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                    Minutes of meeting held on 13 May 2009 at 10.00am
                                Norwood Community Wing,
                                      Ratho Station,

     Dinah Pountain
     Lawrence Arscott
     Gillian Baxter
     Sylvie Henocque, Development Officer
     Vickie Hobson
     Lorna McCulloch
     Anne Paterson
     Ben Seex
     Dawn Staff, minutes
     Sylvia Taylor

In attendance (from 11.00am): Donald Lumsden (Careers Scotland) and Claire Murray.

APOLOGIES: Malcolm Bruce, Maria Anderson, Brian Thompson, Harry Woodward, Claire Downs,
Sheila Duncan

No             MINUTES OF THE PREVIOUS MEETING – 5 February 2009                     ACTION
8:13/05/09     05:05/02/09
               GW said there was an amendment to point 5:05/02/09. It should
               read, “he stated all Napier courses are SCQF accredited, as
               Edinburgh Napier aim to have their courses operate at around level 7
               on the SCQF rating. George added it would be their long-term hope
               that they could deliver either accredited courses, or credit levelled
               courses, but that is an ambition, not current practice”.

9:13/05/09     MATTERS ARISING
               DP reported Patricia Ilsley, HMiE, who attended the WAGLEx
               meeting in February, was quite impressed with the WAGLEx working
               and learning partnership.

               Saturday Morning Courses
               DS stated two Saturday morning classes, „Introduction to Word‟ and
               „Beginners Quilting‟, would be running at Kirkliston Community
               Centre on 20 June 2009 from 10.00 am to 12.00 noon. DS said
               there had been some interest in putting on a digital photography
               class on a Saturday morning; however, it thought this class might be
               better for the autumn term. Additional ideas for classes at Ratho
               Station and Kirkliston were First Aid and Food Hygiene courses –         ACTION
               though the tutors usually charged per person to run them. LMc
               raised the issues of perhaps charging for CBAL courses in the future
               and it was agreed to discuss this at a future meeting. DP asked if           DP
               other partners could contribute or deliver courses on a Saturday
               morning to local people and DS said she would look into this.                DS

               GAPS Provision
               DP said Adele McCaughey was contracted for 17 weeks to develop            DP/DS
               the GAPs programme in Edinburgh and a meeting was arranged for
               all GAPs workers in the West and South West of Edinburgh on 2
               June 2009 at Norwood Community Wing. The aim of the meeting
               was to give people support and highlight any problems they have
               experienced, and to update staff on GAPs.

               There was a discussion around GAPS and advertising and BS said
               there had been problems when printing the leaflets in colour.

10:13/05/09 EVENTS
            The Western Volunteer Forum would like to use the Gala events in
            the West to recruit volunteers and make people aware of voluntary

               There are a number of events coming up:

                     The raft race in South Queensferry - 24 May.
                     Clermiston/Drum Brae gala - 30/31 May
                     Kirkliston Gala - 13 June from 10.00am.
                     Davidson Main‟s Children‟s Gala Day, in the grounds of
                      Lauriston Castle. 20 June, join the parade at the Green in
                      Davidson's Mains at 11.30am.
                     Altogether in the Park, Sighthill Park, 18 July, £5 per stall,
                      contact: Marie Anderson on 455 7731.
                     Ferry Fair Week throughout South Queensferry, including
                      Burgess Park, 10 to 15 August. Contact: David Steel at

               CLD are in the process of collating a list of summer activities on the
               City of Edinburgh Council website. LA asked people to obtain
               feedback from the gala days, even if organisations are running an            LA
               education stall to determine attendance and availability.

            Vickie Hobson, WEA Scotland
            VH explained the WEA‟s area of work involves working with external
            organisations and employers teaching literacy, numeracy and ESOL
            classes in the workplace to their employees. Some of the
            organisations they have been working with are housing support,
            home care, Royal Mail, public sector and the Indian Building
            Consortium.     VH said the Indian Building Consortium have 100
            Punjabi who need help learning English. VH also reported dyslexia
              awareness is also of interest to employers.                              ACTION

              The WEA were also involved in the „adult learners week‟ and
              „learning at work week‟ in Scotland.

              LMc – CLD
              LMc said she has been involved in setting up family ESOL courses
              and a literacy/family health initiative in Drum Brae. In addition, she
              is involved in looking at setting up drop-in sessions for literacy
              learners during the summer.

              SH – SwapEast
              SH distributed information packs to the group members at the
              meeting. She said the website on the pack was now incorrect and
              the new website is http://www.scottishwideraccess.org SH stated
              students do not need a qualification to attend an access programme,
              though some of the courses need maths so it is important students
              check the course programme or the advertising flyers.

              AP – Kirkliston and Norwood Community Wing
              The two first aid classes were well attended and AP thought it would
              be an idea to run another class aimed at parents in the autumn.           AP/DS
              The GAP sign is now outside Kirkliston Community Centre.

              Will send a list of events in the West and Almond area to DS.             GB/DS

              LA – CLD
              The CLD in the West is looking at provision and opportunities for
              volunteers, as there are no support networks. In addition, they are
              look at training and guidance for volunteers.

              BS – CLD
              BS is involved in organising classes during the summer.


              DP asked people to notify each other of events and activities in the
              neighbourhoods, and felt it was important to promote learning in the

            11.15 am

              DL reported that by the end of last year recession had reared its
              head. Careers Scotland was an all age service, which initially had up
              to 50% of its clientele up to the age of 21. Since the recession,
              adults now make up 70% of people contacting Careers Scotland and
              since Christmas, Careers Scotland has been notified of major
              redundancies. He stated they were now seeing professional staff
              that were facing redundancy or had been made redundant. Some of
these people were looking at retraining.      DL explained that          ACTION
organisations that make more than 20 people redundant have to
inform the Secretary of State within 90 days. He felt the notice
might go down due to the current situation.

Careers Scotland provides a redundancy support pack which can be
obtained from their office. DL passed copies of the pack to WAGLEx
members for their information. DL said Careers Scotland, along with
other partners are meeting on a regular basis to look at how to
respond to redundancy in an organisation. They also offer to go into
the organisation to speak to employees about the Inland Revenue,
Careers Scotland and Job Centre Plus. He said the first priorities
were to discuss benefits, tax and careers guidance.

DL said there had been a number of redundancies within the
construction industry, especially from smaller firms. There have
been numerous people made redundant from the financial sector,
though the numbers were still unclear, but it was near 5,000. He
stated that the major numbers of these people would leave the
financial sector firms at the end of the year. Some people have
been given a long notice period.

There are short, sharp courses being set up in Scotland for people
who have been redundant or who are unemployed to attend as part
of retraining. DL said FE colleges were under severe pressure and
applications for courses had gone up. He felt colleges needed to be
flexible in developing courses and it will be interesting to see how
the FE/HE colleges respond to the current recession. Roughly, a
quarter of all students drop out of the FE colleges and he said FE is
not for everyone.

Currently there are 8,000 job seekers, which is 40% higher than last
year. DL felt this figure would rise at the end of June when school
leavers sign on for employment. He also reported the job centre
vacancies had fallen by 55% with 10 people chasing every vacancy.
Currently, 30% of vacancies are in the public sector, 25% in
retail/hospitality and education, and 30% in finance/IT and the
remaining 15% are in other areas/disciplines. It is difficult at this
time to forecast where the jobs are going to be. The most probable
likelihood of vacancies will occur in the caring sector, health and

DL said the workers could refer people to the Careers Scotland
website, although the site is due to be changed. Other useful sites
are LearnDirect Scotland and Skills Development Scotland.

A discussion arose around using libraries and their PC‟s, and the time
limits on the machines and other options for people and learners to
use PC‟s to job search.

DL said he would like Careers Scotland to get to the stage where the
website was accessible all over Scotland. He would also like parents
               to be able to use the website with their children to release             ACTION
               resources, as staff are over stretched due to the current situation.
               He pointed out thought the situation for school leavers will be as bad
               as twenty years ago. However, clients who have been made
               redundant are the current priority.

               Twenty per cent of school leavers will have literacy and numeracy
               problems and DP said she would like to see people referred to the
               Big Plus etc. LMc stated she had not been receiving new referrals to
               the literacy and numeracy classes unless they were already
               attending other courses and had been referred through them.

               DL ended the presentation stating Shandwick Place offer workshops
               on CV writing, interview techniques and career planning.

            The next meeting will be held on Tuesday 13 October 2009, 12.45
            pm for coffee for 1.00pm start. Venue: The Boardroom, Dunedin
            Canmore 8 New Mart Road, Edinburgh


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