Olivia Vargo by panniuniu


									Olivia Vargo
Boyne City Middle School – Sixth Grade
Mr. Polleys

Where I’m from

I am from my sister,
From her hair to her smile
I am from swimming in the ninety degree weather with my cousins going
down the steep slide to land on the rough boogie board and trying to surf a
cross the pool for only five dollars from my uncle Keith.

I am from the small towns of Oscoda and Boyne City.

I am from the chocolate harbor my grandma’s store full of fresh Hungarian
chocolate, my favorite.

I am from a great grandfather who stood out in a field with a gun to his
head…boom! He’s gone, never going to get to know his wonderful family.

I am from my mothers red hair and blue I don’t have.

I am from Germany, Ireland, and Hungry, Places all in Europe.

I am from the places I and people I love and care for such as my
grandparent’s house at 405 Ottawa drive.

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