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                                                                NEWS RELEASE
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Mike O’Sullivan
Teradata - U.S.
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For Release on February 10, 2009

  Teradata Rated Number One for Current Offering in First-Ever Enterprise
      Data Warehousing Report by Leading Independent Analyst Firm

    Recognized as ‘best-of-breed’ solution portfolio that ‘positions its mature, widely adopted
                EDW appliances to push the industry envelope in affordability’

           MIAMISBURG, Ohio - Teradata Corporation (NYSE: TDC), the world’s largest
company solely focused on data warehousing and enterprise analytics, announced that Forrester
Research, a leading independent analyst firm, has rated Teradata the industry’s number one
enterprise data warehouse (EDW) platform in the “Current Offering” category. The ranking was
released Friday, February 6 in “The Forrester Wave™: Enterprise Data Warehousing Platforms,
Q1 2009,” authored by James Kobielus, senior analyst, data warehousing.
           "Teradata’s longtime leadership in the EDW market, coupled with a substantial installed
base among large enterprises and an appliance-based product strategy that is growing ever more
scalable, modular, and cost-competitive, gives it a strong competitive advantage,” wrote James
Kobielus. “Forrester expects that Teradata will leverage these strengths, plus strategic
partnerships such as SAS for in-database analytics, to grow its share of the EDW market among
all customer segments."
           The report is the first of its kind issued by Forrester for the enterprise data warehousing
market. It comes at a time when economics and affordability are top-of-mind as companies
make judicious decisions regarding information technology investments.
           "With an increased focus on offering price-competitive EDW offerings for all customer
segments, Teradata positions its mature, widely adopted EDW appliances to push the industry
envelope in affordability,” Kobielus wrote. “Teradata offers a best-of-breed solution portfolio,
including its 5550, 2550, and 550 EDW appliances models, as well as standalone software
licenses for its database, tools, and utilities."
        Forrester awarded Teradata “Perfect” scores in numerous categories, notably in the
categories “Professional Services,” “Corporate Direction” and “Product Direction.” Teradata
also received perfect scores in:
             Scalability, performance and optimization
             High availability and reliability
             Query flexibility
             Security
             Execution flexibility
             Deployment flexibility
             Information life-cycle management
             Administration and management
        “We are excited about Forrester’s new EDW WAVE report and believe companies
making data warehouse platform decisions will value its objectivity,” said Darryl McDonald,
Teradata chief marketing officer. “The evaluation positions us as number one for current
offering in enterprise data warehousing, based on 54 criteria. That’s a powerful position based
on years of dedicated focus by Teradata, with direct implications for our community of
customers, users, employees and investors across the world.”
        In October, Teradata added an Extreme Data Appliance to the Teradata Purpose-Built
Platform Family, which includes the Teradata Data Mart Appliance, the Teradata Data
Warehouse Appliance and the Teradata Active Enterprise Data Warehouse platforms. Within
weeks the company announced Teradata Accelerate, bundled business solution packages of
comprehensive hardware, Teradata database, software and services. The packages enable
companies to rapidly deploy and realize value from their data warehouse investment.
        Teradata’s industry-leading database, scalable platform performance and 30 years of
customer success have established the company as an innovative leader in data warehousing,
according to the CMO. “Teradata offers a very attractive business proposition embraced by a
global community of cutting-edge business users,” McDonald said. “Teradata has in effect
become a worldwide ‘movement’ – with all the momentum and excitement that this implies. In
the future, expect to see Teradata everywhere.”
        Teradata’s innovative active data warehousing approach uniquely addresses the need to
manage increasingly complex queries and mixed workloads with real-time agility. In addition,
the Teradata 13 database is the first with Teradata Virtual Storage capability, making it
economical to leverage a new class of data with faster data loading into the data warehouse.
       Forrester’s WAVE for EDW report is available for download.

About Teradata
       Teradata Corporation (NYSE: TDC) is the world’s largest company solely focused on
raising intelligence through data warehousing, consulting services and enterprise analytics.
Teradata is in more than 60 countries and on the Web at www.teradata.com.

       Teradata is a registered trademark of Teradata Corporation in the United States and other countries.


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