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E&S Portal Enables Automatic Quote Process for Non-Standard Markets
The Crump portal, powered by SeaPass Solutions, provides retail agents with multiple quotes in
real time from a single submission

Roseland, NJ – November 4, 2011. Crump Insurance Services, Inc. (Crump P&C) introduces
an insurance market portal using Seapass Solutions, Inc. technology to provide retail agents
with online access to Excess & Surplus lines markets through Crump. This new approach
enables retail agents to receive multiple indications from a single submission in real time. It is
the first such automated system with fully nationwide E&S product capabilities through multiple

In the first release of this new Crump portal, submissions originate from one of two SeaPass
enabled channels– either through Insurance Noodle, an online quoting hub for insurance agents
or through the BOLT Insurance Agency (a SeaPass company). The retail agent requests an
online indication through one of these systems. The online submission is sent first to standard
markets for coverage. If the submission is declined by standard markets, it is then automatically
submitted online to Crump markets for E&S quotes. A further release of the portal, scheduled
for 1st Quarter 2012, will enable new and existing retail agents working with Crump to access
automated E&S indications and quotes in real time.

The ability to obtain online results in real time creates a more efficient system for agencies
whose volume of small business demands faster turnaround and better service. Initially, the
new portal will provide indications for GL and Package policies only. The system will expand to
other lines in the future.

In this first release of the portal, two markets are available to provide instant indication for
agents. These markets are Western World and Catlin with additional markets available in 2012.
When interviewed for this story, Dave Obenauer, President of Crump Insurance Services, Inc.
commented, “Our retail clients have been expressing a desire to place small business E&S
accounts more effectively. Small business demands low touch efficiency, which is what our
retail agents will have with this system. An agent needs to produce a quote quickly – response
time is key to writing small business effectively. This automated system, enabled by SeaPass’s
technological advances combined with Crump’s broad carrier relationships and binding
authorities, allows easy access and quick turnaround for our agents.”

Tim Attia, Senior Vice President of Sales, SeaPass, added, “In addition to online straight-
through quoting, the combination of Crump’s E&S capabilities and SeaPass’s portal solution will
provide advanced collaboration and workflow for both online and offline carriers to support
submissions for small and mid-sized commercial business. The technology that enables a retail
agent to complete a single submission and get multiple E&S quotes is the first of its kind
nationwide. We are excited to join with Crump in this venture.”

The partnership between SeaPass Solutions and Crump Insurance Services brings together two
market leaders to enable a combined offering which will provide agents with fully automated,
online access to the widest selection of commercial lines products -- from admitted to E&S, and
from standard to specialty programs.

About SeaPass Solutions
Headquartered in New York and founded in 2000, SeaPass Solutions offers solutions that
enable insurance carriers, agents, brokers and wholesalers to better connect, communicate,
and manage the business. With a singular focus of enhancing the quality and timeliness of
communications between insurers and their distribution channels and customers, SeaPass
provides consumer and agency portal as well as comparative rating solutions. For more
information visit or call 212-608-4646.

About Crump Insurance Services
Crump Insurance Services, Inc. (Crump P&C) is a division of Crump Group, the nation’s largest
insurance wholesaler. Crump Insurance Services includes Crump wholesale brokerage
locations across the U.S. and in Bermuda, Five Star Specialty Programs, Five Star Professional
Programs, Target Insurance Services, and Hanleigh Insurance. Additional information on these
companies is available at

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