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					Flat Screen Televisions - How Do You Decide?


Flat screen televisions are somewhat like religious symbols to what that is right with life in
America. If you really think about it, it actually makes sense. Well, maybe that's a fairly strong
statement. In any case, whenever I find myself near a flat screen television, I almost get an
overwhelming sense to kneel down and pray. Those TV are truly awe inspiring devices. How do
they ever make them that thin? It truly is amazing.

As you know, flat screens TV's are advertised for having a far better picture than conventional
CRT TV's or tube TV's. It definitely is true. The resolution of flat screens is quite remarkable,
and of course, they are all high definition ready. The technology behind plasma flat screen is
nothing new, but in recent time, it has been perfected to a point where it makes sense to produce
these wonders and have them in our homes.

The great thing about flat screens is not limited to a superior picture, but also the convenience of
such a lightweight and almost portable television. One of the most annoying thing about the
older CRT sets is that it takes an army to move one. No way will my back be able to lift one.
However, flat screens makes for not only an awesome picture but easy to move around you home
as well. Of course, they don't take up a lot of room either. You don't have to devote a whole
chuck of your living room to your television anymore, you can simply position it upon some wall
space and you're good to go.

While we're on the topic of wall mounting; there is something very beautiful about a wall
mounted flat screen. Some friends of mine recently got one and I must admit it was an awesome
sight indeed. I find myself just staring at it even when the set is turned off. Not only is it a cool
device, but it can also function as an attractive piece of modern furniture. When it is powered up,
it is as if you are watching an animated painting.

The two main technologies currently available in flat screens are LCD and plasma. They both
have their advantages and disadvantages. LCD has the better picture overall but cost more and is
only available up to a certain size. While plasma tends to be cheaper and can get pretty big pretty
fast. Which technology is right for you is something you need to research and decide for

Yes, I can surely see a flat screen, whether it is LCD or plasma, in my near future. I've already
grown very fond of my own flat screen monitor for my computer and it is just natural to extend
that to my television viewing. It is simply a matter of time before I take that plunge into that
world as well. There really is no use fighting it, I have become a product of life in America in the
21st century. I might as well have the tech marvels to prove it.

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