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									                                                                                                         May 3, 2010
          Room 143
                                                   Medary Bobcats
           Mrs. C’s

                                Planting A Rainbow

      A Peek at              Review Letters, Sounds,
      the Week                     & sight words              New Words                 Review all sight words, number
                             Math – Test over time,                                    words and color words
                              money, measurement
                            Science – Plants and what
                                they need to grow
                            Social Studies – Mother’s

                                                                                                       Special Days this week
                            Excuse Me,
                            Please                                                     May 4th Memory Day
                                                                                       May 5th Neck Day…wear something on
  Poems or Songs            Mr. Giraffe,
                                                                                       your neck
                            you are
                            too tall.                                                  May 6th Outdoor Day…dress
                            you bumped                                                 appropriately for outdoor weather.
                            a nest
                            and made it fall!                                          May 7th Park Day…we will be walking to
                                                                                       a park in the morning to play, we will
                            When you go
                                                                                       enjoy our sack lunches and then return
                            walking under trees,
                            you should say,                                            back to school by 12:30 for the rest of
                            “Excuse me, please!”                                       the day. Please dress appropriately!!
                                                                                       Tennis shoes would be nice.
                            ~Jill Eggleton

                     It’s hard to believe there are only 3 more weeks left; this year has
From the Teacher’s certainly flown by. We are mostly reviewing previously learned skills for
       Desk          the remainder of the year. Our focus story is Planting A Rainbow. Each
                     child is making their own version of this story and they will be bringing
                     them home next week. We will be testing this week in math on time,
                     money, and measurement. Then we will review addition and subtraction
                     for the remainder of the year. In Science we are learning about plants
                     and what they need to grow. This week we will also be learning about
                     Mother’s Day and your child will be bringing home a special gift on
                     Friday. Have a great week everyone!
   Books of                                             Remember to bring your sack lunch on Friday for park day unless
                                                        you signed up for a school sack lunch.
              Planting A Rainbow
  the Week
                                                                                Next week your child will be tie dying a plain white T-shirt…you can
                                                 If your child is going to be
                                                                                bring the t-shirt to school anytime. Please write his/her name on
                                                absent please call and let us
                                                                                the tag. Thank You!!
                                                     Office # 696-4300
                                                   Mrs. C’s # 696-4312

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