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									Programme XXXI CIOSTA - CIGR V Congress "Increasing Work Efficiency in Agriculture, Horticulture and Forestry", University of
                                Hohenheim, Stuttgart, Germany, Sept. 19-21, 2005

           Sunday, 18th September
from 16:00 Registration

  till 20:00

           Monday, 19th September
 from 8:00 Forestry technical tour                              Registration

   12:00       Lunch
   13:00       Kleisinger, Germany
               Greetings from CIOSTA
               Liebig, Germany
               Greetings from the University of Hohenheim
               Schulze-Lammers, Germany
               Greetings from CIGR
   13:30       Gustafsson, Sweden
               The CIOSTA Story: People, Places, Events
   14:00       Behr, Germany
               Fresh Market Vegetable Production in Western-
               Europe - Minimizing Unit Costs at High Quality
   14:30       Coffee-Break                                     Coffee-Break
   15:00       Strittmatter, Germany                            Schick, Switzerland
               Morat, Germany                                   Schrade, Switzerland
               Identifying Hazards in Forestry                  Determination of Working Time Requirements in
                                                                Suckler Cattle Farming Using a Combination of
                                                                Recording Methods
   15:30       Lidén, Germany                                   Heitkämper, Switzerland
               Business Ergonomic Handbook - an Instrument      Labour Econimical Comparison of Different
               for Improving Health and Safety, Co-operation    Working Methods in the Harvest of Table Apples
               and Efficiency in Mechanised Harvesting
   16:00       Tobisch, Germany                                 Vitner, Israel
               What Do Operators Expect from their Forest       Packaging of Cuttings by Weight as an Efficient
               Machines?                                        Alternative to Counting
   16:30       Coffee-Break                                     Coffee-Break
   17:00       Forestry demonstration                           Luder, Switzerland
                                                                Kaila, Finland
                                                                Planning Tool for the Labour Time Budgeting on
   17:30                                                        Moriz, Switzerland
                                                                Model-based Planning of Working-time
                                                                Requirements for Farm Management
   18:00                                                        Schick, Switzerland
                                                                Work Budget as an Aid to Work Organisation
                                                                and Time Planning
   18:30                                                        Handler, Austria
                                                                Working Time Requirement of the Austrian
   19:00       Welcome
Programme XXXI CIOSTA - CIGR V Congress "Increasing Work Efficiency in Agriculture, Horticulture and Forestry", University of
                                Hohenheim, Stuttgart, Germany, Sept. 19-21, 2005

              Thuesday, 20th September
    8:30      Gustafsson, Sweden
              Luoma, Finland
              Secure Childhood on the Farm
    9:00      Quendler, Austria
              Keep Children Safe near or on Moving Farm
    9:30      Karttunen, Finland
              Serious Accidents at Work on Farms - Causes
              and Prevention
   10:00      Luder, Switzerland
              Work Safety Concept for a Research Institute
              and its Experimental Farm
   10:30      Coffee-Break                                     Coffee-Break
   11:00      Luoma, Finland                                   Sørensen, Denmark
              Louhelainen, Finland                             Diamantopoulou, Greece
              Exposure to Dusts, Quartz and Endotoxins du-     Total Tree Volume Estimation Using Artifical
              ring Potato and Onion Post Harvest Treatment     Neural Network Models
   11:30      Sonck, Belgium                                   Jørgensen, Denmark
              Comparison of Operator Exposure for Five         High-level Control of Robots for Row Crops
              Different Greenhouse Spraying Applications
   12:00      Sapounas, Greece                                 Bareišis, Lithuania
              Prediction of Pesticides Emission and Disper-    Energetic and Environmental Efficiency of Self-
              sion from a Naturally Ventilated Greenhouse: a   acting Postional Shuttle Gantry Module in Fields
              CFD Approach
   12:30      Lunch                                            Lunch
   13:30      Postersession                                    Postersession
   14:00      Széles, Hungary                                  Borbély, Hungary
              Dworecki, Poland                                 Seginer, Israel
              Tractor Vibrations - Indentification of Tractor and Data-based Solar-drying-rate Function of Waste-
              Agricultural Machines Parameters                    water Sludge
   14:30      Dubowski, Polland                                Krampe, Germany
              Medium Size Road Units - an Innovative           A Methode for Feeding a Digester of Biogas
              Approach for Impro-ving Efficiency and Safety of Equipments with Organic Material
              Agricultural Transportation in Poland
   15:00      Coffee-Break                                     Coffee-Break
   15:30      Jørgensen, Denmark                               Geyer, Germany
              Sørensen, Denmark                                Haapala, Finland
              A Fleet and Performance Support System -         Precision Combined Drilling as a Work
              Case: Harvesting Operations                      Challenge
   16:00      Sonnen, Germany                                  Bernhardt, Germany
              Simulation of Crop Harvest Processing Chains     Management Efforts for the Implementation of a
                                                               Documentation Accor-ding to GMP+ in Agri-
                                                               cultural Grain Production
   16:30      Busato, Italy                                    Velázquez-Martí, Spain
              Modelling of Rice Harvesting Chains: Technical   Cooling System for Sterile Males of Ceratitis
              and Logistic Aspects                             Capitata by Means of Carbonic Ice for the
                                                               Mechanization of Their Aerial Liberation
   17:00      Experimental                                     Research
              farm                                             facilities

   19:00      Dinner with Peter Hauk, Minister of Nutrition and Rural Areas, Baden-Württemberg
Programme XXXI CIOSTA - CIGR V Congress "Increasing Work Efficiency in Agriculture, Horticulture and Forestry", University of
                                Hohenheim, Stuttgart, Germany, Sept. 19-21, 2005

              Wednesday, 21th September
    8:30      Juliszewski, Poland                                Sonck, Belgium
              Tuure, Finland                                     Weiershäuser, Germany
              Effect of Cold Exposure on Occupational            Effect of Diagonal Tillage Operation of Plots on
              Accidents and Work-related Diseases in             Labour Requirements, Fuel Consumption and
              Agriculture                                        Costs - Extension of the KTBL-Calculation
                                                                 System FELDAV for Task Times
    9:00      Hussain, Bangladesh                                Palva, Finland
              Impact of Power Tiller Operation on Operators      Work Requirement in Dairy Cow Grazing and
              Hearing                                            Adequacy of Available Grazing Area
    9:30      Hartung J., Germany                                Riegel, Switzerland
              Health Effects of Aerial Pollutants at Work        Model Calculation System PROOF: In Example
              Places in Farm Animal Houses                       of Pig Husbandry
   10:00      Kauke, Switzerland                                 Kemeny, Hungary
              Noise and Vibration in Milking Parlours - Effects Analysis on Beef Cattle Raising Profitability in a
              on the Animals and the Milker                     Hungarian Company
   10:30      Coffee-Break                                       Coffee-Break
   11:00      Weiershäuser, Germany                              Piccarolo, Italy
              Jakob, Germany                                     Schillac oder Caruso, Italy
              Influence of Machine Speed on Human                Mechanical Harvesting of Hazelnutzs in the Hill
              Performance for Simple and Highly Repetitive       and Mountain Regions of Sicily
              Work Processes
   11:30      Bechar, Israel                                     Berruto, Italy
              Improvment of Work Methods in Pepper               Wine Bottling Scheduling Optimization
   12:00      Fathallah, USA                                     Hess, Germany
              Ergonomic Interventions in the California          Employment of Seasonal Farm Workers from
              Winegrape Industry                                 Central- and Eastern European Countries
   12:30      Lunch                                              Lunch
   13:15      Agriculture                                        Horticulture
              technical tour                                     technical tour

              end 18:00                                          end 21:00

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