Couples Shower List by S67a95


									              Central Texas Conference Missionary Support for 2008
Covenant Relationships

FUMC Stephenville         Chris Hena
                          Virginia Canafax
                          William and Jerri Savuto
Christ                    William and Helen Lovelace
FUMC Joshua               Gaston and Jeanne Ntambo
Arbor Lawn                Virginia Canafax
FUMC Crowley              Sam Rodriguez
                          Guillermo Berman
FUMC Arlington            Sam Rodriguez
                          Jerri Savuto
FUMC Hurst                Virginia Canafax
New World                 Virginia Canafax
Richland Hills            Sam Rodriguez
St. Barnabas              Jeanne Ntambo
St. Paul/Hurst            David Ceballos
                          William Savuto
FUMC Killeen              Cherie Ray White
FUMC Georgetown           William Lovelace
St. Andrews/Killeen       Cherie White
King Memorial             William Lovelace
St. John/Georgetown       Gaston Ntambo
FUMC Corsicana            William Lovelace
Ovilla                    Jerri Savuto
Acton                     Chris Hena
FUMC Glen Rose            Gaston Ntambo
FUMC Cleburne             Terry Henderson
Harker Heights            Terry Henderson
Alliance                  William Savuto
FUMC Gatesville           Mark Abbott
Crawford                  Chris Hena
St. Paul/Temple           Chris Hena
Ferris Heights            Chris Hena
FUMC Alvarado             Chris Hena
Mansfield                 Chris Hena
FUMC Belton               William Lovelace
St. Luke/FTW              Virginia Canafax
Bethesda                  Hyung Ran Song
                          Chung Suk Song
Gordon                    Janet Lehr Lewis
FUMC Meridian             Leah Magruder
Western Hills             Sam Rodriguez
Colleyville UMC           Gaston Ntambo
Missionary Giving (less than full covenant support)

Novice UMC                   William Lovelace
FUMC Brownwood               Chris Hena
FUMC Breckenridge            William Lovelace
Green’s Creek                Sam Rodriguez
Edge Park                    Virginia Canafax
Faith                        William Savuto
St. John the Apostle         Muriel Henderson
Meadowbrook                  Sam Rodriguez
Polytechnic                  Virginia Canafax
Pidcoke                      Sam Rodriguez
LakeShore                    Cherie Ray White
                             William Lovelace
Woodway                      Chris Hena
Gholson-Wesley Chapel        Carol Partridge
Oglesby                      Virginia Canafax
FUMC Round Rock              Gaston Ntambo
FUMC Graham                  Gaston Ntambo
                             Marsha Alexander
Ranger                       Sam Rodriguez
Godley                       Mary Catherine Kelly
FUMC Weatherford             William Savuto
                             Jerri Savuto
Gordon                       William Savuto
Walnut Springs               Sam Rodriguez
FUMC Grapevine               William Savuto
Genesis UMC                  William Savuto
Arborlawn                    William Savuto
Olney                        Chris Hena
FUMC Coleman                 William Lovelace
Moody/Leon                   Belinda Forbes
                             Jacques Alasa Umembudi
Richland Hills               Anne-Marie Simbagoye
White’s Chapel               Courtney Randall
Annetta                      Sam Rodriguez
Thornton                     Sam Rodriguez
Covenant/Arlington           Sam Rodriguez

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