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					                            PROFORMA INVOICE-School visit/Groups

     Company Name                  Rocky Ridge Estate
     Contact Person                Heidi Adendorff
     Street Address                A/H 944, Kameeldrift
     City                          Pretoria
     Phone:                        082 5666360
     Fax:                          866512767

Prices as quoted are per session (morning, afternoon or evening) unless otherwise stated.
                                                                                  How did you find out about us?
   Date of visit                                                                  * Circular- Department of Education
   School                                                                         * Attended a previous event at RRE
 City/School District (D1-4 &15)                                                  * An advertisement
      School E-mail/Fax                                                           * A marketing show
        School Landline                                                           * Via a search engine on the net
   Contact person                                                                 * Internet - link on
                    Cell                                                          * Internet - link on
                                                                                  * A personal referral -provide details
                       E-mail                                                     (name & contact number):

   Total amount due                                               R 0.00          Please complete the above - we need
                                                                                          to know which form of
Type of booking                                                                      advertisement is most effective!!!
                                                                                  Time slot
   Educational outing                                                             Morning        9:00-12:30
   Social school outing                                                           Afternoon      14:00-17:00
   Christmas party                                                                Evening        18:00-22:00
   Preparation for a road safety competition                                      Amount of children per grade
   Road safety competition                                                        Gr 000-             Gr 1
   Conversational language to use with children                                   Gr 00               Gr 2
   Afrikaans                                                                      Gr 0                Gr 3+
   English                                                                                           Total       0
                                                     ENTRANCE FEES
Entrance fee for CHILDREN includes entrance to and use of the following:
    * Fantasy houses         * Play parks                                    * Different wheel toys
1. Children 1-16 years (if they can walk --> they pay!)                                     p/c.        Q               Due
    Week days (Monday to Thursday afternoon) - per child                                 R 20.00                      R 0.00
    Friday mornings - per child                                                          R 25.00                      R 0.00
    Friday afternoon - per child                                                         R 40.00                      R 0.00
    Saturday morning, afternoon or evening - per child                                   R 40.00                      R 0.00
    Sundays (9:00 - 17:00) - per child or adult. Miminum 100 people                      R 25.00                      R 0.00
2. Entrance fee for adults (except Sundays)
    * Free entrance for 1 adult per 25 paying children (max. 10 adults free)              R 0.00                      R 0.00
    * Extra adults - per adult                                                           R 10.00                      R 0.00
                                                  CATERING SERVICES
   1. Please refer to page 4 for catering options and prices.                                                         R 0.00
   2. Equipment hire: Please refer to page 5 for prices.                                                              R 0.00

 1. Mini-Town Lapa (for 3 hours)                            R 550.00            R 0.00
 2. Die Klipkoppie Lapa (for 3 hours)                       R 550.00            R 0.00


1. Sound equipment for concert (computer, speakers, microphone,                  R 1,000.00                            R 0.00
... data projector and white screen)
                                           MORE FUN FOR CHILDREN
1. Water slide                                                                    R 600.00                        R 0.00
2. Own water equipment (water slides etc.)- our water                             R 200.00                        R 0.00
3. Swimming pools ( three pools - different sizes)                                R 600.00                        R 0.00
4. Own jumping equipment - our electricity                                        R 100.00                        R 0.00
5. Jumping castle                                                                 R 500.00                        R 0.00
6. Fantasy clothes (Only for groups of 60 children or less)                       R 500.00                        R 0.00
7. Basic introduction to basic pedestrian and cyclist road safety rules             R 0.00                        R 0.00
… done by one of the staff members of our Road Safety Centre.
8. Danny Cat 30 minute show for primary schools (only during the week)
The show is educational covering the basic pedestrian and cyclists road safety rules-with lollipops for each child!
… * 40 kids or less - group prize                                                 R 500.00                        R 0.00
….* 40+ kids - per child                                                            R 8.00                        R 0.00

9. One Sally Cat costume and face paint. School provide person to wear               R 100.00                          R 0.00
….the costume and to do the "presentation"

10. 50 minutes multimedia road safety educational programme- includes                 R 20.00                          R 0.00
...Danny Cat show minimum 100 children- price per child

                                                                         Total amount due                             R 0.00

                                                           10% Deposit due immediately                                 R 0.00
              Please pay the balance 1 day before your booking date. Bring payment advice with you.                    R 0.00
          Sorry, NO CREDIT for non-showing children after balance has been paid!!!!

                                                                                                PM Date
                                                                         Total amount due                             R 0.00
                                                                                Payment 2
                                                                                Payment 3
                                                                     Outstanding balance                              R 0.00

Bank                   Nedbank                                        Deposit date              Immediately to secure booking
Branch                 155345 (Montana)                               Reference                 School name & date of visit
Account holder         Rocky Ridge                                    Deposit                     R 0.00

     Account number         1553098242                                     Saldo                  Due 1 day before visit

                          SECURITY -Please obey these simple rules to keep all our children safe!
     The area in front of our venue is strictly used as a drop-off zone only.
     Spot-fines of R500.00 will be issued by the Metro-police to offenders.
     No taxi/bus operators or any other spectators allowed on our premises for the duration of the
     school outing, unless paid for.

Route to Rocky Ridge Estate, Kameeldrift-East, Pretoria
 1   Take the N1 (Pietersburg /Polokwane) highway in a northerly direction. Head north on N1/N4 toward Exit 152
 2   Take exit 152 for R513/Zambezi. Proceed through Zambezi toll gate.
 3   Turn right at Zambezi Drive/R513. Proceed on Zambezi Drive. Drive towards Cullinan for 1.2 km.
 4   Take the 2nd left onto R573 KwaMhlanga Road. Proceed for 4 km.
 5   After four kilometres, drives pass the crossing where you can turn right onto the Kameeldrift Road.
 6   Drive for another 500m --> until you passed the Kameeldrift police station on your left-hand side.
 7   Just after the SAPS, pass the big Spioenkop street sign on the left.
 8   When you see 2nd, smalerl Spioenkop sign board to your left --> turn right onto Loerie Street (small street sign).
 9    Turn left at the T-junction.
10    We are the first gate on your right.


       R 0.00
       R 0.00
       R 0.00
       R 0.00
       R 0.00
       R 0.00
       R 0.00
       R 0.00
       R 0.00
       R 0.00
       R 0.00

R 0.00
R 0.00
R 0.00
R 0.00
R 0.00
R 0.00
R 0.00
R 0.00
R 0.00
R 0.00
R 0.00
R 0.00
R 0.00
R 0.00
R 0.00
R 0.00

R 0.00
R 0.00
R 0.00
R 0.00

R 0.00
R 0.00
R 0.00
R 0.00

R 0.00
R 0.00

R 0.00

       Session bookings--> 1st: 10:00 - 13:00,        2nd: 14:00 - 17:00     OR     3rd: 18:00 - 24:00

Go through this section to see what is included at each party spot.
Party spot                                       Mini-town       Klipkoppie        Eastern      Western
                                                     lapa           Lapa           garden       garden
Staff to assist kids in mini-town                                     Yes, IF applicable
Fantasy clothes for kids                                              Yes, IF applicable
1 Table per 10 adults (max 8 tables free)              √              √               √            √
Chairs according to amount people booked for           √              √               √            √
(max 100)
 1 Kids table per 4 kids (max 5 tables free)           √              √               √            √

Private junior toilets                                4
Kitchen                                                               √
  Two plate stove                                                     √
  Kettle                                              √               √
  Pots & cooking utensils                                             √
  Microwave                                                           √
  Fridge                                                              √
  Freezer                                             √               √
  Zink                                                √               √
Bar / serving area                                                    √
Braai facilities                                      4               2              √             √
Fire-pit                                                              √
Separate cooking area for 8 Potjies                                   √
Cleaning services after function                      √               √              √             √
Staff to assist with off- and loading of your stuff   √               √              √             √
DSTV satellite dish – bring own TV and decoder        √               √              √

Small music system                                    √               √
Electricity                                           √               √              √             √
Secure open parking on premises                       √               √              √             √
Well shaded garden                                    √               √              √
Grassed garden                                        √               √              √             √
Sufficient space for a marquee                                                                     √
Evening function in Klipkoppie lapa:                                  √
Crockery and cutlery for 30 guests
30 of each of the following:
* Dinner plates
* Knifes and forks
* Side plates
* Desert spoons
* Pudding bowl
                                                         CATERING SERVICES

Kiddies                                                                Per child
          * Party packs for kiddies (1 cool drink, 1 chips & 8          R 50.00                           R 0.00
          ...different sweeties in a box)
Catering services for kids - minimum 40 kids
          * Vienna & chips                                               R 25.00                          R 0.00
          * Boerewors rolls                                              R 30.00                          R 0.00
          * Small Hotdogs (small bun & half vienna)                      R 10.00                          R 0.00
          * Hotdogs (normal bun & vienna)                                R 16.00                          R 0.00
          * Small chips                                                  R 10.00                          R 0.00
          * Sandwich variety (sweet and salty smears)                     R 8.00                          R 0.00
          * Sandwich variety (polony and ham variety)                    R 15.00                          R 0.00

                                                                                              Sub-total   R 0.00
Adults:                                                               Per person
           * Bottomless tea and coffee (per person,                      R 15.00                          R 0.00
           ...inclusive of coffee & teacups)
           * Snack platters for adults (per person, inclusive            R 65.00                          R 0.00
           ...of side-plates and cake forks)
           * Menu 1: Skaapbraai for adults (min 40 persons,             R 140.00                          R 0.00
           ...per person, inclusive of plates and cutlery.
           ...Tablecloths, serviettes excluded).
           * Menu 2: Potjie for adults (per person, inclusive           R 125.00                          R 0.00
           ...of plates and cutlery. Tablecloths, serviettes excl.)
           * Braai packs: 350g per person (wors and tjop/s)              R 80.00                          R 0.00
           * Pap (you specify type) & tomato, onion sauce                R 25.00                          R 0.00
                                                                                              Sub-total   R 0.00

                                                                                                  Total   R 0.00

           Spyskaart 1                                                             Spyskaart 2
           40 gaste minimum                                                        40 gaste minimum

           Skaapbraai                                                                    Skaappotjie
       R 140.00                 p/p                                                     R 125.00 p/p

           Pap en sous                                                             Rys of stampmielies
           Potbrood of broodrolletjies                                             Potbrood of broodrolletjies
           Mengelslaai                                                             Mengelslaai

           Roomys en sjokolade sous                                                Roomys en sjokolade sous
          R 0.00

          R 0.00
          R 0.00

          R 0.00

          R 0.00

          R 0.00

          R 0.00

de sous
                                                       Equipment hire: Date_______________
Tea & coffee ware (white porcelain)                        Q.    R due             Electrical ware
       * Coffee mug (long)            R 1.25                              R 0.00           * Kettle (2-20 persons)                            R 15.00                      R 0.00
       * Coffee mug (medium)          R 1.25                              R 0.00           * Extention lead                                   R 20.00                      R 0.00
       * Coffee mug (small)           R 1.25                              R 0.00           * Warm tray                                        R 40.00                      R 0.00
                                                                                           * Deep fryer                                       R 150.00                     R 0.00
                                                                                           * Microwave                                        R 150.00                     R 0.00
        * Tea cup saucer              R 1.25                              R 0.00           * 2 Plate stove with oven                          R 150.00                     R 0.00
        * Tea cup                     R 1.25                              R 0.00   Glassware
        * Tea pot                     R 15.00                             R 0.00           * Long glass                                       R 1.10                       R 0.00
        * Milk jug (small)            R 3.00                              R 0.00           * Wine glass                                       R 1.10                       R 0.00
        * Sugar bowl                  R 3.00                              R 0.00           * Champagne glass                                  R 1.10                       R 0.00
Tea & coffee ware (stainless steel)                                                        * Beer glass                                       R 1.10                       R 0.00
        * Tea pot                     R 9.00                              R 0.00           * Tot glass                                        R 1.10                       R 0.00
        * Coffee strainer             R 6.00                              R 0.00   Table ware
        * Milk jug                    R 4.00                              R 0.00           * Ashtrays (brown pottery)                         R 1.20                       R 0.00
        * Sugar bowl                  R 3.00                              R 0.00           * Ashtrays (glass)                                 R 1.20                       R 0.00
Tea trays                                                                                  * Ashtrays (silver)                                R 1.20                       R 0.00
        * Tray (black wood)           R 3.00                              R 0.00                                                              R
                                                                                           * Coffee, tea & sugar canister - 3 piece plastic set 20.00                      R 0.00
        * Tray (light colour, wood)   R 3.00                              R 0.00           * Coffee, tea & sugar canister - 4 piece glass set R 20.00                      R 0.00
        * Tray (metal, picture)       R 3.00                              R 0.00           * Finger bowls (small - glass)                     R 15.00                      R 0.00
Dinner ware (white porcelain)                                                              * Salt & pepper set (silver) - filled              R 20.00                      R 0.00
        * Plate - dinner              R 1.05                              R 0.00           * Salt & pepper set (transparent) - filled         R 20.00                      R 0.00
        * Plate - side                R 1.10                              R 0.00           * Salt & pepper set (white) - filled               R 20.00                      R 0.00
                                                                                           * Serviette holder (wire)                          R 5.00                       R 0.00
          * Bowl - pudding (small)    R 1.05                              R 0.00           * Serviette holder (wood)                          R 5.00                       R 0.00
          * Bowl - pudding (medium)   R 1.05                              R 0.00           * Teabag holder (white)                            R 2.00                       R 0.00
          * Bowl - pudding (big)      R 1.05                              R 0.00           * Teaspoon holder (brown)                          R 2.00                       R 0.00
                                                                                           * Table cloth - black                              R 45.00                      R 0.00
Cutlery                                                                                    * Table cloth - cream                              R 45.00                      R 0.00
          * Fork                      R 0.95                              R 0.00   Lightning ware
          * Fork - cake               R 0.95                              R 0.00           * Candle stander (small, black metal)              R 10.00                      R 0.00
          * Knife (plastic)           R 0.95                              R 0.00           * Candle stander (big, black metal)                R 10.00                      R 0.00
          * Knife                     R 0.95                              R 0.00           * Lantern (blue metal) - provide own parafin       R 10.00                      R 0.00
          * Spoon - pudding           R 0.95                              R 0.00   Serving ware
          * Spoon - serving           R 2.50                              R 0.00           * Bowl - salad (glass)                             R 10.00                      R 0.00
          * Spoon - sugar             R 0.95                              R 0.00           * Bowl - salad (large wooden)                      R 15.00                      R 0.00
          * Teaspoons (plastic)       R 0.95                              R 0.00           * Bowl - salad/chips (square, light wood)          R 3.00                       R 0.00
          * Teaspoons                 R 0.95                              R 0.00           * Platter round (big, stainless steel)             R 5.00                       R 0.00
                                                      Sub tot:   R 0.00                    * Platter square (small, grey plastic)             R 3.00                       R 0.00
                                      Sub tot items        0                               * Shaving dish (burner gel excluded)               R 120.00                     R 0.00
                                                                                                                                                            Sub tot:       R 0.00
                                                                                                                                            Sub tot items              0        0
Electronic ware                                                                                         Covering
       * Mini Hi-Fi                                    R 350.00                                R 0.00          * Gazebo (dark blue)                                R 350.00                     R 0.00
       * TV - own decoder and card                     R 350.00                                R 0.00          * 5 x 5 Military tent (no sides)- pitched           R 1,200.00                   R 0.00
       * Portable film screen                          R 150.00                                R 0.00          * 5 x 5 Military tent (no sides)- you pitch         R 650.00                     R 0.00
       * Entertainment station - computer, speakers,   R 1,500.00                              R 0.00
       ..microphone and stand

Braai equipment                                                                                         Please provide own table cloths for ALL tables hired from us!!!
        * Baking tray (stainless steel)                R 12.00                                 R 0.00   Party furniture for adults - Free per group: 1 table + chairs for every 10 adults
        * Braai - half drum (medium)                   R 50.00                                 R 0.00
        * Braai - half drum (large)                    R 100.00                                R 0.00           * Table, fold-up, metal (6 persons)                R 15.00                      R 0.00
        * Casserole dish (with lid)                    R 12.00                                 R 0.00           * Table, brown metal (6 persons)                   R 15.00                      R 0.00
        * Cutting board (plastic)                      R 5.00                                  R 0.00                                                                           Tot         0
        * Cutting board (wood)                         R 5.00                                  R 0.00
        * Dispenser - sauces (plastic)                 R 2.00                                  R 0.00           * Garden table, black plastic                     R 15.00                       R 0.00
        * Thong                                        R 5.00                                  R 0.00                                                             R
                                                                                                                * Presents/sherry table round, white plastic (small) 15.00                      R 0.00
        * Gas bottle                                   R 50.00                                 R 0.00
        * Knife - meat                                 R 20.00                                 R 0.00           * Chairs, black plastic (adults) NO charge       R 0.00                         R 0.00
        * Potjie, iron - no 10 (Serves 60 people)      R 50.00                                 R 0.00                                                            R 0.00
                                                                                                                * Chairs, plastic seats, metal feet (adults) NO charge                          R 0.00
        * Spices shaker (stainless steel)              R 12.00                                 R 0.00                                                                           Tot         0
        * Spoon - wooden (BIG for potjie)              R 5.00                                  R 0.00
Bar accessories                                                                                         Party furniture for kids - Free per group: 1 table for every 4 kids
        * Cooler box (big)                             R 4.00                                  R 0.00           * Wooden table, white with umbrella (seats 4)    R 10.00                        R 0.00
        * Cooler box for ice (small)                   R 4.00                                  R 0.00           * Wooden table, black with umbrella (seats 4)    R 10.00                        R 0.00
        * Cork screw                                   R 2.00                                  R 0.00
        * Ice bucket (black)                           R 4.00                                  R 0.00           * Plastic kiddie table (seats 4)                   R 10.00                      R 0.00
        * Ice bucket (brown)                           R 4.00                                  R 0.00           * Plastic chairs (not to be used without covers)   R 5.00                       R 0.00
        * Jugs large (glass)                           R 5.00                                  R 0.00                                                                           Sub tot:        R 0.00
        * Winecooler (silver)                          R 7.00                                  R 0.00
                                                                       Sub tot:       R 0.00
                                                       Sub tot items        0                                                                                      Total amount due:            R 0.00
Washing of hired dish items
      * Per item                                       R 0.39                     0            R 0.00
                                                         FOR OFFICE USE
Bottomless tea & coffee
Tea & coffee ware (white porcelain)                 Q.           Tea trays                                                    Q.
        * Coffee mug (long)                                              * Tray (black wood)
        * Coffee mug (medium)                                            * Tray (light colour, wood)
        * Coffee mug (small)                                             * Tray (metal, picture)
        * Tea cup saucer                                         Cutlery
        * Tea cup                                                        * Spoon - sugar
        * Tea pot                                                        * Teaspoons
        * Milk jug (small)                                       Table ware
        * Sugar bowl                                                     * Coffee, tea & sugar canister - 4 piece glass set
Tea & coffee ware (stainless steel)                                      * Teabag holder (white)
        * Tea pot                                                        * Teaspoon holder (brown)
        * Coffee strainer                                        Electrical ware
        * Milk jug                                                       * Kettle (2-20 persons)
        * Sugar bowl                                                     * Extention lead
Other items used for catering services

Before function:
Inventory taken by staff member: Name and surname

Inventory taken by client: Name and surname

After function:
Inventory taken by client: Name and surname

Inventory taken by staff member: Name and surname
                                          Party spots

                                   Fantasy mini-town lapa

                                        Klipkoppie lapa

                                         Black Rock Hall
Not available for social functions any more, from September 2010. Available for church
ceremonies only.
            Open-air venue

Fantasy mini-town track/Road safety track

               Play Park 1
Play Park 2
                        Rocky Ridge Estate Fantasy Clothes for kids
Date:   ='Proforma invoice'!G19                                PARTY SPOT   Klipkoppie lapa
Client: 0                                                                   Fantasy mini-town lapa
Rocky Ridge Estate representative:                                          Western garden

  #         Summary of Items Issued for Kids Party               Amount
  1     Army suits & pants                                           6                  R 1,600.00
  2     Wedding voils                                               15                   R 750.00
  3     Doctor coats (boys)                                          3                   R 450.00
  4     Nurse dresses (girls)                                        3                   R 600.00
  5     Police suits & pants                                         4                   R 800.00
  6     Fire fighter suits with pants                                4                   R 800.00
  7     Butterfly wings & skirts                                     6                   R 450.00
  8     Butterfly wings (small)                                      3                   R 150.00
  9     Butterfly wings (big)                                        1                     R 75.00
  10    Cow hat                                                      1                   R 110.00
  11    Dragon hat                                                   1                   R 110.00
  12    Wizard hats & cloaks                                         5                  R 1,000.00
  13    Insect wings                                                 2                   R 150.00
  14    Cowboy undercoat                                             1                     R 60.00
  15    Apron - big                                                  3                   R 150.00
  16    Apron - small                                                3                   R 100.00
                                                                                        R 7,355.00
        Before party:
        I have checked that all items are in good condition.

        Client Signature

        After party:
        I have checked that all items are in good condition.
RRE represenatative Signature

     All Items
                                       Die dag vd party
                     Baie belangrike inligting oor die dag van u partytjie

 Partytjie-tye

    U het toegang tot u spesifieke partytjie-plek (tuin of lapa) vir die volgende tye:

          Oggendsessie: 10:00 – 13:00

          Middagsessie: 14:00 – 17:00

          Aandsessie: 18:00 – 24:00

    Hou asseblief by die sessie-tye. U is welkom om u goed aan te dra en iewers in die tuin neer
     te sit sodat u “gereed” is as die vorige sessie eindig.

    Lapa besprekings vir oggendsessies:

                U mag in die lapa inbeweeg vanaf 9:00 om u goedjies reg te kry. U mag die lapa
                 gebruik tot 13:00, en daarna so vinnig as moontlik uitbeweeg. Neem asseblief
                 die volgende groep in ag – hulle het minder tyd as u om alles reg te kry vir hulle
                 partytjie. Ons personeel sal kom skoonmaak.

    Lapa besprekings vir middag- en aandsessies:

                Gee asseblief die gaste van die vorige sessie kans om op tyd hulle partytjie klaar
                 te maak (13:00 vir oggendsessie en 17:00 vir die middagsessie). Hulle het 30
                 minute daarna om hulle goedjies bymekaar te kry en uit te beweeg. Hierdie 30
                 minute word ook deur ons personeel gebruik om op te ruim en skoon te maak
                 vir die volgende sessie. Hierna mag u eers inbeweeg in die lapa om u goedjies
                 reg te kry. As daar nie ‘n bespreking is voor u sessie is nie, mag u gouer
                 inbeweeg. Vind uit wat die situasie is die Woensdag voor u partytjie.

 Gratis items

    Maak asseblief seker wat ingesluit is by u bespreking en wat nie. Daar is ‘n bladsy daarvoor
     in die besprekingsboek. Iets soos byvoorbeeld tafeldoeke is nie ingesluit.

    Daar is baie meer items ingesluit by die huur van lapas wat nie geld vir tuin besprekings. U
     moet ons laat weet watter van die gratis items u wou gebruik – soos mikrogolfoond,
     musieksiseem ensovoorts.

 Aanwysings

Maak asseblief seker dat u gaste aanwysings het. Alles is beskikbaar op ons webwerf. Ons sal graag
vir elke gas stap-vir-stap wou help om by ons uit te kom – maar dis net nie moontlik. 
 Betalings van onvoorsiene uitgawes:

     Sorg asseblief dat u kontant saambring vir ekstra goed wat u wil huur, ekstra gaste wat
      opdaag of breekware wat u huur en wat per ongeluk breek. Ons aanvaar ongelukkig geen
      betalings na die tyd nie, betaal asseblief wat u skuld voor u die terrein verlaat.

     Enige ekstra items wat u op die dag van die partytjie benodig, kan u aanvra by die personeel
      aan diens.

     Ons personeel sal u gaste op een of ander stadium so ongesiens as moontlik tel (om nie
      ongerief vir u te veroorsaak nie). Dis nie ‘n krisis as iemand onvoorsiens opdaag nie – ons
      weet dit gebeur.

 Voorraadopname:

     Maak seker dat u vroeg genoeg opdaag om tyd te kan inruim vir die voorraadopname. 5
      Minute voor-, en na die partytjie, sal genoeg wees.

     U moet teken vir ontvangs vir enige items wat u by ons huur/gebruik –soos glase
      ensovoorts. Dit geld ook as ons spysenieringsdienste soos bodemlose koffie & tee verskaf.
      Die verantwoordelike persoon aan diens (gewoonlik Mary of Rosina) sal aan u ‘n vorm
      verskaf wat u moet teken.

     By afloop van u partytjies moet ons personeel WEER saam u die items tel en daarvoor teken.
      U mag/moet asseblief nie die perseel verlaat sonder dat u dit gedoen het nie.

     As u nie gesorg dat ons personeel die items tel na die funksie nie en daar is van die items
      weg, sal u verantwoordelik gehou word daarvoor.

 Aflaai van u partytjiegoed:

     Ons kan die kettings voor die saal oopsluit sodat julle kan inry langs die saal, om julle
      goedjies af te laai – vra maar net die personeel om dit vir julle te doen. Laai af en gaan
      parkeer u motor asseblief daarna op die parkeerterrein – en pasop maar vir kleingoed as u
      agteruitry .

 Ons personeel se verantwoordelikhede:

     Ons personeel sal u gaste op een of ander stadium so ongesiens as moontlik tel (om nie
      ongerief vir u te veroorsaak nie).

     Daar is altyd ten minste drie personeellede aan diens tydens die partytjies. Vra hulle gerus as
      u iets wou weet of iets benodig. Die personeel is as volg:

 Mary of Christina- hulle is die kantoor assistente en in beheer van sake as die eienaar en
  bestuurder, Heidi nie daar is nie. Hulle is ook verantwoordelik daarvoor om u gaste te tel, u die
  vorms te laat teken vir die items wat aan u uitgereik is en enige gelde verskuldig deur u te
  ontvang. Maak seker u ontvang ‘n kwitansie.
 Salome- sy is die mini-dorp assistent en verantwoordelik vir die speelgoed, huisies en fantasie
  klere. Sy is agter nie daar om na u kinders te kyk nie. Ondersteun haar asseblief – dis haar werk
  en sy kry raas as die vensters gebreek is of van die speelgoed.

 Shortie- hy is ‘n skoonmaker en mag u help met die aflaai van u goedere. Hy is verantwoordelik
  vir die skoonmaak van die terrein en asblikke. Hy is verantwoordelik vir die toesluit van die
  fasiliteite en moet dus verwittig word as u klaar is, en die terrein wil verlaat indien u ‘n
  aandfunksie gehad het.

 Musiek

     Gedurende die dag: U is welkom om sagte agtergrondmusiek te speel wat nie steurend is vir
      ander gaste by u spesifieke partytjie-plek.

     Aandsessies: Harde musiek word slegs binne die lapas toegelaat (lapas help om die klank te
      demp). Alle harde musiek moet stiptelik 24:00 sagter gestel word. U is welkom om langer te
      kuier met sagte agtergondmusiek. Ons personeel het opdrag om die kragtoevoer summier af
      te skakel indien gaste nie gehoor wil gee aan hierdie beginsel nie. Ons goeie verhouding met
      ons bure is belangrik vir ons!

 Partytjies waar kinders toegang het tot Fantasie Mini-Dorp

     Geen kinders mag in die mini-dorp ingaan totdat die sessie amptelik begin het nie – hule
      mag egter in die twee speelparke speel.

     U moet ook teken dat u die fantasie klere getel het en dat al die items in ‘n goeie toestand is.
      As daar meer as een partytjie is sal u, u eie items ontvang vir u groep kinders.

     Ons weet die kinders kom om te SPEEL! Ons verwag nie dat u die kinders se genot moet
      inperk nie – as u net redelik toesig hou, behoort geen items skade te kry nie. Ons het duur,
      sterk materiaal gebruik om die fantasie klere mee te maak. Ons speelgoed is van die beste
      (en duurste) – kyk tog maar GROOT asseblief dat kinders mekaar nie byvoorbeeld stoot in
      die popwaentjies nie... dis is tog nie daarvoor gemaak nie?

     Die klein hekkies by die mini-dorp area mag nie toegemaak word om u kinders “binne te
      hou” nie. Dit skep onnodige ongemak vir ander groepe wat langsaan in die tuin of by die
      Klipkoppie lapa is. ALLE kinders het toegang tot ALLE fasiliteite.

     Onthou om vir julle gaste met peuters jonger as twee jaar daarop te wys dat hulle van die
      kleiner soort plastiek skopfietsies mag saambring vir hul peuters. Ons voorsien dit nie meer
      nie want dis ‘n onbegonne taak om voor te bly met fietsies wat nie stukkend is nie. Die 4- en
      5-jariges ry hulle stukkend in ‘n kits. So, hou maar die ouer kleuters dop as van julle gaste
      sulke fietsies saambring!!! Daar is egter MEER as genoeg fietse vir die kinders ouer as twee

 Algemeen

Daar word Sondae kerkdienste gehou in die kerksaal tussen 10:00 en 11:00. Respekteer dit deur
asseblief deur so sag as moontlik verby die saal se ingange te beweeg gedurende die
 dienstye. U hoef egter nie bekommerd te wees oor geraas op die speelterreine nie – dit is
  ver genoeg van die saal om nie ‘n steurnis te veroorsaak vir die kerkgangers nie.

 Laat ons asseblief weet as enige iets nie na u sin was nie, of gebreek het. Ons waardeer u
  terugvoer – ook positiewe terugvoer .

 As Heidi – die eienaar en bestuurder nie daar is nie, en iets loop regtig skeef, en die
  personeel kan dit nie vir u uitsorteer nie, is u meer as welkom om haar te skakel. Sodoende
  kan die probleem dalk daar en dan aangespreek en uitgesorteer word....

Ons sien uit daarna om u en u gaste te ontvang. Geniet dit, neem BAIE foto’s, (Laai dit op ons
Facebook bladsy asseblief!!!!) speel saam julle kinders, kuier en lag lekker saam julle vriende en
familie en kom ASSEBLIEF gou weer terug!

 U moet asseblief ontvangs van hierdie skrywe erken sodat ons weet dat u dit ontvang het. 
                                 General Terms and Conditions: Rocky Ridge Estate
We have three types of spots available for setting up parties
      A lapa:
       * The mini-town lapa
       * The Klipkoppie lapa
      A hall:
       * Black Rock hall
      An outside area:
       * Anywhere you like on the grass under the trees or on a sunny spot. ( No extra costs)

On the day of the function
        You are allowed to set up your party 30 minutes before the session starts.
        Cash Bar available on request.Fantasy mini-town before the session starts (10:00, 14:00
          No children are allowed in the
          or 18:00). They are however allowed in the play park area.
        Cash Bar available on request.
          Tablecloths only available if hired.
        Cash Bar available on request.
          Please keep to the session hours - if the session is finished please clear the area on
          time as we need to tidy up for the next session.
         A compulsary amount of is added for the washing of dishes if you have hired
          any crockery etc.
         Please ensure that you and your guests have the map to our place available online
          on our website under the "Contact us " page.
        No outside caterers or catering is allowed on the premises, unless authorised in writing
          by Rocky Ridge Estate.
        Groups of less than 40 adults and 30 children are allowed to bring own food or prepare
           it on our premises – BUT under certain conditions exceptions can be made – please
          discuss with the management of Rocky Ridge Estate, and obtain their written
        Above condition do not apply to groups from non-profitable originations such as
          government schools and churches – but written permission must still be obtained from
          the management of Rocky Ridge Estate to bring in own food and non-alcoholic
Fees and bookings
        This quotation serves as a provisional booking.
        A 50% non refundable deposit is required to confirm a booking. The deposit will be forfeited if the
          function is cancelled.
     Final payment is required 5 working days before the function date.
         If a function is cancelled in less than 7 working days prior to the booking date the outstanding
          amount will also be payable.
          Confirmation of the actual numbers of children and adults is required by 16:00 on the Wednesday before
         the function. We will not phone you, you have to phone us.
        Rocky Ridge Estate retains the right to make more than one reservation/booking per
          venue and session at their discretion without any further notice – unless a venue is
          booked exclusively.
         Entrance fees are applicable to all children from walking age upwards.
        Prices are subject to change without prior notification. The obligation lies with the client
          to follow up on any price increases through the year.
        To obtain the right to book a venue exclusively for you and your group, the applicable
          fee for this must be paid in addition to the 50% deposit, and is non-refundable.
        It is compulsory for groups bigger than 40 children and or 50 adults to book a venue
          exclusively and to pay the additional fee for this. (This term is not applicable to groups
          from non-profitable originations such as government schools and churches, as well as
          private pre-primary and primary schools, and all other educational bookings).
If you have any enquiries or need any help with the organising of your function, please contact us without
delay. We hope to hear from you soon.
Payment details
Bank                 Nedbank
Branch               15534506 (Montana)
Account holder       Rocky Ridge
Account number       1553098242
Deposit date         Immediately to secure booking
Reference            Client surname - date of function
Deposit amount       50%
                     All outstanding amounts must be paid AT LEAST 36 hours before function
        Sorry, NO CREDIT for non-showing guests after balance has been paid!!!!

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