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And The Passion


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          Western Australian Secondary
          School Executives Association

        Regaining the power
   And The Passion
     Perth Convention Exhibition Centre
               Perth, Western Australia
                      17 - 19 June 2007

                     CONFERENCE INFORMATION
                           REGISTRATION FORM
                                  TAX INVOICE

          The conference committee is proud to
          provide       an       innovative        and
          interactive 3 day conference program
          inclusive of keynote addresses, workshops
                 and associated presentations for 2007.

          The conference dinner, breakfasts and trade
          show will further enhance your conference

          All the information necessary for you to
          register and prepare for a successful
                      conference has been enclosed.

                                   Guests                   &

                          Prof Barry McGaw
                          Barry McGaw is half-time Director of the Melbourne Education
                          Research Institute at the University of Melbourne and in the rest
                          of his time a consultant. Until the end of 2005, he was previously
                          Director for Education at the OECD in Paris. He had earlier been
                          Executive Director of ACER, Professor of Education at Murdoch
                          University and, originally, a science teacher in Queensland.

                                          Frank Crowther
       Professor Frank Crowther, AM, is a leading international author-
       ity on the subject of successful school revitalisation. He is also
       regarded as a leading international advocate of the teaching
       profession. Frank is the Strategic Director of the IDEAS Project.


                 HON. MARK McGOWAN, MINISTER FOR

                         WELCOME RECEPTION
                         All Principals and Deputy Principals are invited to join their colleagues, business partners
                         and sponsors for drinks.
                         Please indicate on your Registration Form if you would like to attend.

                         CONFERENCE DINNER
                         The conference committee invites you to the WASSEA Conference Dinner.

                         Dress – semi formal.
                         As always outstanding dinner entertainment, complemented by fine food and
                         beverages will make for an enjoyable evening.
                         The subsidised price per head includes pre-dinner drinks, a 3-course meal with main
                         course choice, and drinks throughout the evening up to the budgeted amount.
                         Partners are most welcome. Why not stay overnight and enjoy the full conference
Breakfast Performances

                         CONFERENCE BREAKFAST
                         Lorraine Hams, Principal, Cyril Jackson Senior Campus has been engaged as the
                         conference breakfast speaker in association with B&H Australia, a Business Partner of
                         This is one conference breakfast you will not want to miss! Further details enclosed.

                         SCHOOL PERFORMANCES
                         WASSEA is proud to present this years school performances.
                         MOUNT LAWLEY SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL                : SUNDAY 17 JUNE 5.00pm - 6.00pm
                         SOUTH FREMANTLE SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL             : MONDAY 18 JUNE 12.45pm - 1.45pm

                         View the latest products and services that may be of use in your school.

                         Delegates will have excellent opportunities at morning tea time slots to meet exhibitors
                         at the Sponsors’ Forum and Trade Show.

                         This opportunity is a key strategy as part of the Business Partnerships initiative.
                      Program 17

10.00 - 10.20       Registration and Coffee

10.20 - 11.00       ASPA Session
                	   Andrew	Blair
                    National Rural Issues

11.00 - 11.45       MORNING TEA

11.45 - 12.45       Country Session 1
                    Suzanne	Saunders
                    Country delegates will be provided with the
                    opportunity to discuss relevant issues to rural
                    schools and to share good practice and
                    ideas. A more detailed program will be
                    available early term 2.

12.45 - 01.30       LUNCH

01.30 - 02.30       Country Session 2
                    Suzanne	Saunders

02.30 - 03.30       STAFFING UPDATE
                    Geraldine	Farr	and	Rob	Lindsay

03.30 - 05.00       Presentation - IDEAS Schools

05.00 - 06.00       Wooldridges A&M Bookshop Reception
                 Program 18

08.30 - 08.50   Registration and Coffee

08.50 - 09.00   President’s Welcome
                Alison	Woodman

09.00 - 10.00   Director General’s Address

10.00 - 10.45   ASPA SESSION
                Andrew	Blair
                A National Perspective in a Crucial Election Year

10.45 - 11.30   MORNING TEA

11.30 - 12.45   KEYNOTE ADDRESS
                Professor	Barry	McGaw
                Measuring the Intangible

12.45 - 01.45   POLICE AND NURSES
                CREDIT SOCIETY LUNCH

01.45 - 02.30   WASSEA Business AGM

02.30 - 04.00   WORKSHOP
                Eleanor	Hughes,	Jeff	Stone	and	Alison	Woodman
                Leadership Team Interactive Workshop

04.15 - 05.15   OPTIONAL WORKSHOPS
                a) Academy Photography
                b) GESB

07.00 - 07.30   Conference Pre-dinner Drinks

07.30 - 11.30   Conference Dinner
                 Program 19

07.30 - 08.30   B&H Australia Breakfast Workshop
                Lorraine	Hams
                Reflections on a Career in Leadership

08.30 - 09.00   B&H Australia Product Demonstration
                Justin	Orr	and	Royston	Wong
                VOSA iBoard - Faster, Bigger and Better
                The world’s next generation interactive whiteboard with
                advanced easy to use features. Designed for effective
                teaching, learning, training and presenting.

08.30 - 09.00   REGISTRATION and COFFEE

09.00 - 09.45   Minister’s Address
                Hon.	Mark	McGowan	MLA

10.00 - 10.45   Keynote Address
                Professor	Frank	Crowther
                School Revitalisation the IDEAS way

10.45 - 11.30   MORNING TEA

11.30 - 12.45   WORKSHOP
                Professor	Frank	Crowther
                Administrative Teams Workshop

12.45 - 02.00   LUNCH

02.00 - 03.30   WORKSHOP
                Professor	Frank	Crowther
                Administrative Teams Workshop Continued

03.30 - 03.45   CONFERENCE CLOSE

Conference Workshops
Breakfast Speaker
B & H Australia Breakfast Workshop
Reflections on a Career in Leadership
Lorraine Hams commenced at Katanning Senior High School in 1967 as a Business teacher
and worked in 12 different schools as a teacher, Head of Department, Deputy Principal and
Principal, including a year in Toronto on exchange. She spent 5 years in Central Office in Business
Education and had three further secondments to higher duties as District Superintendent and
Principal, Special Duties. Lorraine’s current appointment is Principal of Cyril Jackson Senior Campus,
a position she has held for 18 years. During this time she managed the transition of the school from
a traditional 5-year senior high school to a flexible learning Senior Campus which caters for students
with an age range of 15 to 80!
Lorraine was awarded the inaugural Principal of the Year; an Australian honour, the Public Service
medal; and the inaugural WASSEA Educational Leadership Award in 20

Optional Workshops
Academy Photography Workshop
Vladimir Ostashkevich, National Marketing Manager and Patrick Noonan, State Manager
One Company, Many Solutions
Academy Photography/Attendance has been the market leader in digital school photography for
over 25 years. In recent times Academy has changed the face of the school photographic industry
by introducing the “one stop shop” solution. This workshop will showcase to schools how Academy
can provide cost and time saving solutions for your school now and in the future.
Reducing truancy by using the Academy Attendance System, SMS Text messaging parents,
production of your Year Book through the Year Book Online product, to showcasing our new
product – Biometric Attendance. Academy can also take care of all your school printing needs
– We’ll show you how.
Principals will not want to miss this workshop if they want to save the school’s money and
administration time.

GESB Workshop
Preparing for Retirement
Ruth Taylor, Member Education Consultant
As School Principals and Deputies it is expected that you will be interested in what you need to do
to transition into retirement and also what your retirement options are.
The content of this workshop will deal with the options on transitioning into retirement and the
retirement options you have with GESB.
There will be plenty of time at the end of the session to ask questions.
                                General Info

Various accommodation options have been sourced for delegates. Please ensure you in-
dicate your preferred hotel, room type, dates you wish to stay and wether you re booking
a private room or sharing with another delegate. For shared accommodation, please con-
tact the person with whom you would prefer to share, to coordinate your intentions prior to
completing your Registration Form.

Deluxe Rooms are recently refurbished, luxury rooms. Stylish in appearance with a classic look to ensure your comfort
and pleasure.
Web:                     www.ehp.emeraldhotel.com.au
Street Address:          24 Mount Street, Perth
Rate:                    $124 per room per night
Check In Time:           02.00pm
Check Out Time:          10.00am
5 – 10 minutes walking distance to the Perth Convention Exhibition Centre

1 Bedroom Premier Apartments are fully self contained and offer air conditioned comfort with separate lounge and din-
ing areas.
Web:                    www.medina.com.au
Street Address:         33 Mounts Bay Road, Perth
Rate:                   $185.40 per room per night
Check In Time:          02.00pm
Check Out Time:         10.00am
Under 5 minutes walking distance to the Perth Convention Exhibition Centre

A mix of 1 and 2 bedroom apartments offering all the services and facilities provided by a hotel but with added con-
venience and space of fully self contained apartments.
Web:                   www.mounts-bay.com.au
Street Address:        112 Mounts Bay Road, Perth
Rate:                  1 bedroom apartment $194 per nightt | 2 bedroom apartment $243 per night
Check In Time:         02.00 pm
Check Out Time:         10.00 am
5 minutes walking distance to the Perth Convention Exhibition Centre

Hilton Guest Rooms will allow you to feel at home in a bright and iry room with high speed internet access. The tradition-
al room is decorated in cool, calm tones. Catch up with work at the desk or unwind watching movie channels. Some
rooms have a balcony; some have a separate shower.
Web:                     www.hilton.com
Street Address:          14 Mill Street, Perth
Rate:                    $225 per room per night
Check In Time:           03.00pm
Check Out Time:          10.00am
5 minutes walking distance to the Perth Convention Exhibition Centre
                   Perth Convention Exhibition Centre
                   21 Mounts Bay Road
                   Perth WA 6000

                   The Perth Centre is the latest and most comprhensively designed facility in Aus-
                   tralia built to host a large variety of events from INternational, national and
                   corporate exhibitions, conferences, meetings, dinners, seminars and product
Conference Venue

                   Public access to the Perth Centre is via Mill St, Mounts Bay Road and the Mitch-
                   ell Freeway Riverside Drive off ramp. Additionally, if using public transport or if
                   approaching from the city, pedestrians can access level 2 of the building via
                   the city busport.

                   Parking is available from the following locations on a PAYG basis;

                         -      Wilson Hilton
                                56 Mounts Bay Road
                         -      Wilson - Westralia Square
                                141 St Georges Terrace - Entrance via Mounts Bay Road
                         -      Wilson - His Majesy’s
                                King St opposite His Majesty’s Theatre
                         -      Parmelia Hilton
                                Mill Street
                         -      City of Perth - Terrace Road
                                Entry via Terrace Road
                         -      Entry of Perth - Concert Hall
                                Entry via Terrace Road
                         -      Parking is subject to availability
                         -      Rates for alternative parking are available on entry to
                                the carpark

                   Concierge and cloakroom facilities are located on level 2 next to the registra-
                   tion desk and will be staffed during the operational hours of the event.
                        General Info

           Please bring a previously used WASSEA satchel with you to conference.
           2007 conference information will be provided at registration for storage in your
           recycled satchel.

           Buffet Lunches

           Delicious buffet selections will be offered.

           Special Dietary Needs
           If you have any special dietary needs, please indicate your requirements on
           the Registration Form attached.

           Phone              (08) 9409 8688

           Mobile             0412 464 371

           Fax                (08) 9409 8788

           Email              admin@eventswa.com.au

           Post               PO Box 414
                              Greenwood WA 6924

Step one
Choose the components of the conference for which you wish to register.

Step two 2
Fax your completed Registration Form(s) to Events WA by 24 May 2006.

Step three3
Copy your Registration Form - it is a Tax Invoice.
Post your form (no staples) along with payment to Events WA.
Cheques should be made payable to: WASSEA.

School Executive Teams wishing to rotate individuals over the days of the
conference are to do so via one (1) full registration. Please note that satchels
and all name-based outputs will be in the name of the registered person only.
Shared satchels may be returned to the Registration Desk at the end of each
day for the person attending the next day.

Confirmed Registrations
Registrations cannot be confirmed until payment is received.

Cancellation Policy
All cancellations of attendance must be made in writing to the Conference
Organisers. A full refund, less cancellation fee of $100, will be issued on
cancellations received by the Conference Organisers before 2 June 2006. No
refunds after 2 June 2006 will be granted. Substitute participants may be made
at any time after conferring with the Conference Organisers.

Early Bird Registration
Registrations received by close of business Friday 4 May by fax or mail will be
eligible to win a prize.
    Business Partners

     This conference is brought to you by...

events wa
professional service with a personal touch
                     abn 56 093 922 331
               licensed travel agent 9TA 1355
            po box 414 greenwood wa 6924
            ph +61 8 9409 868 fx +61 8 9409 8788

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