What is Conflict (DOC) by panniuniu


									Unit: Conflict
Length: 15 Days
Day 1: What is conflict?

Objective: to inform students of conflict and the various types of warfare it includes.

Materials: book a computer lab (already done for Thursday—Mobile Lab 3), copies of

1. Engage students by having them in groups—you decide upon the number—come up
   with a definition of what they collectively believe conflict means. (5 minutes)
2. Have each group share their responses with the class (5 minutes)
3. Discuss with the class that conflict can be found in all facets of society: religious,
   individual, political, technological, etc. (2-3 minutes)
4. In terms of warfare, conflict has a different meaning: Conflict means: a state of
   open, often prolonged fighting (thefreedictionary.com). Tell them that there are many
   different types of conflict relating to war. (5 minutes)
5. Tell the class they are going to teach each other about different types of warfare.
   Divide the students into pairs or threes. Assign one of the following types of warfare
   to each group:
       a. Attrition warfare
       b. Economic warfare
       c. Biological warfare
       d. Guerrilla warfare
       e. Aerial warfare
       f. Psychological warfare
       g. Chemical warfare
       h. Insurgency
       i. Mine warfare
       j. Amphibious warfare
6. Assignment (25 marks): Using computers have the students research these types of
   warfare and present them to the class the following day. Each group must
   demonstrate their warfare by:
       a. identifying the cause of the warfare (5 marks) along with its consequence (5
       b. giving one example of when (5), where (5) and why (5) their warfare was
           used. Explain to the students that the “why” component might be expanded
           on with a brief history of a conflict behind their warfare.
       c. While each group teaches about their warfare, the class is expected to make
           notes. Inform each group that they must speak clearly, slowly, and loudly for
           the class to hear.

Assessment: the 25 mark assignment above on warfare. You may wish to also collect the
student’s notes to evaluate against a notetaking rubric.

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