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					                                                    February 2011

   Perfect lighting to create
   the ideal shopping mood
   The selection of lighting is indispensable to the creation of the right shopping mood, as you
   will find in TaiKoo Hui’s delicate blending and matching of natural light and nightlight.

   In TaiKoo Hui shopping mall, oval-shaped atriums spread out along the main isles of every
   floor, rather like “patios” in traditional houses. As sun shines brightly through the glass roof of
   the 3rd floor balcony garden, its heat is blocked by the heat-insulation coating on the glass
   while only pure natural light is allowed in. Because people tend to follow natural light, this
   design efficiently guides customers to the entrance of shops and aids the free movement of

               As night falls, the lighting in TaiKoo Hui will create another atmosphere. While the
                   shopping mall is bright and lively in the daytime, it is gorgeously elegant at
                       night. Outside the main gate TaiKoo Hui logos are bathed in soft white light
                          presenting a unique appearance against the background of modern
                            high-rises. The three iconic glass cubes emit ever-changing colours
                             from a hidden source while within the building, wooden textured
                               walls are interspersed with unobtrusive purple lighting. LEDs are
                               distributed under the escalators, appearing from below to be like
                               stars in the sky.

                               The entire 120,000 sqm of TaiKoo Hui shopping mall is illuminated
                               by delicate mood lighting.
                                                                                                                    February 2011

The many kinds of shops in TaiKoo Hui will bring customers a varied and marvelous experience, which is in a word “one-stop-shopping”. Not only
will the customers have many choices for the goods they are looking for, but will also find other products which are perfectly matched.

As in many other world-clas cities, you will find internationally famous first-line brands and fashionable items in TaiKoo Hui previously only seen here
in magazines. In addition to this, there are unique local brands which will open flagship stores, with innovative designs to freshen up your shopping
trip. Master your own personal style as you mix and match at will in this one-stop-shopping spot.

                        gou                                                                  ng
Would you like to taste gourmet foods from all over the world? There is no headache in choosing which cuisine to go
                                                                                                  f               choice
for in TaiKoo Hui. There are so many alternatives, from western specialities to exquisite Chinese fair. Take your cho
                          es,                                                      South-east
of comfortable outdoor cafe indoor snack stalls, authentic European restaurants or South-eas Asian cuisine.
                         m                                                                 right
Whether dining with your mates or schmoozing with your sweetheart, you can always find the riight place in
TaiKoo Hui.

TaiKoo Hui can provide a one-stop-shopping experience for everybody, where children will be
                       choose to their heart's content, and men will discover a whole new ret
delighted, mothers can cho                                                                  tail

Search no further, TaiKoo Hui is obviously the right choice in this city!

                                                                                                            February 2011

TIFFANY - the legend lives on in TaiKoo Hui
The world’s premier jeweler Tiffany and Co. founded in 1837 in New York has become synonymous with glamorous jewelry and
New York chic. Tiffany has been innovating ever since, bringing the public elegant and luxurious art works. It was Tiffany which in
the 19th century first applied the sterling standard of 925/1000, later adopted as the United States standard. It is also famous for
the breathtakingly beautiful Tiffany Diamond, which has been praised as one of the largest and most beautiful yellow diamonds in
the world.

A Tiffany diamond engagement ring is known as “the ultimate symbol of love and life-long commitment” by lovers around the world.
Tiffany’s engagement series incorporates classic design from a century and a half ago with cutting edge innovation just 2 years old,
all packaged into the now legendary Tiffany blue box.

Tiffany's flagship store, located at the corner of Fifth Avenue and 57th Street in New York City, has
attracted the admiration and awe of shoppers since the last century. Now, to the immense relief of
Guangzhou citizens, Tiffany’s first store in Guangzhou is about to open. The Tiffany flagship store
will introduce a legendary world of jewelry to customers here, setting them on a fascinating and
glamorous treasure hunt, to find their timeless classic.

                                                                                                                                                                           February 2011

                                                                                                           TaiKoo Hui “Cowboy’s Night”
                                                                                                           The TaiKoo Hui annual dinner party was held in the Shangri-la Hotel on 17 December 2010, and to
                                                                                                           match the theme of “Cowboy’s Night”, TaiKoo Hui staff dressed like Wild West cowboys and cowgirls.
                                                                                                           A fervent and frenzied atmosphere was created with a mix of games, lottery draws and a live talent
                                                                                                           show! General Manager Mr. Peter Kok even played guitar to support his colleagues’ chorus, attracting
                                                                                                           bursts of applause. The party reached its climax with an ardent Spanish bullfighting dance. Mr. Kok
                                                                                                           then recalled the development of TaiKoo Hui and encouraged every colleague to keep up their effort,
                                                                                                           with the imminent opening of business in TaiKoo Hui.

Care flows, Love Guangzhou
The TaiKoo Hui photography competition “Brand the New Guangzhou” has entered its final season,
with the theme of Love Guangzhou. In the wake of the Guangzhou Asian Games, as one of those
who love this city, how can you use your enthusiasm for photography to show your love?
The theme of Love Guangzhou is a call for everybody to respect those who are in need and also
protect our environment. This was demonstrated by General Manager Mr Peter Kok and his staff, in
collaboration with Tianhe District Civil Affairs Bureau, who paid visits to needy families within Tianhe
District the day before Lantern Festival. Photography enthusiasts are also encouraged to take
photos of love among ordinary Cantonese people and try to capture their true feelings on film.
Visit our website at www.taikoohui.com to upload your competition entries.


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