PHASE I � BNCOC by S67a95


									                                  PHASE I – BNCOC
                 TATS - Basic Noncommissioned Officers Course (BNCOC)

The purpose of Phase I is to teach the theory and principles of battle-focused common leader
training and war-fighting skills required to lead a squad-sized element in combat, using small
group leader instruction. Phase I will incorporate the common leader combat skills (CLCS)
required in NCOES by TRADOC Regulation 351-18 and mandated in Training Circular 22-6,
The Noncommissioned Officer Guide.

You must have a minimum of 12 months remaining in the current enlistment at the conclusion of
the course (24 months if the ADT portion is longer than 15 days). ARNG students must also
meet service remaining requirements in NGR 351-1, paragraph 1-10.

Have not previously received promotion point credit for the same level course.

Meet the standards of AR 600-9 and AR 350-41 upon enrollment.

Soldiers must present a completed Unit Pre-execution Checklist signed by you and your
Unit Commander.

Be graduates of the primary level NCOES course (PLDC), hold the rank of Sergeant and be
MOS qualified. Also eligible are soldiers in the rank of Staff Sergeant who have completed the
primary level course but have not completed BNCOC.

The Army goal is for soldiers attending Basic NCO Course to read at a 10th grade level or
higher. The TABE diagnostic test, level A, determines a soldier's reading level. We recommend
that the soldier, prior to attending BNCOC, take the TABE test. The intent is to ensure that
students possess the reading skills necessary for completion of BNCOC. Students should bring
their TABE test results to the course.

Soldiers will arrive on report date NLT 0700 in the Army PT Uniform. The barracks will be open
Friday night for students who prefer to come in early.

ORDERS: If you are in drill status you must bring a copy of your A1 application or a DA 4187
with you.

You will report to the General Instruction Building (GIB) -- 17301 NO LATER THAN 0700 in
the Army PT Uniform. After in-processing, you will change into BDU's.

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