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									                                              VIETNAM WAR TOPICS


American Military Personnel                   South Vietnamese Soldiers in Vietnam (ARVN)

North Vietnamese Soldiers in Vietnam (NVA)           Prisoner of War – Either side

American War Protestors              Draft Dodgers                  Maxwell Taylor

Ho Chi Minh                          Ngo Dinh Diem                  Paul Harkins

Vietnam War Reporter                 William Westmoreland           Creighton Abrahams (M-1 Abrams tank)

James Steward (USAF Gen.)            Col. Harry Summers             Col. George S. Patton

Pres. Eisenhower                     Pres. Kennedy                  Pres. Johnson

Pres. Nixon                          George F. Kennan               McGeorge Bundy

William Calley                       Henry Kissinger                Robert McNamara

Photographers                 South or North Vietnamese Civilians     Women in the War

Vietnamese Vietnam War Protestors             Writers/Musicians in the War


Ranch hand                    Rolling Thunder                       Starlite

Birmingham                    Hastings                              Attleboro

Cedar Falls (Iron Triangle)   Junction City                         Pegasus

Menu                          LamSon                                Linebacker Two


National Liberation Front (NFL)      Tonkin Gulf                    Ho Chi Minh Trail

Air Warfare                          Guerrilla Warfare              Chemical Warfare

Tet Offensive                        Protest Movement of 1960’s Protest Movement of 1970’s

Fall of Saigon                       Vietnam War Memorial


1954-1964                            1965-1966                      1967-1968

1969-1972                            1973-1975
                                        SCAVENGER HUNT DIRECTIONS

You are going to create a 10 question scavenger hunt for a classmate to complete and you to grade for correct
answers. This will be done in three stages with three different due dates involved. You must stay on task. This
is an individual project, so no one else is responsible for your work. People who complete your scavenger hunt
should be able to tell others how the particular group you chose was influenced by the Vietnam war and be
able to draw conclusions about the effect it had on people.

       Materials needed:
           Directions
           Flash Drive
           Paper and pencil
           Rubric

       You will pick a topic the following way:

              A person
              1 or 2 operations
              1 from other topics
              1 or 2 eras
              Topic is due by the end of Oct. 21 class

STAGE ONE: - Due Nov. 17

               Give your scavenger hunt a title
               Give a paragraph introduction with information about your topic. This should tell the student
               completing the hunt the information they need to understand the part your topic played in the
               Vietnam War.
               10 well thought out questions about your topic.
               Each question has a hyperlink listed under the question for the student to use to answer the
               At the end of the hunt should be a list of the citations for all the hyperlinks used to complete
               the hunt and any used to complete the introduction. You must use at least 6 sites
               This will be done in a word document.
                    You must use an easily readable font.
                    Questions should be numbered with hyperlink underneath.
                    Leave space under each question for answer. You know the answer so the space left
                       needs to be determined by you.
                    You are responsible for all spelling, typing and grammar errors. The computer will only
                       do so much.
                    You will be given a code to put in a text box on the top right of your hunt. Do not put
                       your name on the hunt.
                    Save this document in Ms. T’s folder labeled Scavenger Hunts. It will be in Mrs. Remis’s
                       folder in the 8th grade folder.
                    Label your hunt with your code-topic.
              In a second word document:
                   Leave the scavenger hunt with the correct answers.
                   The answers should be under the hyperlink.
                   Type answers in a readable green color.
                   In a text box put your name in the upper right hand corner
                   Save in the folder marked 8T answers but with your name-topic-answers.


       You will be assigned a scavenger hunt.
       You will be responsible to complete the 10 questions in two class periods. It will be due by the end of
       the second class.
       You will put your answers in red under the hyperlink where space has been left for the answers.
       Answers must be in complete sentences.
       When completed:
            You are responsible for all spelling, typing, and grammar errors. The computer will only do so
            Put your name in a text box in upper right hand corner under letter there.
            Save your completed hunt in my folder labeled Completed Scavenger Hunts. This will be found
              in Mrs. Remis – 8th grade.
            Save with your name-topic-code in the folder.


       Grade the answers.
       Highlight incorrect answers in yellow.
       Save in folder in Mrs. Remis – 8th grade – Graded Scavenger Hunts.
       Save with your name – topic – test taker name in the folder.

A rubric that covers each section will be given to you. Each section will accumulate to a final overall grade.
Please check the rubric as you complete each section to make sure you didn’t skip anything.

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