to the stage with mixed results.       Not sure everyone will be going on to a
was not about listening intently to the musical      eyes were closed a couple of times!
                                                                                                       Jon Brooks was the best on this night,      career in comedy.
arrangements, though there was no doubting
the musicianship. It was about energy and            Final Word: Engaging.                             with a tightly scripted set of political
                                                                                                       jokes that were fresh and current (the      Final word: Mixed-Bag.
abandon.                                             Bridie Toomer
                                                                                                                                                   Adrian Miller
                                                     CONTROLLED FALLING                                role of the pandas in the upcoming
                                                                                                                                                   TAKING THE PISS CONTINUES
Final word: Woohoo!                                  PROJECT CONTINUES AT RING                         state election…). Angus Hodge hit
                                                                                                       comic gold when he decided that             AT WORLDSEND HOTEL UNTIL
Adrian Miller                                        BOX UNTIL SAT MAR 13.
                                                                                                       a girl in the front row needed her          MAR FRI 12.
                                                         THE ADELAIDE
MISSION OF                                               SAX PACK DOES
FLOWERS                                                  THE EIGHTIES,
                                                         NINETIES AND
Leof Kingsford-Smith is a scene-                         NAUGHTIES
dominating actor who relishes a stage                    THE PROMETHEAN, THU FEB 25
to himself in this well put together
monodrama. With a single set and                         Ever wonder what a seminal metal riff
minimal props the story of aviator                       like Back In Black might sound like
Bill Lancaster is told - fundamentally                   played by a sax quartet? Me neither, but
truthful but creatively enhanced. With                   the Adelaide Sax Pack are doing it by
no backdrop and multiple locations,                      the decade, kicking things off with the
Kingsford-Smith colours in the details                   eighties before tackling the nineties and
through his monologues, doing an                         naughties. With each of the foursome
exceptional job of stringing scenes                      costumed to represent various fashion
together unabated. The main story is                     crimes of the era, the show combines
of Lancaster’s attempt to survive for                    comedy, silliness, nostalgia and
days in the Sahara beside his crashed                    exceptional musicianship. Saxing-up and
aircraft. While waiting for rescue his                   rearranging an impressive stream of less-
thoughts turn to his life – a knotted tale               than saxual tunes like Africa, Material
of romance, murder, war and airflight                     Girl and You’re The Voice, it’s worth
– which he recreates in flashbacks.                       checking these guys out just to hear
Lancaster certainly wasn’t a noble hero                  Rage Against The Machine/Frosty The
and Kingsford-Smith does the perfect                     Snowman mash-up Killing In The Name
job of portraying his flaws while still                   Of Frosty. A naughties deviation from the   PETER HELLIAR’S                                  difference between a cloth and a tea
keeping you on-side. His recreation of                   theme of the opening evening, it goes
                                                                                                     DREAMBOAT                                        towel. In between dealing with ‘gifted’
                                                                                                                                                      kids and the knowledge he may never
1930s speech and traits is also superb.
Mission Of Flowers is a gripping,
                                                         off like an absolute motherfroster. For
                                                         those about to rock, polka or highland      TOUR                                             escape the household long enough to
                                                         fling, this is a high energy and highly      THE SPIEGELTENT,WED FEB 25                       see Avatar, Helliar also finds time to
curiosity-piquing surprise.
                                                         entertaining night out.                                                                      write his own film script and ensures
                                                                                                     Although lacking in any reference                a healthy plug or two throughout the
Final Word: Keen.
                                                         Final Word: Yeah!                           to anything remotely nautical, this              night. While there were few belly
Brad McNaughton
                                                                                                     performance was an amusing glance                laughs, Helliar was personable and
MISSION OF FLOWERS                                       Troy Foster
                                                         THE ADELAIDE SAX                            at life – Peter Helliar’s life that is, in all   his humour appealing, ensuring the
CONTINUES AT THE JAH’Z                                                                               its domestic glory. ‘Communication’
                                                         CONTINUES AT THE                                                                             audience left with a grin.
LOUNGE UNTIL SAT MAR 13.                                                                             was the message as Helliar regaled the
                                                         PROMETHEAN ON THU MAR 4
                                                                                                     crowd with tales of his long-suffering           Final Word: Seaworthy.
                                                         (NINETIES) AND THU MAR 11
                                                                                                     wife and a husband struggling with the           Rosie van Heerde


       ELECTRIC GUITARS                                          BASS GUITARS

                     REAR OF CECERES MUSIC
                              249 Magill Rd, Maylands

               Saturday March 6th
                          Over 350 instruments

           50% OFF                        starts

                          First come, First served
                  Guitars from $200-$8000

                                       B C
                                        O O
                                          L N
                                             T SU
                                              R L
                                               A T
                                                D IN
                                                  IN G

             Including: Dimebag, Michael Schenker, Michael
             Angelo Batio, Dave Mustaine, Signature Models
                         All inquiries:



Peter Drew highlights the best visual
art to check in and around the
festival month.

                                                    FRI MAR 5 – SAT MAR 6,
                                                    FRI MAR 12 – SAT MAR 13
                                                    RUNDLE ST AND
                                                    GOUGER ST
                                                    Imagine this! Cardboard boxes,
                                                    ready for recycling, combined
                                                    with drawing and printmaking
                                                    then sculptured into a series of
                                                    temporary, performance-based
                                                    artworks that will emerge directly
                                                    from city streets! Designed to
                                                    engage pedestrians who become
                                                    witness to the transformation of
                                                    their environment Shapeshifter
                                                    turns waste into ephemeral objects
                                                    of beauty and intrigue. It’s a great
                                                    comment on our relationship to
                                                                                           STREET DREAMS                            contemporary art for sheer dynamism and
                                                                                                                                    vitality. Street Dreams celebrates a sample
                                                    the urban environment and the
                                                                                           FRI MAR 5 – SUN 7                        of all this for the enjoyment of artists and
                                                    practice of creating sustainable       FORMAT, PEEL STREET                      admirers alike. With three days of outdoor
                                                    artwork within the public arena.       (OFF HINDLEY)                            exhibitions, street-art tours, mural painting
                                                                                                                                    and an open-invitation ‘Art Jam’ Street
                                                                                           From New York graffiti to Banksy,         Dreams is set to go off like a Pimp My
                                                                                           Street-art has grown and morphed in      T-shirt Party. Now all you need is a white
                                                                                           ways which rival any other movement in   T-shirt!

MYTHOLOGIES                                 Benivolski (CAN). Curated by Marlaina
                                                                                           IMAGINEERS BODY                          do. Now’s your chance to see them in full
THU MAR 4 (6PM) – MON                       Read, whose online art magazine Invisible
MAR 8                                       City is something of an underground            PAINT ARTISTS                            flight. This team of local face and body
                                                                                                                                    painters have partnered with Nexus
FORMAT, PEEL STREET                         authority on urban esoteric, Mythologies       MAR 6
                                                                                                                                    Multicultural Arts to present this wild and
(OFF HINDLEY)                               explores strange topologies, speculative
                                                                                           NEXUS CABARET, LION ARTS
                                                                                                                                    whimsical collection of body canvases.
                                            spaces and reinterpretations of known                                                   Expect to see some pretty stunning
Combining sculpture, photomedia and
                                            places through ritual and imagination, as      If you caught the Fringe Parade on       transformations and watch the streets
installation, Mythologies brings together
the work of Marlaina Read, Laura Wills      well as personal and historical inspired       opening night you’ve probably already    of Adelaide for more painted characters
and Laura Haig (AUS), and Yuula             storytelling.                                  had a taste of what the Imagineers can   throughout the Fringe.



                                                                                                                                                                           SH W
                                                                                                                                                                             The biggest late night
                                                                                                                                                                           comedy lineup of the fringe.
                                                                                                                                                                              You never know who
                                                                                                                                                                             may appear and what
                                                                                                                                                                                might happen!
                                                                                                           ELIS JAMES
      CAREY MARX                       (UK)                   JASON COOK (UK-GEORDIE)                      E
      “..mixing his own blend of dark humour with
                                                    his       “a dark razor sharp wit. Offbeat and         “of all the newcomers
                                                                                                                                   performing at this year
                                                                                                                                   push  ed to find one with
                                                                                                                                                                            “Totally wicked , many
                                                              irreverent... vivid comic scenarios...       festival, you’d be hard
      mischievous and gleeful delivery.”
      ★★★★ METRO                                              punctuated by some gut busting one liners”
                                                                                                           more charm or natural
                                                                                                                                    chrisma…                                  many hard laughs”
                                                              ★★★★★ HERALD SUN                              a complete joy”
      “Utterly brilliant” ★★★★ THE SKINNY                                                                    ★★★     ★ TIMEOUT
                                                                                                                                                                                      - TALKFRINGE.COM

     ‘The comedians on display proved why they are truly the ‘Best of the Edinburgh Fest’
        - and undoubtedly one of the best shows at the Melbourne Comedy Festival too’
                                       INPRESS, 2008
                           2010 Lineup is looking like a winner too!                                                                                                        EVERY FRI & SAT NIGHT
                                                                                                                                                                                AT 10.30PM

   THU 18 FEB - SUN 14 MAR
                                                                                                                                                                                          (DOORS OPEN 10PM)

    DOORS OPEN 7.00PM (NO SHOWS MONDAYS & TUE 2 MAR)                                                                                                                        18 FEB - 13 MAR

                          THE GOVERNOR HINDMARSH HOTEL                                  PORT ROAD, ADELAIDE


                      MY CONFESSIONS
                                                                                                                                                                                                             AS SEEN ON:
                                                                                                                                                                                                              THANK GOD
                                                                                                                                                                                                             YOU’RE HERE
                                                                                                                                                                                                              GOOD NEWS
                                                                                                                                                                                                             WEEK & ROVE


                                                                                                                                                            EDDIE IFFT
                                                       “brutally truthful
                                                       piece of comedy
                                                      delight.” Timeout

                                                            “...a genuinely
                                                          hour.” The Herald                                                                                 THINGS I SHOULDN’T
                                                           “surely the most
                                                          raw, emotive and
                                                                                                                                                                             HAVE SAID
                                                                tear-jerking                               METRO                                                                      ★★★★
                                                             stand up you’ll                                                                                         “Ifft has star power.. so wrong he’s just right”
                                                                                                                                                                                 ADELAIDE ADVERTISER
                                                              see.” Chortle
                                                                                  “hilarious, incredibly smart, quick as a whip..                               “Ifft’s biggest defence is that his jokes are damn funny.
                                                                                         go be shocked, learn something”                                        And they’re often funny for the very reason that he is so
                                                                                                  ADELAIDE ADVERTISER                                                     gloriously uncompromising.” CHORTLE

                                                                                “One of the funniest comedians on the circuit...                                “At times he took us to places we didn’t want to go, but
                                                                                                                                                                  even as the audience groaned in attempted protest,
                                                                                  hitting new heights of comedic brilliance”                                           they were still killing themselves laughing”
                                                                                                           TIMEOUT                                                                  BEAT MAGAZINE

   18 FEB - 13 MAR                                                               18 FEB - 13 MAR 18 FEB - 13 MAR
                                              DATES & SHOWTIMES VARY, PLEASE CHECK PROGRAM FOR FULL DETAILS

            MERCURY CINEMA                                                                                                                                                           MORPHETT ST,

                       BOOKINGS: or 1300 FRINGE (374 643)
                                                                                                                      Adelaide Festival’s Artists’    posters so it’s fun to wander
                                                                                                                  Bar in Elder Park doesn’t seem      around and say, “Oh, I
                                                                                                                  to have attracted the masses        remember that one”, and

                                                                                                                  (just yet). And that might be       then, when you notice it’s
                                                                                                                  a good thing as at present it       from 1962, quickly add, “I
                                                                                                                  offers a very relaxing setting      think I must have seen it in
                                                                                                                  and doesn’t (yet) have the          a really, really old book or
                                                                          by Robert Dunstan                       bustle of the hedgerows of the      on an old black and white
                                                                                                                  Garden Of Unearthly Delights.       TV or something”. You can
                                                                                                                  Speaking of hedgerows,              also sit in a blue boat while
                                                                                                                  Artists’ Bar is hedged by a         devouring a pizza or some
                                                                                                                     series of bicycles, which I      sushi, which only adds to
                                                                                                                        can only assume were the      the nautical theme.
                                                                                                                         ones found in the Torrens        As well as ticketed
                                                                                                                          when it was accidentally    shows at The Famous

  PIMP MY                                                                                                                  drained a while back. Or   Spiegeltent such as Julia

                                                                                                                           maybe they are Lance       Zemiro’s Comfort Zone,
                                                                                                                           Armstrong’s practice       The Necks (one night only
                                                                                                                          bicycles that he used for   from 9pm on Sun Mar 7)
                                                                                                                         Tour Down Under.             and La Clique, the rather
  WITH HANNAH GADSBY                                                                                                      The area, which opens       salubrious venue becomes a
                                                                                                                      from 6pm nightly, features      free entry event most nights
                                                                                                                      The Famous Spiegeltent and      (Wednesdays through to
I was making my way out of my venue the other night                                                                can hold 1000 heads and also       Saturdays) from 11.30pm,
when someone grabbed my arm. This seemed a little                                                                 boasts the old Henley jetty. And    which are hosted by Paul
more intimate a gesture than I am comfortable with.                                                               there’s even a bar underneath       Grabowsky and are known
Generally I like my personal space free from clutter. I                                                             it. Nostalgic Super-8 films        as The Grab Bag.
turned to see a vaguely familiar face beaming at me. Oh                                                                    are being shown at the         The drinks available at
shit. They know me but I don’t know them. Recently I                                                                            rotunda and the       jetty bar and inside The
have instituted a straightforward no apologies remedy for                                                                            tables dotted    Famous Spiegeltent are very
situations like this. I simply smile and ask them to give me                                                                            around        nicely-priced too. But it can
a context for how I might know them. Some people get                                                                                      the place   get quite chilly at night –
terribly offended that I have forgotten them so I suggest                                                                                 feature     something to do with being
they be a touch more memorable. Problem solved. But                                                                                       old         close to the river - so make
there was something too familiar about this face. I knew                                                                                  festival    sure to take a jacket.
I should know her. I was taking too long but the amount
of enjoyment she got out of that meant that she was
clearly someone from my past. Oh shit. She had to jog my          entirely good. Shit indeed. I now have to concede that      trauma that I didn’t quite register certain details. Would
memory and my memory likes jogging about as much as               sometimes Facebook does trump reality because when it       you go fishing with an old primary school friend who quit
I do. It turns out she’s a friend from primary school. Given      comes to meeting up with the long lost, the online world    the police force when she started seeing aliens and dead
that I am from a small toxic town in Tasmania where               gives you the time you need to consider an invitation       people more often? Apparently I would. I may not make it
the rate of crazy per capita is alarmingly high, this is not      before you say yes. I was so overwhelmed with memory        to the end of Fringe.

         Universities are fertile breeding
         grounds for thespians, musicians
         and poets and for those who like to
         watch, so it is highly appropriate
         that the University of Adelaide
         has a central role to play in the
         Adelaide Festival of Arts.
             • The University’s Mitchell Building, Elder Hall and
         Bonython Hall on North Terrace will be painted with light
         as part of the Northern Lights from dusk until 1am until
         Mon Apr 5.
             • Writers’ Week has a strong University of Adelaide link
         with this year’s event dedicated to author Thomas Shapcott,
         the inaugural Chair of the University of Adelaide’s Creative
         Writing program. The week features a dedication to
         Shapcott and includes launches of two of his books. Current
         University of Adelaide staff are liberally sprinkled through
         the program, with the head of creative writing, Professor
         Brian Castro and senior lecturer in creative writing Jill
         Jones taking part in panel discussions.
             • Elder Hall will host a series of concerts with one
         series at lunchtime (Dualities) and another at twilight called
         Illuminations Of The Heart. Dualities runs until Fri Mar 5 at
         1pm and Illuminations… Wed Mar 3 to Fri Mar 5 at 6pm.
             During WOMADelaide, The University of Adelaide’s
         community radio station, Radio Adelaide (101.5FM) will
         send out special WOMADelaide broadcasts to community
         and indigenous radio listeners around the country and to
         online listeners anywhere in the world.


                                                            “A restaurant
   THE                                                       like no other

   ADELAIDE                                                  in Adelaide”                 Cellar Door

   FIX’S                                                    John McGrath

   WHERE TO                                            The Adelaide Review                Expresso


                                                                19 Gouger Street in the Adelaide CBD
                                                                                                                         Crown & Sceptre Hotel
                                                                    Open for Lunch and Dinner                   308 King William Street Adelaide,
                                                                       Telephone: 84107880                                     Phone: 8212 4159
   ADVERTISING FEATURE                                                         

          Multicultural Tapas Lounge Bar

                                                                                                                   Enjoy a cold drink and alfresco
    SATURDAY AND SUNDAY                                                                                           dining whilst watching the sunset
         - 6PM TO LATE                                                                                                     over the Marina
                                                                                                                      6-10 Adelphi Tce, Glenelg North
           email.                                                                                    (opposite the Buffalo Sailing Ship)
                   phone. 8231 3939                                                                                    Open 7 days 6am - 9pm
      12 LEIGH STREET, ADELAIDE                                                                                      Breakfast Lunch & Dinner
                                                                                                               Phone: 8350 5160

   2010                                                                       THE ADELAIDE FIX’S WHERE TO EAT GUIDE

        Purchase 6 bottles of wine online to
                 Fly Singapore Airlines to your choice of
                           Italy, Spain or France.
                                             *Terms & Conditions Apply


                           118 Hindley Street Adelaide - Phone 8212 9099
                                      Open Tuesday to Saturday:
                  Bar - 4pm T                                   ea:
                             apas - 5pm Restaurant - 6pm High T Saturday - 4pm
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     Wine List of the Year 2004    Best Wine List 2006            Best Wine Bar 2006            Best Wine List 2007 & 2008

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                                                             118 Hindley Street, Adelaide - Ph 8212 9099

        Modern Contemporary
                                                              DINING & IMBIBING                                                      Open Thursday - Sunday
         Mediterranean food                                          Open Tuesday to Saturday:                               TAPAS : SANGRIA : PAELLA : SALSA
   Matched with original Australian Art                      Bar - 4pm Tapas - 5pm Restaurant - 6pm                              FLAMENCO : JAM NIGHT
 112-114 Wright Street Adelaide | 8231 7411                          High Tea: Saturday - 4pm
   Mon - Wed: 7am to 5pm, Thurs + Fri: 7am to late                    Reservations Essential                          
          Sat: 8am to 2pm + 6pm to late                                                                                           147 Hindley St, Adelaide
                                                                                                     ph. 8212 0222

                                                                                                                                                            The Greek Mezze
                                                                                                                                                                prides itself
                                                                                                                                                               in producing
                                                                                                                                                             all dishes on the
                                                                                                                                                            premises starting
                                                                                                                                                              with individual
         Bringing together the laid-back                        We welcome you to Australia’s first
         sophistication of a distinctive lounge bar,                Argentinian Restaurant.                                                                  and creating an
         with an intimate and elegant restaurant                                                                              open 7 dinners &                   authentic
                                                                    Our specialities include the Ageing Process
         celebrating modern Australian cuisine.                                                                              6 lunches every week              greek cuisine
                                                             of all meats butchered on premises daily combined with
                                                               our best kept secret Gaucho’s ‘chimmichurri sauce’.
         95-97 Gouger Street, Adelaide                                                                                           108 Gouger Street, Adelaide
         Telephone 8231 6023                                          91 Gouger St Adelaide, ph. 8231 2299                            P: 8231 3223                                                          

                            The LADY DALY                                               HOTEL
                                                                                        Bar - Restaurant - Accommodation
                                                                                        - Functions - Gaming                Mesa Lunga
                               BEER GARDEN                                              CLASSIC HEARTY DISHES IN THE
                                                                                        HEART OF THE CITY
                                                                                                                            Tapas Bar Y Ristorante
                               GAMING                                                   $10 Schnitzels Sat, Sun & Monday
                                                                                                                             Eat, drink and share the good times…
            TUES NIGHT                                                                  Open Lunch (excluding Sat)
                                                                                        Dinner Daily
 all you can eat char-grilled ribs                                                                                          Open Tuesday 6pm
                                                                                                                            & Wednesday through to
            WED NIGHT                                                                   AMBAR LOUNGE                        Sunday12pm till late.
           $10 schnitzel                                                                Inspired Cocktails, Boutique Wine
                                                                                        & Mediterranean Fare                Mesa Lunga
           THURS NIGHT                                                                                                      Tapas Bar Y Ristorante
      Ladys night $2 bubbly
                                                                                        2-4-1 Rustic Pizza 5-8pm Wed-Fri
                                                                                        Open Lunch & Dinner Wed- Fri        corner Morphett and
                                                                                                                            Gouger Streets, Adelaide
  126 PORT ROAD HINDMARSH                                                                                                   Call 8410 7617
          8340 4600                                                                                                107 King William St, Adelaide, p: 8231 4331

                                                             “a breath of
                                                             fresh air on the terrace”
                                                             Mirage is the newest and hottest
                                                             addition to the Adelaide lounge bar scene
                                                                     Modern European cuisine promoting
                                                                     South Australian produce                               Contemporary Australian hotel style food,
                                                                     Extensive premium spirit and                                  ranging from $10 to $25
                                                                     cocktail range
                                                                                                                                     OPEN 7 DAYS LUNCH AND DINNER
                                                                     Breakfast - Dinner - 7 days
                                                                     Lunch Mon-Fri
                                                                                                                               Opposite the central markets and Her Majestys theatre.
                                                                                                                                     Bookings welcome. Check out our menu at:
                                                             92 North Terrace, Adelaide p 08 8231 2600
corner Morphett and Gouger Streets, Adelaide ph. 8410 7617
         Eat, drink and share the good times…
                                                                                                                                         46 GROTE ST,ADELAIDE 8231 5471

2010                                                                                   THE ADELAIDE FIX’S WHERE TO EAT GUIDE

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