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					The UniverSiTy Of TeXAS AT SAn AnTOniO
The Graduate School
One UTSA Circle
San Antonio, TX 78249-0603

      The UniverSiTy Of TeXAS AT SAn AnTOniO
                                 DAMON CARDENAS

   Damon Cardenas is the Fall 2011 recipient of the Louise and Michael
  Beldon Doctoral Scholarship, a competitive scholarship awarded each
 year to a Texas resident entering a UTSA doctoral program. Damon will
  enter the Ph.D. program in Biomedical Engineering, a program offered
       jointly by UTSA and the UT Health Science Center at San Antonio.

     Cardenas discovered a strong interest in the neurological basis for
      human paralysis while obtaining his electrical engineering degree.
    “One of the most prominent issues on my mind is the occurrence of
    paralysis,” he said. “I cannot imagine what it would be like to live life
    unable to move my arms or legs, or worse, nothing below my neck.”

         According to Cardenas, pursuing his graduate work at UTSA is
          appealing because of the university’s commitment to research
  excellence. “Through engineering, there is the potential to change the
world with the development of new technology and physical techniques,”
     he said. “The changes you make are typically specific to the field of
  engineering, and I would like to focus my research in the field of micro-
 imaging. The scholarship allows me the freedom to concentrate on my
work and gives me a significant boost in my motivation and inspiration to
                                        become a successful researcher.”

     Attracted by the scholarship support he was awarded, Cardenas also
        had personal reasons for continuing his graduate studies at UTSA.
 “San Antonio has always been my home, and despite anticipating future
travels through the course of my professional and educational careers, it
will always be my home,” he said. “I come from a family who claim UTSA
 as their alma mater, including my parents, and I would love to contribute
                       to our family’s Roadrunner legacy of achievements.”
StuDENt HigHligHt
                                            DiD you know?
                                            PAyCHECkS iNCREASE witH EDuCAtiON
                                            According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the following salaries are how
                                            much workers ages 18 years and over earned on average.

                                             EDuCAtiONAl lEvEl                                    ANNuAl SAlARy
                                             No high school diploma                               $17,299
                                             High school diploma                                  $26,933
                                             Bachelor’s degree                                    $52,671
                                             Master’s degree                                      $66,754
                                             Doctoral degree                                      $91,370
• Anthropology
• Applied Demography
• Applied Statistics                        UTSA is a dynamic, innovative institution with a student population of about 30,000,
• Biology/Cell and Molecular Biology
                                            including over 4,000 graduate students. UTSA offers 66 undergraduate, 49 master’s,
                                            and 22 doctoral programs including a new Ph.D. program in Mechanical Engineering.
• Biology/Neurobiology
                                            According to the recent Carnegie Classification profile, UTSA is considered a
• Biomedical Engineering
                                            comprehensive doctoral and high research activity institution in South Texas. UTSA
• Business Administration
                                            is a Hispanic-serving institution committed to providing educational opportunities to
    • Accounting
                                            a diverse population of students. Graduate students have the opportunity to conduct
    • Finance
                                            research in first-class facilities with nationally- and internationally-recognized faculty
    • Information Technology
    • Marketing
                                            members. UTSA is recognized for research excellence in a number of key areas
    • Organization and Management Studies   such as energy and efficiency, health, human and social development, security and
• Chemistry                                 sustainability.
• Computer Science
• Counselor Education and Supervision
                                            UTSA is accredited by the Commission of the Southern Association of Colleges and
• Culture, Literacy and Language
                                            Schools (1866 Southern Lane, Decatur, GA 30033-4097, telephone (404) 679-4500)
• Educational Leadership
                                            to award bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees. Many of our degree programs
                                            are accredited by the most prestigious professional organizations in the country.
• Electrical Engineering
• English
                                            UTSA offers a wide variety of master’s and doctoral programs that are:
• Environmental Science and Engineering
                                            • Academically strong
• Interdisciplinary Teaching and Learning
                                            • And meet the needs of a rapidly growing local and state population
• Mechanical Engineering
• Physics
                                            UTSA currently has master’s programs in 49 areas including two new programs—a
                                            Master of Arts in School Psychology and a Master of Science in Urban and
For more information, contact
The Graduate School at (210) 458-5327       Regional Planning.
or visit our website at                Most of our graduate programs offer courses in the evenings.
Graduate School
College of Architecture                          College of Education and                    • Music (M.M.)
• Architecture (M.Arch.) - Professional Degree   Human Development                           • Political Science (M.A.)
• Architecture (M.S.) - Research Degree          • Adult Learning and Teaching (M.A.)        • Psychology (M.S.)
• Urban and Regional Planning (M.S.) –           • Bicultural-Bilingual Studies (M.A.)       • Sociology (M.S.)
  Interdisciplinary program with the College         • Bicultural-Bilingual Education        • Spanish (M.A.)
  of Public Policy                                   • Bicultural Studies
                                                 • Master of Arts in Teaching English as a   College of Public Policy
College of Business                                Second Language (M.A.)                    • Justice Policy (M.S.)
• Business Administration                        • Counseling (M.A.)                         • Public Administration (M.P.A.)
  (M.B.A.) General M.B.A.                            • School Counseling                     • Social Work (M.S.W.)
    • Business Economics                             • Community Counseling
    • Business of Health                         • Education (M.A.)                          College of Sciences
    • Finance                                        • Curriculum and Instruction            • Applied/Industrial Mathematics (M.S.)
    • Information Assurance                          • Early Childhood and                   • Biology (M.S.)
    • Information Systems                              Elementary Education
                                                                                             • Biotechnology (M.S.)
    • Management of Technology                       • Instructional Technology
                                                                                             • Chemistry (M.S.)
    • Management Science                             • Education Literacy
                                                                                             • Computer Science (M.S.)
    • Marketing Management                           • Special Education
                                                                                                 • Computer and
    • Project Management                         • Educational Leadership and                      Information Security
    • Real Estate Finance                          Policy Studies (M.Ed.)
                                                                                                 • Software Engineering
    • Tourism Destination Development                • Educational Leadership (K-12
                                                                                             • Environmental Science (M.S.)
                                                       Administration) (M.Ed.)
• MBA in International Business                                                              • Geology (M.S.)
                                                     • Higher Education Administration
• Executive M.B.A.                                     (Community College and 4 year         • Mathematics (M.S.)
• M.B.A. Online                                        Institution Administration) (M.Ed.)       • Education
• 5 year Professional Accounting                 • Health and Kinesiology (M.S.)                 • Mathematics
  Program (150 hour program leading to           • School Psychology (M.A.)                  • Physics (M.S.)
  Master of Accountancy degree MACY)
• Master of Accountancy
                                                 College of Engineering                      graduate Certificates
• Applied Statistics (M.S.)
                                                 • Advanced Manufacturing and                • Bilingual Reading Specialist
• Construction Science and Management (M.S.)
                                                   Enterprise Engineering (M.S.)             • Certificate of Professional
• Economics (M.A.)
                                                 • Biomedical Engineering (M.S.)               Development in Geographic
• Finance (M.S.)                                                                               Information Science
                                                 • Civil Engineering (M.S.)
    • General or Concentration                                                               • Creative Writing
                                                 • Computer Engineering (M.S.)
      in Real Estate Finance
                                                 • Electrical Engineering (M.S.)             • Higher Education Administration
• Information Technology (M.S.)
                                                 • Mechanical Engineering (M.S.)             • Historic Preservation
    • General or Concentration in
                                                                                             • Keyboard Pedagogy
      Infrastructure Assurance
                                                                                             • Keyboard Performance
• Management of Technology (M.S. MOT)            College of liberal
                                                 and Fine Arts                               • Nonprofit Administration
                                                                                               and Leadership
                                                 • Anthropology (M.A.)
                                                                                             • Security Studies
                                                 • Art (M.F.A.)
                                                                                             • Spanish Translation Studies
                                                 • Art History (M.A.)
                                                                                             • Teaching English as a
                                                 • Communication (M.A.)
                                                                                               Second Language
                                                 • English (M.A.)
                                                                                             • Urban and Regional Planning
                                                 • History (M.A.)
                                             DiD you know?
tHE uNivERSity                               tHE uNivERSity
                                             Main Campus
                                             • Houses several new buildings which include technologically advanced classrooms and
                                              labs to conduct state-of-the-art research.
                                             • Located on the northwest side of San Antonio with the convenience of the La Cantera
                                              and The Rim outdoor shopping centers, Six Flags Fiesta Texas, and access to
HEMiSFAiR PARk CAMPuS                         apartment living with shuttle service to campus.
                                             • The UTSA Main Library was recently renovated and includes a new computer lab, three
                                              graduate study rooms, full on-line services, and an extended array of workshops and
                                              personalized services for graduate students.
                                             • Food services offered at convenient times for our graduate population including a full
                                              functioning Chili’s Too and two Starbucks on-campus.

College of Architecture                      Downtown Campus
 • Architecture (M.Arch.)
                                             • Conveniently located in the heart of San Antonio and walking distance to the River Walk,
 • Architecture (M.S.)                        El Mercado and the downtown area.
 • Urban and Regional Planning (M.S.)—
                                             • Hosts graduate programs in many areas that serve the San Antonio community
   Interdisciplinary program with the
                                              including public policy, counseling and architecture disciplines.
   College of Public Policy
 • Urban and Regional Planning               • Student services and programming offered at the Main Campus are mirrored at the
                                              Downtown Campus.
   Graduate Certificate
                                             • The Downtown Campus is a host to many cultural and research events throughout the
College of Business                           year and houses the UTSA Mexico Center and the Institute for Economic Development.
 • Noon M.B.A. program

                                             SAN ANtONiO
College of Education
and Human Development                        The country’s seventh largest city retains its small-town flavor with distinctive
 • Counseling (M.A.)
                                             neighborhoods, an active downtown area and the vistas of the Texas Hill Country
                                             at its back door. San Antonio has straddled a cultural, historical and geographical
 • Counselor Education and
                                             crossroads for 300 years, and the result is a city in the Southwest that derives its
  Supervision Ph.D.
                                             vitality from natural resources, international business and visitors worldwide. San
 • School Psychology (M.A.)
                                             Antonio’s natural beauty, dozens of festivals and cultural opportunities make it the
                                             state’s top tourist and convention site, with 7 million visitors a year. San Antonio is
College of Public Policy
                                             home to several major corporations such as SBC and Valero, and Toyota’s new
 • Justice Policy (M.S.)                     manufacturing plant. Many of these corporations’ employees have selected UTSA as
 • Public Administration (M.P.A)             their school of choice for their graduate education. San Antonio was also voted the #1
 • Social Work (M.S.W.)                      friendliest city in America by NBC Today Show as well as the #1 most recession proof
 • Nonprofit Administration and              city according to Forbes Magazine.
  Leadership Graduate Certificate
COME HERE                                            Faculty Highlight
                                                     DR. NORMA CANtu
utSA iS RESPONSiBlE FOR:                             Department of English, Classics and Philosophy,
 • Graduate Admissions                               graduate Advisor of Record for the Ph.D. in English
 • Graduate Degree Programs
 • Graduate Recruiting
 • Graduate Student Support
 • Developing New Programs
 • Maintaining the high quality of
   all UTSA graduate programs

 For more information on our offerings
 and services, please go to

gRADuAtE FACulty
UTSA’s graduate students enjoy
instruction by outstanding faculty, many
of whom are internationally recognized
as leaders in their research fields.

• More than 700 full-time tenured or
 tenure-track faculty members teach in
 UTSA’s graduate programs.

• Eighty-two percent of full-time faculty hold
 doctorates or equivalent terminal degrees.
                                                     Our Doctoral program in English is unlike any other program in
• UTSA’s faculty have achieved national              the country. For one, we encourage service learning activities
 prominence in research and creative
 activities including fifty-three who have
 been awarded Fulbright Scholarships
 to teach and do research abroad.

• During year 2009 faculty members received
 over $67.4 million in research and
 sponsored programs an increase of
 30% from the previous year.
                                                     study of literatures written in English.
                                                     and expect our students to be engaged in the community.
                                                     Additionally, our program strengths allows students to use
                                                     critical race theory, Border studies and cultural studies as they
                                                     study the literatures and languages of the United States.

                                                     I came to UTSA to work on the Doctoral program in English
                                                     because of its emphasis on its cross-cultural approach to the

                                                     Our strategic geographical location in San Antonio makes
                                                     our program and UTSA an ideal place to study the literatures
                                                     and languages of U.S. Latinas/os, Chicanas/os, and African
                                                     Americans, including Afro-Latinas/os.
Graduate School
College of Architecture                                                    • The COEHD offers personalized support for students through
                                                                             Departmental Student Development Specialists.
• Offers three programs at the graduate level: a Masters of
  Architecture, the M.S. in Architecture, and the M.S. in Urban and        • Opportunities for traditional and non-traditional students include a
  Regional Planning.                                                         vast array of field-based activities such as the Mexican-American
      The Master of Architecture is an accredited professional degree        Studies Program, the Downtown Counseling Center, and the Down-
      by the National Architectural Accrediting Board designed to            town Plaza de la Lectura—a program linking UTSA students with
      prepare licensed architects; a two year sequence that must be          school children seeking to enhance their reading skills.
      preceded by a pre-professional four-year degree, such as the         For more information, please call (210) 458-4424.
      undergraduate Bachelor of Science in Architecture offered a
      UTSA or its equivalent.                                              College of Engineering
     The degree program provides a challenging professional curricu-       • High-tech classrooms, state-of-the-art laboratories and modern
     lum with electives offered in Historic Preservation and Interna-        computing networks and the most sophisticated technology create
     tional Community Planning and Design.                                   an information-intensive environment.
• Master of Science in Architecture is a non-studio, post-professional     • Our graduate degree programs offer opportunities for advanced
  research program which prepares students in research, teaching,            study and research designed to prepare students for leadership
  and consulting.                                                            roles in engineering careers with industry, government, educational
• All programs take advantage of the college’s unique location               institutions, and research organizations. They also provide a
  within downtown San Antonio, as well as its proximity to South             pathway toward self-improvement and life-long learning for
  Texas and Mexico.                                                          practicing engineers.

• The city of San Antonio, composed of several historical layers from      • San Antonio is home to several major engineering corporations such
  the early 17th century to the present, is an ideal laboratory for the      as Valero, Pape-Dawson, SAIC, and Toyota’s new manufacturing
  study of Architecture and Urbanism.                                        plant. We offer Career Guidance & Professional Development for all
For more information, please call (210) 458-3010.                            of our graduate students.
                                                                           • what do our graduate students think about us?
College of Business                                                          “… faculty members offer many opportunities … especially in
• One of the 40 largest business schools in the nation with more             research … ” Roseann Trevino, MS-EE
  than 5,600 students.                                                      “[The] College of Engineering … offers so many scholarships, teach-
• The College of business at UTSA is nationally ranked and recog-           ing assistantships, [and] research assistantships…”
  nized. Ranked as the #1 MBA program in the nation for Hispanics           Jeanette Oruc De Leon, MS-ME
  by Hispanic Business; ranked #4 in the Southwest and #28 in the           “Amazing facilities!” Teja Guda, PhD-BME
  nation by BusinessWeek.
                                                                            “My advisor is truly outstanding, … [they] took me as an engineering
• Comprehensive business curriculum with over 46 degree programs.           novice and [they continue] to provide daily support and interaction
• Specialized thematics in the areas of globalization, security, capital    as I work my way toward completion of my degree.”
  markets, transformational leadership, entrepreneurship, and health        Karen Engates, PhD-ESE
  and technology .
                                                                            “I am really happy that I came to UTSA!” Mehdi Najarian, MS-CE
• Top faculty from leading institutions who are both renowned              For more information, please call (210) 458-4492.
  researchers and dedicated teachers.
• Accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of           College of liberal and Fine Arts
  Business (AACSB) International.                                          • This college was formed in 2000 with the merger of the College of
For more information, please call (210) 458-4641.                            Fine Arts and Humanities and most of the programs in the College
                                                                             of Social and Behavioral Sciences.
College of Education and Human Development                                 • The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board approved the
• Prepares professionals for leadership positions in educational and         college’s first Ph.D.—in English—in April 2002, and the first doctoral
  human development organizations serving diverse populations.               students enrolled in Fall 2002. The program is supported by the Sue
                                                                             E. Denman Distinguished Chair in American Literature, created with
• Faculty members engage in a broad range of research programs and
                                                                             a $1 million gift from the George W. Brackenridge Foundation, and a
  provide extensive contributions to the community and the university.
                                                                             distinguished professorship funded in part by a $100,000 Challenge
• Led by Dean Betty Merchant, the college encompasses 5 academic             Grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities.
  departments overseen by Associate Deans and Department Chairs.
                                                                           • Since Spring 2007, the college also houses a Ph.D. program
                                                                             in Anthropology. The focus of this program is on Ecological
                                                                             Anthropology and graduate students have the opportunity to
                                                                             participate in field projects in the Andes and Mayan regions as
                                                                             well as other national and international regions.
                                                                           For more information, please call (210) 458-4350.
College of Public Policy                                                      ACADEMiC COllEgE
Located at UTSA’s Downtown Campus, the College of Public                      wEBSitES
Policy comprises the undergraduate program in Criminal Justice
and graduate programs in Justice Policy, Public Administration,
and Social Work. A new Ph.D. in Applied Demography was approved               College of Architecture
in Spring 2006. This program is a unique partnership between Uni-   
versity of Texas Health Science Center and the University of Texas
School of Public Health. This new program will address the growing            College of Business
demand for doctoral training in this field, both regionally and nationally.
• Also housed within the college is the Center for Policy Studies
  ( which focuses on interdisciplinary policy           College of Education
  studies that will be a major contribution in San Antonio and the South-     and Human Development
  west. The mission of the College of Public Policy is to improve soci-
  ety’s capacity to anticipate and effectively respond to salient public
  policy issues.
                                                                              College of Engineering
• The college accomplishes this mission through academic research
  and analysis that develops theory, informs public policy and improves
  program services, rigorous educational programs that prepare gradu-
  ates for leadership and professional practice in public policy fields,      College of liberal and Fine Arts
  and collaborative interdisciplinary partnerships that contribute to the
  public good in a diverse society.
For more information, please call (210) 458-2530.
                                                                              College of Public Policy
College of Sciences
• Change the future of science by exploring new frontiers in the fields
                                                                              College of Sciences
  of Science and Mathematics. Unparalleled opportunities allow you to
  perform cutting-edge research alongside a world-class faculty. Enthu-
  siastic professors help you develop skills that prepare you to become
  a scientific leader in the next generation.
• The College of Sciences trains students to become effective educa-
  tors through the Generating Educational Excellence in Mathematics
  & Science (GE2MS) Program. This is a collaborative effort with the
  College of Education and Human Development.
• The College of Sciences houses a second-generation aberration-
  corrected electron microscope, the first of its kind nationwide, allow-
  ing researchers to view images at a resolution of less than one ten
  billionth of a meter, aiding research in all areas including Biology,
  Chemistry, Biophysics and more.
• The College of Sciences secured the first revenue-producing license
  with Merck, in collaboration with the UT Health Science Center, to
  produce a vaccine against Chlamydia trachomatis, the bacteria that
  causes the disease Chlamydia.
For more information,please call (210) 458-4450
                                MARCuS BROOkS

     Marcus Brooks, a first year Ph.D. in the Business Administration
          Accounting program is the recipient of the KPMG Foundation
Scholarship. Brooks is one of 12 new recipients of the award nationwide.
       The award is for $10,000 with the chance to renew up to 5 years.

“We are pleased to provide financial support, career guidance and other
     resources to each of these talented men and women as they move
  closer to fulfilling their dreams of becoming business professors,” said
Bernie Milano, KPMG Foundation president. “Over the years it has been
  a pleasure to see the impact the recipients of these scholarships have
                         had on improving diversity in business schools.”

      Brooks states, “I chose UTSA because, along with the university’s
 mission of becoming a Tier I institution, I feel that the program provides
 a supportive and challenging academic atmosphere that will enable me
to become a Ph.D. and have a successful career in academia. I believe
    that the best benefit of being a doctoral student is the opportunity to
work and learn from the accounting faculty. It is clear that our faculty are
  devoted to providing an excellent learning environment and equipping
   students with the skills needed to conduct innovative and meaningful
                         research to be successful in our future careers.”
StuDENt HigHligHt
                                                  StuDENtS wHO COME tO utSA will be mentored by known
                                                  researchers nationally and internationally who will provide them with opportunities to
                                                  participate in cutting edge research.

                                                  In 2010 UTSA opened the new Applied Engineering and Technology Building.
                                                  The new building is 148,127 square feet and the project cost $82.5 million.
                                                  The building is designed to support world-class research and teaching in Science
                                                  and Engineering. Research grants awarded by federal agencies-such as the National
                                                  Science Foundation, the U.S. Department of Defense, and the National Institutes of
gRANtS SuPPORt tHE                                Health-will help to fund student education in the form of competitive scholarships,
FOllOwiNg uNivERSity                              fellowships, teaching and research assistantships.
AND iNStitutES:                                   UTSA has a total of 14 research institutes and centers including the Bank of America
                                                  Child and Adolescent Policy Institute, Center for Advanced Manufacturing and
• Bank of America Child and Adolescent Policy
  Research Institute                              Lean Systems, and the UTSA Neurosciences Institute. These institutes and centers
                                                  provide many research opportunities for students. “Total research and sponsored
• Center for Advanced Manufacturing and
                                                  program expenditures in fiscal year (2010) totaled $70,150,966 a 4% increase
  Lean Systems
                                                  from the following year. Research expenditures were $48,651,962. Non-research
• Center for Archeological Research               expenditures were $21,499,004.
• Center for Education and Research in Informa-
  tion and Infrastructure Security (CERI2S)       Research Highlights:
• Center for Research and Training in the         • The Texas Sustainable Energy Research Institute, housed in the College of
  Sciences (CRTS)                                  Engineering, is getting a $50 million infusion from CPS Energy to help position San
                                                   Antonio as a leader in renewable energy.
• Center for Simulation, Visualization and Real
  Time Prediction (SiViRT)                        • UTSA was awarded $1 million from the Department of Energy to install solar energy
• Center for Urban and Regional Planning           panels on campus with a wireless smart grid to monitor the technology’s energy and
  Research (CURPR)                                 cost-savings in real time.
• Center for Water Research                       • UTSA opened the New Venture Incubator, stepping up its push to develop and
                                                   commercialize the intellectual property of UTSA faculty and students.
• Institute for Cyber Security
  (ICS and ICS-CIAS)                              • UTSA has been selected to receive a four-year, $1.25 million grant from the
• Institute for Demographic and                    National Science Foundation (NSF) Federal Cyber Service: Scholarship for Service
  Socioeconomic Research                           program to support undergraduate, master’s and doctoral students committed to
• San Antonio Institute for Cellular and
                                                   pursuing careers in computer and information security.
  Molecular Primatology                           • The UTSA College of Education and Human Development --the leading provider
• South Texas Center for Emerging                  of educators in the San Antonio area--secured $13 million in funding from the
  Infectious Diseases                              U.S. Agency for International Development to provide 5 million books to 1,000
• Texas Sustainable Energy Research Institute
                                                   elementary schools in Malawi.
  (SERI)                                          • The College of Liberal and Fine Arts, which has the highest enrollment at UTSA,
• UTSA Neurosciences Institute                     ranks second in the UT System for external research funding in arts, humanities and
                                                   social sciences.
AdmiSSionS                                                                    WHere to Apply
REquiREMENtS                                                                  Apply online at Please send
                                                                              official transcripts to the following address:
• Bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution
                                                                              Attn: graduate Admissions
• GPA of 3.0 (on 4.0 scale) in last 60 hours of undergraduate work and in     the graduate School
  all previous graduate work (Please check with your department of interest   the university of texas at San Antonio
  as this may vary by program)                                                One utSA Circle, San Antonio, tX 78249-0603
• 18 hours in proposed area of study (Please check with your program          Phone: (210) 458-4330, Fax: (210) 458-4332
  of interest as this varies by program)
• Additional requirements as specified by individual degree programs
  (i.e. GRE GMAT test scores). The TOEFL is required for international
  applicants. Please consult the following page for more information:
                                                                              reSourceS                    graduate Record Examination (gRE)
Specific degree programs may have additional requirements. Please go to:      (800) GRE-CALL (for computer-based test registration)
                                                                              (609) 771-7670 (for other information)
programs to get a full listing of requirements for each graduate program.
                                                                              Institutional code: 6919

APPliCAtiON DEADliNES                                                         graduate Management Admission test
Doctoral Programs Deadlines (Domestic and international)            
                                                                              Institutional code: 6919
• Fall Deadline
  February 1: All doctoral degrees                                            test of English as a Foreign language (tOEFl) -
• Spring Deadline                                                             *For international Applicants Only
  October 1: Only the following programs offer a Spring deadline:   
       • Biomedical Engineering, Ph.D.                                        1-609-771-7100 or 1-877-863-3546 (Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. –
       • Computer Science, Ph.D.                                              7:45 p.m. Eastern Time (New York), except for U.S. holidays)
       • Electrical Engineering, Ph.D.
                                                                              1-609-771-7714 TTY (24 hours a day, 7 days a week for test takers
       • Environmental Sciences and Engineering, Ph.D.
                                                                              who are deaf or hearing impaired)
       • Physics, Ph.D.
                                                                              Institutional code: 6919
Master’s Programs Deadlines
                                                                              Office of Extended Education
• Domestic Student Deadlines                                                  Offers GRE and GMAT study courses at a discounted price
  July 1              Fall term                                               Main and Downtown campuses
  November 1          Spring term                                   
  April 1             Summer mini-mester term                                 Offers online GMAT preparation
  May 1               Summer first and ten-week term                
                                                                              (210) 458-2411
• International Student Deadlines
    April 1          Fall term
    September 1      Spring term
    March 1          Summer terms                                             FinAnciAl ASSiStAnce
                                                                              Funding opportunities are offered for graduate students in a
DEPARtMENt PRiORity DEADliNES                                                 variety of forms including:
Some departments do have priority deadlines, please check our deadlines
page at              • Departmental fellowships and scholarships
detail/deadlines/ for more information.                                       • University grant monies (yes, free money for graduate students!) Fill out
                                                                                the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) as soon as possible
Application fees                                                                for the upcoming academic year (January). You maybe eligible for up to
                                                                                $2500 per academic year of grant money.
• UTSA graduates/UTSA degree candidates                                       • University scholarships and fellowships
  $30 online application                                                      • Teaching, research and graduate assistantships
• Non-UTSA graduates                                                          • Nationwide scholarships, fellowships and grants
  $45 online application
                                                                              Most of UTSA’s doctoral programs do offer competitive stipends
• International applicants
                                                                              Contact the program directly for more information.
  $80 online application

tuition and Fees
UTSA offers cost effective tuition and fee rates. We also offer
you a quality learning environment with personalized attention.
Tuition and fee estimates and rates can be found at:
Graduate School
StuDENt SERviCES OFFiCE                                              PHONE NuMBER                      wEBSitE
The UTSA Bookstores offer a full line of new and used                1604 Campus (210) 458-4220
textbooks, reference books, school and office supplies, and          Downtown Campus (210) 458-2865    bookstore.html
academically-priced software for students and staff.
The Campus Recreation office enhances a student’s                    1604 Campus (210) 458-7575
educational experience by providing opportunities for                Downtown Campus (210) 458-2735
recreational activities.
Career Services is here to assist students and alumni in             1604 Campus (210) 458-4589
identifying and developing the skills necessary to pursue            Downtown Campus (210) 458-2910
lifelong career goals.
The UTSA Child Development Center provides child care                1604 Campus (210) 458-6364
services for UTSA students, staff, and faculty.
Counseling Services provides a confidential atmosphere               1604 Campus (210) 458-4140
where students may discuss concerns that are important               Downtown Campus (210) 458-2930
in their lives.
Disability Services at UTSA promotes equal access to all             1604 Campus (210) 458-4157
university programs and activities for students with disabilities.   Downtown Campus (210) 458-2945
Student Financial Aid and Enrollment Services works to serve         1604 Campus (210) 458-8000
students by providing a wide range of funding opportunities for      Downtown Campus (210) 458-2400
Graduate Students.
The Business Career Services Office provides career                  1604 Campus (210) 458-7328
counseling and training to graduate business students.
The Graduate School promotes and supports academic                   1604 Campus (210) 458-4331
excellence in the graduate education provided at UTSA.
The Graduate Student Association (GSA) at UTSA serves to                                               http://utsagradstudents.
represent graduate student interests by fostering community,                                 
networking, and administrative feedback.
Student Health Services provides the most up-to-date                 1604 Campus (210) 458-4142
medical care to students.                                            Downtown Campus & Counseling
                                                                     Services (210) 458-2930
The Office of Housing and Residence Life offers Off-Campus           1604 Campus (210) 458-6200
Housing brochures, listings of available houses, apartments,                                           offcampus_housing.html
and rooms in homes available for rent, and a list of fellow
students searching for roommates.
With locations at 1604, Downtown, and the Institute of Texan         1604 Campus (210) 458-4573
Cultures, the library offers a full array of services to help you    Downtown Campus (210) 458-2446
succeed in your graduate program.
The Office of International Programs provides information on         1604 Campus (210) 458-7202
Immigration, Financial Resources, and Health Insurance for                                             OIPweb/
International Students.
The Office of Sponsored Programs supports and advises the            1604 Campus (210) 458-4340
entire academic community in securing external support for
sponsored programs and collaborations.
Parking & Transportation Services is the one-stop shop for all       1604 Campus (210) 458-7275
your transportation needs.
The Tomas Rivera Center assists UTSA graduate students               1604 Campus (210) 458-4694
in achieving academic success by providing workshops,                Downtown Campus (210) 458-2838
resources, in-depth programs, and academic coaching.
The UTSA Visitor Centers offer daily campus tours and                1604 Campus (210) 458-5145
information designed to introduce you to the diverse, dynamic        Downtown Campus & the Admission
education available at UTSA.                                         Office (210) 458-2000
                viSitiNg utSA
utsa CaMpuses

                Please come and visit our campuses.
                Graduate-level tours are offered
                through the Graduate School.
                For more information, please
                fill out an inquiry form at:

                Tours are offered through UTSA’s
                Visitor Centers, located at both the
                1604 Campus and the Downtown
                Campus. For more information, please
                call (210) 458-5142 or visit us online at

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