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									About Us
Eyespot is working to create a mutually beneficial ecosystem of website publishers, content providers, and
advertisers. In the increasingly competitive online world, these stakeholders face real problems: website
publishers need differentiators to drive signups and retention, content providers need engaging interactive
campaigns to drive discovery and sales, and advertisers need immersive online experiences to drive brand

By putting creative tools and rights-cleared media into the hands of influencers and connectors, Eyespot
enables social media and participation culture like no other company. Enabling influencers and connectors in
turn leads to the creation of content that attracts legions of viewers, thereby completing the ecosystem that
benefits all parties.

Eyespot provides video editing and sharing software that can be easily embedded in any website. Unlike other
video editing solutions, Eyespot technology is easy-to-use, intuitive, and accessible for all end-users. Our
solution includes next generation video sharing technology, enabling users to share not only via email and
embed codes but also to mobile phones, portable players, and other connected devices.

Eyespot content screening technology employs audio, video, and text filtering techniques to protect website
publishers against copyright of its content. As part of our turn-key solution, our filtering technology protects
brands while maximizing monetization opportunities.

Eyespot's ad insertion and product placement technologies complete our turn-key solution. By providing
contextual advertisements as an information service rather than as intrusive annoyances, the Eyespot platform
brings audiences together with advertisers and content owners in unprecedented ways.

Eyespot was founded in 2005 when David Dudas and Jim Kaskade naively tried to edit some video. Frustrated
by arcane software, rampantly incompatible devices, and a lot of wasted time, they knew there had to be a
better way. Thus, Eyespot was born.

Based in San Diego with satellite offices in Seattle and New York, Eyespot is a venture backed technology and
new media company. Our executive team and staff have extensive experience in music, digital media,
enterprise software, and data mining with companies such as MP3.com, Universal Music Group, Sub Pop
Records, and Teradata.

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