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					The Open Programme
and Certificate in Higher Education

Glasgow 2020 – A Global Vision
• Identify the fit between the Open Programme, the
  Certificate in Higher Education and Glasgow 2020 – A
  Global Vision

• Demonstrate programme quality and how this can
  enhance provision at the University of Glasgow
What is the Open Programme?

• Three integrated elements:

   – Language courses
   – ACE courses and day events
   – CertHE courses

   Accredited programme (Level 1-2)
   5000 students / year
How does Adult & Continuing Education (ACE)
fit with Glasgow 2020 – A Global Vision?

• Public engagement and knowledge exchange

• Research activity
Public engagement and knowledge exchange

• “…..providing cultural enrichment and benefiting the
  economy. ” (p9)

• “We want to become well known for our excellent
  knowledge transfer development…..” (p11)

• “We’ll work with charities, voluntary and social enterprise
  groups, using our knowledge and experience to help them
  strengthen communities….” (p11)
Public engagement and knowledge exchange
• Existing links
    – 4 University Colleges
    – Hunterian Museum and Art Gallery, Glasgow University Medical
      Humanities Unit, Glasgow University Science Festival....
    – 100+ local councils, organisations, museums, societies....
• Delivery
    –   teaching staff (10 FTE, 200 part-time)
    –   30-40 staff across the University of Glasgow teach on courses each year
    –   flexible course delivery
    –   scope for developing International Summer School
    –   administrative systems for CPD, public events
Our students’ needs
   “Our inclusiveness embraces diversity by valuing and
   respecting the perspectives and contributions of all our
   colleagues and students…..” (p7)

Independent Learning Accounts:1500 students/year
Student evaluation: 97% satisfied with quality of provision
Part time study opportunities, including Erasmus and International
Quality, learning and teaching
• Visionary course development, delivery and review (p19)
    – e.g. MLitt Popular Music, Fundamentals of Psychology, Egyptology
• Effective student engagement and support (p19)
    – e.g. student diversity, guidance
• An experience that prepares them [students] for lifelong learning and
  gives them the means to contribute to global citizens
    – e.g. full time UGs with adults, postgraduate teaching opportunities
• A University with an innovative approach to teaching (p25)
    – e.g. mixed mode delivery (marine biology), Teaching Excellence award
• Priority areas (p11)
    – Gaelic, History of Art, Science
Research activity
• Research active staff
   – education, physics, biology, art history, English literature
• Grant holders
   – compares favourably with College
• Adult education research
   – income levels above norms for Russell Group
• Grant applications
   – in areas in line with College priorities
Research activity
• Open programme
   – basis for multidisciplinary and international research
• Local engagement frames
   – PASCAL Universities Regional Engagement Study
   – Studies of Learning Cities with EU funding
   – Social Inclusion Health and Youth Transitions
• Provides basis for direct research
   – City and Regional concerns, e.g. Kelvin Smith Scholars
• Provide basis for collaboration with City/Region
   – e.g. Internships, staff exchange
Research activity
•   A University focused on research growth (p23)
    – EC funded projects in line with College and University priorities
    – Involvement of OP Staff
    – Applications underway include
        • 4 x EU FP7
        • 5 x EU Lifelong Learning Programme
        • Tempus bid: Capacity Building of HE
Research activity
• “Our mission is to undertake world leading
  research….that benefits culture, society and the
  economy.” (p8)
   – International links through CRADALL and PASCAL
      • Partnerships with Universitas 21
      • Regional governments
      • International bodies: EC
   – Serving 5000 learners/year
   – Health and Wellbeing agenda
• Impact beyond the academic community
   – cultural enrichment
The Open Programme, Certificate of Higher Education
  and Glasgow 2020 – A Global Vision

• Issues to consider
   –   Community engagement and Glasgow 2020-Global Vision
   –   FTEs
   –   Other providers in the City
   –   Benefits to Glasgow and the University
•   Focus on research funders
•   Focus on student needs
•   Global reach
•   Multidisciplinary approaches
Budd Hall (2011) Secretary of Global Alliance for
Community Engaged Research
‘‘DACE is a world leader in the fields of ‘Engaged Scholarship’ and
   ‘Community-Based Research’. …… it has retained a credibility in the
   world of research intensive universities…..because it has the day- to-
   day role of working with adult learners in the greater Glasgow
Through structures such as CRADALL and PASCAL International
   Observatory that it leads, highly productive scholarship and policy
   development is carried out.
The University of Glasgow carries more weight and credibility because it
   has not lost its day- to -day link with the community through the link
   with adult learners.’’

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