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					     Membership Development

           Leadership Training Institute
                  July 31, 2006

Linda Marsal, Associate Executive Director
Susan Simmons, Director
CEC Membership Services
Our Core Purpose
   To champion professional excellence
    and advancement of special education
    for individuals with exceptionalities.

      The Voice and Vision of Special Education
       Our Mission
   …to improve educational outcomes for
    individuals with exceptionalities.
   …by supporting special education
    professionals and others working on
    behalf of individuals with

                   The Voice and Vision of Special Education
    Mission (continued)
   by advocating for appropriate governmental
   by setting professional standards;
   by providing continuing professional
   by advocating for newly and historically
    underserved individuals with exceptionalities;
   and by helping professionals achieve the
    conditions and resources necessary for
    effective professional practice.
CEC History
   The Council for Exceptional Children
    was founded on August 10, 1922 by a
    group attending the summer session at
    Teachers College, Columbia University
    (New York).
   CEC has 40,000 members in the U.S.,
    Canada, and world wide!
Why do professionals join CEC?
   CEC is the most active and widely
    recognized association in the world
    representing special education
   CEC has a strong knowledge base in
    special education.
40,000 Members!

How does CEC recruit and retain its members?

             …With your help!

CEC’s units and volunteer leaders help
  accomplish much of the work of the Council’s
  activities…especially membership outreach.
How? Just ROAR!
   Recruit

   Orient

   Activate

   Retain
Step 1.

Successful Recruiting

Using a personal approach, making CEC
visible, and circulating literature are all
important means for making recruitment
Recruit – CEC Activities
   Direct mail membership campaigns
    twice per year
   CEC Web site
   Campaigns with state/provincial units
    and divisions
   Make materials available to units
Recruit – Unit Activities
                Tell us about your

                Please share ideas you
                 have that can be
                 improved upon (a nice
                 way of asking what did
                 not work!)
I joined CEC as a member,
and WOW…
                I get tons of
                 information from CEC in
                 the journals, at CEC
                 meetings, and on the
                 CEC Web site,
                I have opportunities to
                 become a leader in
                and I have access to
                 special education
                 professionals all over
                 the world!
Step 2.

Successful Orientation

Did you know that:
This initial contact with your new members
is one of the most important steps in
RETAINING members?

(more about this later)
Orient – CEC Activities

   Membership card received by members
    3-4 weeks after they join
   Welcome e-mail directing them to
    Member Handbook on Web site
Orient – Unit Activities

   Establish a “welcoming committee”
   Personal letter/e-mail/phone call
   Postcard/e-mail reminders about
    upcoming events
   Newsletter
   #1 Resource: Your Members!

There are jobs in all shapes

and sizes.

There’s something for everyone
who wants to help!
   Serve as an officer
   Participate on a committee
   Recruit new members
   Bring snacks for meetings
   “Bite size jobs”: make phone calls, copy
    flyers, send e-mails, proofread the
    newsletter, greet visitors at meetings
Step 3.

Successful Activation
The same people can’t run your unit
forever (although many try!). New
members need to know there are
opportunities to serve on committees
and help run activities, and they need
to be invited/encouraged to do so.
Activate – CEC Activities
   Circulate information about activities
    and events of interest to members
   Circulate information about CEC
    leadership opportunities
   CEC Member Survey
     CEC Member Survey:
     Purpose of the Survey
   Listen to our members
   Identify CEC services that are of value
    to the member
   Respond to member needs
   Examine membership demographics
   Use the data for decision making
    What do we know about our members?

   1/3 are teachers      Over 70% plan to
   Over ½ work in         stay in special
    public schools         education for the
   ½ have Master’s        foreseeable future
    degrees               72% of those
                           responding belong
                           to at least one
                      Top 5 Reasons for
                 Continuing CEC Membership

1.   Enhancing my professional knowledge and
     skills (4.61).
2.   Accessing the latest information in special
     education (4.58).
3.   Improving special education teaching (4.57).
4.   Continuing professional learning and
     development (4.43).
5.   Supporting an organization that cares about
     students (4.33).
Activate – Unit Activities
   Find out your members most want
   Plan a calendar of events
   Let people know about opportunities in
    your unit to get involved and ASK!
Step 4.

Retention – CEC Activities
   New member e-mail
   Mid-year “Can We Help?” e-mail
   Renewal notices
   Value of Membership flyers
   Telemarketing campaign
   Membership Round-Ups
Retention – Unit Activities
   Throughout the year “remind” members
    about the Value of membership
   Contact members prior to renewal to
    thank them for their membership and
    encourage them to renew
Successful Retention
   Process starts when they join—not
    when they are about to expire
   Members need to see VALUE

We see our success when our
membership grows!!
How to Contact Linda & Susan
Linda Marsal, Associate Executive Director
Susan Simmons, Director
CEC Membership Services

Linda: 800/224-6830 ext 497

Susan: 800/224-6830 ext 435

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