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									                            Newspaper Assignment

You and a partner are the staff of an American Newspaper in the 1920’s. You
are writing an edition about recent oil discoveries. Your goal is to educate your
readers. You also need to create attractive advertisements for the oil industry
that your newspaper supports.

Preliminary Steps and Requirements:

    You need to choose a Texas city in which your newspaper is located.
     Choose carefully because your selection may affect the way you present
     certain information in the following assignments.

    You need to select an original name for your newspaper that will instill
     confidence in your readers. Please look at the model to see how your
     banner (top of newspaper) should be set up.

    The results will be graded according to the rubrics. Artwork will not be
     graded for talent, but on the basis of effort and neatness.

Steps to Success

      Step 1       Read Ch. 20
      Step 2       Read the Assignment Sheet all the way through.
      Step 3       Make a rough draft for each section.
      Step 4       Put your final copy on the newssheet.
      Step 5       Articles, interview, and editorials must be in complete
                   sentences. (typed or in ink)

Newspaper Assignment 1

      Your editor wants you to write a detailed article reporting what
      happened at Spindletop Hill, your article needs to be 5 paragraphs in
      length. Your Rubric is:
            1. Neat with correct spelling
            2. Describe the event
            3. Three supporting details of the event
            4. Summary/Conclusion
Newspaper Assignment 2

   Editorial section: Your editor is seeking two opposing letters to the editor
   (one which supports and one which objects to Boom Towns).
   Your rubric is:
             1. Neat and spelled correctly
             2. Two details supporting your point of view and a quote
             3. State your opinion clearly

Newspaper Assignment 3

      You will prepare a Political Cartoon. Your Rubric:
           1. Neat and spelled correctly
           2. Title (indicating the purpose of the cartoon)
           3. A graphic illustrating characteristics of Wildcatters
           4. Caption – must support the message of the cartoon

      You will prepare 2 Advertisements promoting, a) oil’s new industries,
      and, b) transportation in Texas
        Your Rubric:
            1. Neat and spelled correctly
            2. Tell about a product and why the product is important
            3. A graphic supporting the topic of the ad

Newspaper Assignment 4

You have been asked by your editor to write an article on an Interview with
Clell Reed about the impact of oil on Texas. (See Texas Voices, p. 428. Base
your questions and answers on all of section 3, ch. 20).
 Your Rubric is:
            1. Neat and spelled correctly
            2. Write an introduction about your guest for the interview
            3. 3-5 questions (and answers) that you would ask Clell Reed in
                an interview.
            4. Conclusion

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