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									Summer 2006

Helen Goss, Head of Girls’                                                                           Two talented rugby players
Games at Ellesmere College                                                                           have recently been selected
and member of Cae Glas                                                                               to represent their country in a
Cricket Club has been                                                                                national side.
chosen again to join the
Welsh Woman’s Cricket                                                                                Ashley James, Head Boy,
                                                                                                     has learnt that he has been
Team. This is Helen’s second
                                                                                                     chosen to play rugby in the
year in the team. The highlight
                                                                                                     Wales Under 18 Team. Sam
will be to tour South Africa in
                                                                                                     Lewis in Year 11 has also
October 2006 for a four-way
                                                                                                     been given the opportunity
indoor cricket tournament                                                                            to play in the England Under
when the national sides from                                                                         16 Rugby Team.
Australia, England, Wales
and South Africa will play                                                                            Paul Goodwin, Director of
against each other.                                                                                   Rugby commented: ‘We are
Helen commented, “I am                                                                                delighted that these boys
delighted to have been
                                                                                                      have achieved their individual
                                                                                                      success. They have played
chosen to play for Wales for a second year and I am looking
                                                                  significant roles in the School’s senior rugby teams and deserve
forward immensely to playing in South Africa in the autumn”.
                                                                  the success that they have now achieved. We all wish them well.’
                                                                  Ian Williams, Midlands Rugby Coach and Director of Sport at
  FINANCE DIRECTOR                                                Ellesmere commented: ‘How delightful it is to see these players
                                                                  achieve their goal. It is a great honour to have the opportunity to
   AND OPERATIONS                                                 represent one’s country and we wish them the very best of luck’.
                                                                  Other high profile selections include Danny Matthews who will
     DIRECTOR TO                                                  represent the Midlands at U18 level. A further three pupils have
                                                                  been selected for North Wales, Five for North Midlands and so
   REPLACE BURSAR                                                 far this year thirteen boys have been selected to represent
                                                                  Shropshire County.
 The College Bursar, Lt Col Terry Lowry, retired after thirteen
 years of service at the end of the Lent term. On his             Ellesmere College has indeed enjoyed a magnificent season,
 retirement he is to be replaced with not one but two people.     producing winning rugby throughout the age groups. In the ‘A’
                                                                  sides, from U13 through to 1st XV the teams won 41 out of a
 “The job of a School Bursar effectively combines the roles of    total of 45 matches. The 1st XV enjoyed their first unbeaten
 Finance Director and Operations Director within a business       season since 1976. During the course of the last two seasons
 context. The workload for both – and the very different skills   the 1st XV has only lost one match.
 required for both – means that it does not make sense to
 seek to appoint one person. I am very pleased that the
 Governors have authorised the creation of the posts of

 Director of Finance and Operations Director at Ellesmere,”
 explained the Headmaster, Mr. Brendan Wignall.                                       LOWER                          SOARING TO
 Taking up their appointments in the Summer Term are Mr
                                                                                      SCHOOL                         SUCCESS
 Nick Howarth as Finance Director and Mr Ken Brockless as
 Operations Director. Mr Howarth was previously Finance
 Director at Dollar Academy in Clackmannanshire. He has a
                                                                                      PAGE 2                         PAGE 4
 keen interest in the outdoors and has recently competed in
 the Harlech Triathlon.                                                               A HAVEN OF                     LINKS WITH
 Mr. Ken Brockless takes up the post of Operations Director                           HAPPINESS                      TENNIS
 having most recently carried out roles as varied as Head of                                                         ACADEMY
 Airfield Operations and Contingency Planning Officer for
 the RAF.                                                                             PAGE 3                         PAGE 8

MAGAZINE               (Year 9) has
    Natasha Taylor                     ia. The
                        for her dyslex
    rece iving support                     ning
                         f in the Lear e
    mem    bers of staf                     se
                         e delighted to
     Sup port Unit wer                    tional
                          blished in a na
        asha’s poem pu

                                                         NAVAL CADETS HMS MANCHESTER VISIT
     Nat                              e.
                    iation magazin
     Dyslexia Assoc

      DREAMING OF THE UN                                 Lt. Frank Brooke, Cdt. PO Richard Valentine and his parents, Cdt.L/H Peter
                                                         Thomas, Cdt.L/H Jed Denham and his parent and Cdt. L/H Jonathon
                                   n last night.
      I dreamed I saw the Unicor                         Steggles went on board HMS Manchester in Liverpool docks on Saturday
                                                          18th February. During the day they were privileged to have a guided tour
       It rippled through the fros                        around the ships’ facilities and lunch with her crew.

        Pearly white,                                     Cmdr William Evans warmly welcomed all on board and was pleased to see
                                                          Ellesmere College Naval CCF unit there. HMS Manchester is our affiliated
        Breathing a moonlit silenc                        ship and she is due shortly for a refit.
                                                           On the Sunday the cadets were an active part of the ships company
                                            e a lance.
         Its si ngle horn stood shining lik                receiving the Freedom of the City of Manchester. Our cadets were the
                                                           markers for the crews’ compliment to march to in front of the town hall.
          I saw it toss its head and                        There were a lot of dignitaries present including the Mayor of Manchester.
                                        idnight air
           And prance and paw the m
                                                            This was a very pleasant two days and an honour for all involved to be
                                                            part of such a parade.
                                       of silver hair.
            Its mane was like a mass

                                          LOWER SCHOOL ART EXHIBITION
                                          Examples of Artwork by Lower School, which were
                                             displayed in the Arts Centre earlier this year.

    Mr Neil Price, Head of Lower School, writes
    about his experience of Lower School life,
   in this his last term at Ellesmere College.
  “In late January I was struck, as I looked at the termly
  schedule, by just what it means to be a student here in the
  Lower School.
 “Our Year 4, 5 & 6 pupils recently put on a play, “Christmas
 Presence”, which was jolly and entertaining and a challenge
         for all those involved. Our Year 7 and 8 pupils
         confidently performed “The Lion, the Witch and
         the Wardrobe” at the end of February and I was
         amazed by their talent, enthusiasm and drive.
          “The sports programme continues right to the
          end: Our U13 boys rugby team and U13 girls’
          hockey teams have hardly lost a match this
          year. In victory and defeat all of our pupils
          play with determination and learn about
          winning and losing graciously and
          generously. Almost every pupil in the
          school has represented the College
          this term.
“Children in Need saw an outstanding effort from
many Lower School pupils. Almost £300 was
 raised through various activities and all of our
 minds were focused on those less fortunate than
 “The Lower School prefects are looking forward
 to their evening out and thoroughly deserve this
  treat after all the effort they put in to making
  Lower School life as agreeable as possible for
   everyone concerned.
  “Our choir have been practising hard and have
performed two charity concerts out of school for Age
Concern and Dolywern Cheshire Home. Their singing
has been a glorious addition to Tuesday evenings in
the Lower School. It was wonderful to hear that they
had won the Oswestry Music Festival and I have no
doubts they will go much further under the
      guidance of Miss Jones. One in five of our
      pupils are choir members - and what a
      positive experience that is for all of them!
      “The riding, sailing, cycling proficiency,
      shooting and all the other Activities
      continue apace. The Junior Shooting Team
     have a fantastic record of achievement so
     far this year.
        “At the hub of all this is the hard work that
        goes on in the classroom – from pupils and
        staff. Teaching and learning is at the heart
        of College life.
        “It is no surprise that so many pupils and
        their parents talk of their happiness here at
        Ellesmere. Our children are enjoying an
        exceptional      all    round    educational
        experience. Being part of that continues to
        be a pleasure for all concerned.”

    “Feather Boy” Cast
     Soar To Success!
    Ellesmere College is playing a leading role in Shell Connections, one of the
    world’s largest celebrations of youth theatre. Produced by the National Theatre
    and made possible through sponsorship from Shell UK, the programme gives
    11-19 year-olds the chance to work on challenging new plays both on stage and
    behind the scenes.
    Shell Connections commissions new hour-long plays for and about young
    people, written by some of the best contemporary playwrights, and enables
    schools and youth theatres from all over the UK and Ireland to produce them.
                                                Feather Boy -The Musical,
                                                performed at Ellesmere College
                                                Arts Centre during the last week of
                                                Lent term, was a resounding
                                                success. Sam Clewlow in the lead
                                                role demonstrated his considerable
                                                ability as a musical actor. He was
                                                well supported by a talented cast
                                                made up by pupils from Years 9 –
                                                13. Last year’s entry for the Shell
                                                Connections festival went on to be      Sam Clewlow in
                                                performed at The Lowry Theatre,           the lead role
                                                Manchester and Feather Boy has           demonstrated
                                                also achieved this honour.
                                                                                        his considerable
                                                In addition, the cast recently took
                                                their production of Feather Boy on
                                                                                           ability as a
                                                tour to the USA with performances        musical actor.
                                                around Boston and in New York.

                                                 ‘Samson’: A Triumph
                                                  for Choral Society
                                                The Ellesmere College Choral Society performed Handel’s ‘Samson’
                                                under the guidance of Roger Paul, the new Director of Music. This was the
                                                first large-scale concert under his baton and was a resounding success.
                                                The Choral Society is made up of members of the School’s music scholars,
                                                staff and also includes members of the local community who gather in the
                                                Ellesmere College Art Centre each Monday evening to sing together.
                                                Alex Robinson, a Sixth Form Music Scholar took the title role of Samson
                                                in what was his first major solo singing role. He demonstrated maturity in
                                                vocal expression beyond his years and left the audience enthralled.
                                                The Choral Society was joined for the evening by musicians currently
                                                studying in College and by members of the Oswestry Sinfonia.
                                                Roger Paul commented ‘I very much enjoyed conducting Samson again. It
                                                is a work that is rarely performed and anyone who enjoys The Messiah will
                                                also enjoy Samson. All the members of the Choral Society have worked
                                                tremendously hard and I feel very proud of their fine performance”.

Lower School Choir Success
 at Oswestry Music Festival
Following a performance which was graded as ‘outstanding’ by the judges, the junior choir of Ellesmere College won the
youth choir section of the Oswestry Music Festival.
After much hard practicing under the guidance of Miss Bethan Jones, the
dedicated Lower School Music Teacher, The Ellesmere College Lower School
Choir were delighted to win the Oswestry Music Festival Youth Choir Section and
be presented with the Peter Starbuck Cup. Bethan Jones commented, ‘Again this
year, besides being an enjoyable experience for the choir to participate in the
Oswestry Music Festival, we received valuable and encouraging comments from
the adjudicator, Mr. Robin Mundy.’ Bethan Jones conducted the choir who were
accompanied on the piano by Mr. Roger Paul, Director of Music at the School.
In addition to the Choir’s success, the previous afternoon, the Ellesmere College
Lower School String Group won 1st prize in the Instrumental Ensemble Category,
ages 12 and under. This group, who were also graded as ‘outstanding’, included
Luke Taylor and Paddy Fuller, playing the violin and Kate Parry and John Paul,
playing the cello. Miss Bethan Jones also conducted the musicians who were
admirably accompanied by another member of the Music Department, Mrs. Mary
Forester, one of the String Instruments’ Teachers at the School.
Roger Paul commented ‘Under Miss Jones’ guidance, the Lower School Choir
and String Group are progressing well with their performing skills. I am obviously
delighted that they won their sections of this year’s Oswestry Music Festival.
Since Music Scholarships are available throughout the School, I would be
delighted to hear from parents who are looking for a local school where there will
be every opportunity for their children’s musical talent to be developed.’

                                      The Lion, The Witch
                                        & The Wardrobe
                                      The highly talented cast, made up of pupils from Years 7 and 8 were ably led by Sophie Halstead
                                      (Peter), Charlotte Boffey (Susan), Oliver Thomas (Edmund) and Jenny Griffiths (Lucy). The cast
                                      spirited the audience away to the wintry land of Narnia with a real sense of magic and adventure.
                                      The White Witch (Charlotte Shearer) terrified the visiting primary school audience with her
                                      commanding stage presence.
                                      One of the four performances was open to local schools and pupils from Welshampton and
                                      Baschurch Primary Schools as well as Prestfelde all attended. Judith Purnell, Headteacher at
                                      Baschurch Primary School
                                      commented ‘It was a fantastic
production. Our children really enjoyed the performance. Taking on
this classic was ambitious but well worth it. I thought the cast spoke
with clarity and expression throughout and the simplicity of the set
was great.’
The directors, Mrs Zoë Fisher and Mrs Louise Paton were very
pleased with the way the production came together. Mrs Zoë Fisher
added, “It was an ambitious production, but thanks to the motivation
of all involved the performances were really successful. The
costumes and masks produced by Mrs Sue Hinks and Mrs Siobhan
Philips were superb. The set was simple but effective and the music
added enchantment to the atmosphere. All in all we really enjoyed
working on this production and look forward to next year’s!”

                                                   Duke of Edinburgh’s Award 1956-2006
ABSOLUTION                                             Presentation Ceremony March 15 2006
Ellesmere was
                                                                           Awards presented by:
                                                               The High Sheriff of Shropshire, Mr Michael Lowe.

r e c e n t l y
contacted by
Andy Taylor - a
currently writing
a book about
the playwright
Anthony Shaffer
who wrote both
the novel and
the screenplay
for “Absolution”.

“Absolution”,       described        as      an
“interestingly obscure psycho-thriller” was
set in a Catholic boy’s boarding school.
The film was made in 1979 and starred

                                                                                  BRONZE AWARDS
Richard Burton as the brutal disciplinarian
Father Goddard and Billy Connolly as the
weird wanderer of the woods, “Blakey”.                 Emma Adams                   Jordan Halstead                 Simon Unwin
Ellesmere College was considered the                  Jonathan Assar                Rachel Harrison              Chris Wallace-Tarry
perfect setting for this film due to its superb
setting and somewhat overpowering                       Matt Burrows                 Hannah Jones                  Lewis Wantling
architecture.                                          Hannah Edge                    Sarah Lowe                  Stephanie Perrin
                                                    Henry Fletcher-Brewer          Charlotte Markman                Vicky Raynor
While “Absolution” didn’t win any awards
                                                        Larry Foster                 Eleanor Moss                  Oliver Suckley
                                                                                   SILVER AWARDS
for its cinematic appeal, it is still
considered to be a powerful and
thought-provoking film. This is mainly                  James Bielby                  Sarah Haynes
due to its twist ending, which holds a                  Alice Dapling                 Abigail Merrill   Hadleigh Roberts
nastily contrived fate for Burton and his
                                                     Sarah-Jane Edwards               Chloe Mitchell  Ben–Lewis Thompson
Catholic faith.                                                                                        Ruth Willding-Jones
                                                       Maxine Fennell                 Sarah Monro

                         Disney: An Unforgettable Experience
                             for Year 10 Media Students!
                            Following a GCSE Media coursework study of Disney as a genre, 21 students
                            and 2 members of staff ‘easyjetted’ from Liverpool to Disneyland Resort Paris
                            for what was to be, as the students described, “An unforgettable experience”.
                               Hotel accommodation was excellent, with pupils being given free time to
                                use the themed pool and slide, the games room and the ice rink. Two
                                  days were spent exploring the Walt Disney Studios and Disneyland
                                   theme parks with one of the two days being given over to a series
                                    of focused lectures on the coursework topic.
                                       The trip which was scheduled to last 3 days was unexpectedly extended by 36 hours due to a strike at
                                        Charles de Gaulle Airport. “After a moment of panic I gathered my thoughts and informed the group. The
                                        news was met by a loud cheer which raised my spirits considerably” said Mrs Fisher, the group leader.
                                                     The group returned to Disneyland for another day in
                                                             the parks and a night at another good quality
                                                              hotel – funded by the travel company. The
                                                               main body of the group then left to return to
                                                                England early the next morning. The
                                                                remaining 7 pupils accompanied by Mrs
                                                                Fisher, spent the remaining day in Paris
                                                                visiting the Eiffel Tower and other tourist
                                                                sights in sub-zero temperatures.
                                                                Needless to say, all were delighted to
                                                                be back. The group felt exhausted but
                                                                exhilarated with many stories to share
                                                                with friends and family back at home.

                                            Ellesmere took its largest ever
                                            team to the Preparatory School Rifle
                                            Association Centenary Championships
                                            on March 5th 2006.
                                            Team A (George Baxter, Henry Cureton,
                                            Jake Taylor and Matthew Steggles [Year
                                            9]) achieved second place in the Team
                                            Championship, only four points behind
                                            the winners.
                                            In the individual match, George Baxter
                                            achieved third place in the Open Match
                                            and second place in the PRSA Confined
                                            Championship and Jake Taylor was also
                                            placed in the top ten individuals.
                                            An international match was
                                            held    in    the
                                            presence of
                                            HRH the Earl
                                            of Wessex and
                                            had       the
                                            number of

On Thursday, 23rd March, the U13’s
                                            with George
                                            B a x t e r
                                            selected for
                                            the     winning
                                            England team
went to play in the National Mini Hockey    and Jake Taylor,
Championships Regional Round which          Henry Cureton
was held at Shrewsbury School. The          and Guy Cooper
tournament was played in two league         representing
groups. In our league, we played            second place
Thomas Telford and Ludlow Hockey            Wales. Special
Club. We won both matches                   mention should
convincingly 3-0. In the semi’s, we         be made of Jake
played Shrewsbury High School and           Taylor’s 178 being the second highest
won 2-0 to set up a final match against a
                                            score in the international match.
strong Bridgnorth Hockey Club. It was a
close game but we won 2-0. The team
consisted of the following:- Zoe Evans
(Capt), Carys Fieldhouse (GK), Emily
Lewis, Charlotte Shearer, Viola
Grosvenor, Alex Fearns, Sophie
Halstead, Lucy Forgrave.
The girls played well and it was a
fantastic performance from everyone.
A great team effort in both attack and
defence!       They now represent
Shropshire in the Midlands round of
the cup and have to play teams from
different Midlands Counties at
Cannock Hockey Club on Sunday April
2nd. Well done to the girls, who have
had an impressive year of Hockey –
unbeaten in all friendly games,
Winners of the North Shropshire
Tournament, Winners of the Packwood
Hockey Tournament and now Winners
of the Shropshire Region of the
National Hockey Tournament

                                                                   Ellesmere College has forged a link with the Welti Centre near
                                                                   Ellesmere which has superb facilities such as clay courts,
                                                                   indoor courts and a state of the art fitness centre.
                                                                   We are fortunate in having Simon Bird, the Shropshire County
                                                                   Coach from the Welti centre. He has joined the coaching staff
                                                                   at Ellesmere. Already a number of girls are training at the
                                                                   centre on a Wednesday afternoon.
                                                                   The results so far this term have been splendid. The mixed
                                                                   team won the Shropshire League U19 British Schools
                                                                   National Competition. The boys U19 team came second in
                                                                   their league. The girls U19 team won their league which was a
                                                                   considerable achievement against stiff competition and have
                                                                   now qualified for the national finals at Bolton in April. This now
                                                                   puts Ellesmere amongst the select few, being one of only eight
                                                                   teams in the country to reach this stage.
                                                                   Next term, the teams have been entered in the Aberdare and
                                                                   Glanville Cups which are for U19 girls and boys. The teams
                                                                   are also entered for the Nestle Teams competitions in the U15

                      Ellesmere Forges Links
                                                                   and U13 categories. On Wednesday and Thursday afternoons
                                                                   the squads will go to the Welti Tennis Centre for training.

                          with Tennis Academy
    Girls on Winning Form!
    Double Victory for U16
    The U16 girls went into this tournament     Evans. Beth Cluelow
    having only had one practice and then       scored the final goal to
    the full team weren’t all available to      beat SJT 3-0. In the next
    train. But having only just recently won    game against the Grove,
    the U16 Netball, the girls went to the      Tash carried on with her
    tournament with the objective of gaining    goal fest and the team
    the double. The team got off to a great     went onto win 2-0.
    start with two early goals from Tash

Cross Country Runners
                                                        The girls went
                                                        onto      win      all

to Represent Shropshire
                                                        games and met
                                                        Moreton Hall in
                                                        the final, who had
                                                        looked strong all
                                                        tournament. The
                                                        girls got off to the
                                                        best of starts with
                                                        Ellie Moss scoring
                                                        within 2 minutes.
                                                        A sloppy goal was
                                                        then given away                          U16 Netball Team
                                                        and after that both
                                                        teams had their chances and a        Miss Goss commented, “This is an
                                                        1-1 draw was a fair result with      excellent result for the U16 Girls who
                                                        both teams sharing the title of      have now won the double – North
                                                        North Shropshire Champions.          Shropshire Netball and Hockey
                                                        Well done to the girls who won       Tournaments. It is also promising for the
                                                        the tournament without much          future of girls’ sports teams at Ellesmere
                                                        training as it is the Netball term   College as these are the senior teams
                                                        and adapting their play to the       for the next two years.”
                                                        astro pitch at the Marches
       Rowan Dell and Toby Blake: Selected to           School.
       represent Shropshire at Cross Country


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