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									Evaluation of Reference and User Services Committee
Meeting Minutes
June 25, 2005

The Evaluation of Reference and User Services Committee (ERUS) met as part of the RSS Section all-
committee meeting on Saturday, June 25, in the Superior Room of the Holiday Inn Chicago City Center
from 9:30-11 AM.

Members present were: Barb Mann (chair, University of Southern Maine), Jill Moriearty (vice-chair,
University of Utah), Chip Stewart ( City College of New York), Judy Solberg ( George Washington
University), Jana Ronan ( University of Florida), Deborah Costen ( UCLA), Susan Ware ( Penn State) and
Walter Bell ( Lamar University).

After welcome and announcements, Barb discussed problems with the ERUS listserv, which had not
been updated. There is disagreement as to whether the ERUS chair or RSS webmaster updates this. Jill
will explore this further.

Susan, Jill, and Barb had met with the RUSA Guidelines Committee at midwinter re Guidelines for
Defining and Assessing Reference Services document. The Guidelines Committee stated that the
definition is ready. However, the assessment piece still needed additional refining and the Committee
suggested we include recommendation of tools to use for assessment. Susan will make changes and
send to individuals identified as assessment experts to gain their feedback.

Past chair Lisa Horowitz of MIT used this document in preparing the draft document Ongoing
Assessment Plan for MIT Libraries’ Information Services, which had not yet been approved by the MIT
Libraries’ Administration.

The rest of the meeting was spent in further editing the Guidelines document. Insight from the ERUS
committee as well as those who will be ERUS members after annual 2005, including Caroline Bordinaro
(CSU Dominguez) and Greg Crawford (Penn State) as well as visitor Anne Cottongim (Wayne State) was
invaluable. Suggestions made included adding an introduction to the assessment section;
recommendation of assessment tools and ways to differentiate between them; incorporation, with
permission from MIT, of points made in their draft assessment document; and collapsing points of the
assessment section into other points (e.g., 3.3.and 3.4 moving into 3.2; 3.5 becomes 3.3). The CQI
statement is also moved into the assessment section.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:50 in order to participate in the RSS section meeting.

Respectfully submitted,
Barb Mann, Chair.

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