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Newspapers build brand commitment and efficacy credentials
               for RoC Retin-Ox Correxion

                       A case study
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                             Objectives of the test

                                            To evaluate the effectiveness of
                                            using national newspapers in
                                            combination with TV sponsorship of
                                            Channel 4’s ‘10 Years Younger’ to
                                            build knowledge of RoC’s superior
                                            science, latest technologies and
Newspaper Creative
                                            To increase brand consideration and
                                            retain users by focusing on product
                                            news and efficacy credentials.

Stills from TV sponsorship
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                               Tracking the advertising

                                               The campaign was tracked among women
     Media                                     aged 35-55 years, ABC1 who were users
                                               of facial moisturisers and non-rejecters of
TV Sponsorship                                 anti-ageing skincare products.
(10 Y ears Younger)

                                               Hall & Partners’ research measured the
                                               target’s relationship with RoC Retin-Ox
                                               Correxion and RoC masterbrand pre to
Research Dates                                 post the advertising. The main scaled
                                               measures included:
   Pre-Wave                                         Brand commitment: likelihood to
                                                    purchase RoC Retin-Ox Correxion
                                                    Brand quality: perceptions of efficacy

                                               The results were analysed by those who
      2005            August    September
                                               had been exposed to :
                                                    – Newspapers only
                                                    – TV sponsorship only
                                                    –TV + Newspapers
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                     The Findings – The top line

                                       Adding newspapers to
                                       TV sponsorship:

                                           – delivered brand commitment
                                             increase 100% higher than TV
                                             sponsorship alone
                                           – boosted brand knowledge by
                                             25% points
                                           – doubled perceived brand
                                             efficacy for people seeing both
Newspaper Creative
                                           – created significant shifts in non-
                                             user attitudes and perceptions
                                           – enhanced overall RoC
                                             masterbrand health
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        RoC endorsed the use of newspapers for brand building

                                       “We were delighted with these
                                       results. Newspapers worked very
                                       well with our TV sponsorship
                                       activity to communicate the
                                       proposition and convince people
                                       of the superior efficacy and
                                       expertise of RoC Retin-Ox

                                       The ads looked good against
                                       newspaper articles that would
Newspaper Creative                     interest our target consumer and
                                       people clearly found them
                                       readable and newsworthy.”
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Detailed results
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Adding newspapers doubles impact on brand commitment

                               Adding newspapers doubled
                               the impact of TV sponsorship on
                               brand commitment.

                               Seeing TV sponsorship of C4’s
                               ‘10 Years Younger’ increased
                               brand commitment by 10% points
                               compared to pre-campaign.

                               Seeing both newspapers and TV
                               Sponsorship created an increase
                               of +20% points.

Source: Hall & Partners
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Newspaper advertising significantly boosts brand knowledge

                                  Brand familiarity among the total
                                  sample increased significantly by
                                  6% points following the test
                                  Women seeing both newspapers
                                  and TV sponsorship showed the
                                  highest increase in knowledge –
                                  25% points higher than before the
                                  advertising and four times higher
                                  than the total sample.

 Source: Hall & Partners
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         Adding Newspapers doubles perceived efficacy

                                     53% of women seeing the
                                     combination of newspapers
                                     and TV sponsorship agreed
                                     RoC Retin-Ox Correxion was
                                     more effective than other
                                     brands – more than double
                                     the pre-campaign level of

Source: Hall & Partners
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            Newspapers enhance emotional involvement

                                     Brand involvement for RoC
                                     masterbrand increased by +9%
                                     points for those seeing
                                     newspaper advertising, and +8%
                                     points for women seeing TV
                                     But it was the sample seeing
                                     both newspapers and TV
                                     sponsorship who showed the
                                     most significant increase in
                                     emotional identification – up
                                     22% points from pre-campaign
Source: Hall & Partners
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                     National Newspapers reach upmarket women

                                              Newspapers provided high cover
                                              of the overall target market: 74%
                                              versus a cumulative reach for ‘10
                                              Years Younger’ of 34% for a
                                              similar spend.
                                              Newspapers added a more
                                              upmarket profile, closely
                                              reflecting the RoC TGI brand
                                              profile of 35% AB women.
                                              Placement in women’s
Source: NMR/NRS 2005/ BARB                    interest/lifestyle sections of
                                              newspapers helped RoC stand
                                              out, creating salience and
                                              relevant appeal.

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