Running Shorts

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					Running Shorts
By Alison Cole

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Running shorts are available in different styles, length, colors and material. There are many
different types of running shorts. There are shorts that are designed to provide a looser fit, while
others are formfitting. Running shorts are also available with or without pockets. The best style
and type of running shorts are generally based on the personal preference of the runner. Running
shorts are generally available in a number of lengths that may vary on the preference or physique
of the person. This depends on the inseam measurement that usually range from one inch (2.5
cm) to seven inches (17.8 cm). Shorter styles are generally good for sprints, while the longer
shorts are beneficial for long distances and slow paced runs.

Among the commonly sold shorts, runners generally prefer V-notch shorts. These shorts have an
outside seam that runs along the length of the shorts to the leg, which is notched in an upside
down position to form a v-shape. Other shorts include the split-leg shorts that are slightly
different. These are designed in such a way that the front panel overlaps the back panel. Split-leg
shorts are designed to offer a high level of flexibility.

Running shorts are made for men, women and children, while some are unisex. Unisex running
shorts can be uncomfortable because they are basically "one size fits all." Different fabrics are
used to design running shorts including nylon, Lycra and cotton. When buying a pair of running
shorts, it is important to make sure that they are comfortable and loose fitting for better leg

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